Get your stupid nanny state off my baseball!

TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME WITH ALL OF IT'S INHERENT RISKS OF INJURY I love going to baseball games.  I am an AVID fan, and I love going to games.  I realize that when I sit in certain seats, I simply must pay attention every time a batter steps up the plate.  Why?  Because a ball or bat could come hurling at me at any minute.  And you know what I plan to do when that happens?  I'll try to catch it.  And if I can catch it in creative enough fashion, I might make SportsCenter.  And now the nanny staters are trying to force baseball teams to extend the netting, and therefore obstruct the view, all the way to FOUL POLE.  No more kids with gloves dreaming of catching a foul ball of the tip of their heroes bat.  And you know why this is gaining steam as a movement?  Because the crowd can't drag their eyes off of their stupid phones long enough to actually pay attention.  Read the rest on this stupid nonsense here

WE NEED A SNAPPY NICKNAME FOR THIS SCRAPPY ROCKIES TEAM You know, like the Orange Crush or the Steel Curtain or Amazing Mets.  Yes, I know 

DON'T READ TOO MUCH INTO IT BUT.... Watching the Georgia Congressional Special Election returns come in last night was very entertaining.  And this made it even better: 



That is the CNN panel as they realized that John Ossoff was NOT going to win this seminal election that was TOTALLY a referendum on the Trump Presidency right up until the moment it totes wasn't.  I laughed and laughed and then I laughed some more.  One Democrat seems to understand the problem, but fortunately no one will listen to him as they would rather have Rachel Maddow crow about how weather is now partisan.  

LOOKOUT, HILLARY HAS A BRAND NEW REASON FOR WHY SHE LOST!  NOPE, STILL ISN'T HER.  Now it's VOTER SUPPRESSION.  Yep, that's right, she's alleging that Wisconsin's voter id law, which has been upheld as entirely lawful, suppressed turnout and that's why she lost.  Except it had a higher turnout than it did in 2008 before the law went into effect.  I wonder if she keeps grasping until there is nothing left except her being a horrible candidate and then she disappears into a poof of dust.  One can hope. 


WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR SUMMER VACATION?  A new poll says most of us are answering this question with a bit fat NOTHING.  Meaning we don't want to run around doing things we just want to sit in a hammock and relax.  And do you intentionally unplug on your vacay?  I sure as shinola do.  The younger we are, the less likely we are to ditch our smart phones.  Those youngsters have a lot to learn about the power of silence and spending time with your ACTUAL companions on vacation.  They should try it!  

A SIMPLE REASON STUDENTS ARE OUT OF CONTROL AT EVERGREEN COLLEGE IN SEATTLE Is the President of the college.  When pressed for details about how students were disciplined after bursting into a classroom to demand a professor who dared to disagree with their demands that white students stay home for some sort of protest or something, he said they had been sent warnings not to do it again.  Then, when a police chief was going to be sworn in at the college, the students AGAIN got out of hand, took over the event and stood in the face of the new police chief and yelled obscenities in her face.  What happened to them?  Nothing.  Which is why this mess will continue to spin out of control.

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL COULD HELP STAVE OFF THE ALZHEIMER'S So expect a mad dash by Baby Boomers to buy up as much olive oil as they can.  The only issue is this was a study on mice, not old people. 

THE ECLIPSE IS COMING!  THE ECLIPSE IS COMING!  We are two months away from the first coast-to-coast eclipse since 1918 and Richard the World's Oldest Intern is going to a very special location to watch it and give us a full report.  Plan your viewing party by using this article for details

THIS COLUMN BY A MILLENIAL HAS ME A LITTLE TEARY EYED Because when you get right down to it, this story about one young man's evolution from a wide eyed idiot into a productive member of society is really the story of us all.  Or at least most of us.  Or at least the productive members of society.  God bless him and may he have continued success!  

POLICE OVERREACT AND ISSUE A TICKET TO A WOMAN WHO CALLED FOR HELP I hope some lawyer steps up to represent this mom for free because this is total BS.  A child's aunt was preparing to remove a toddler from a car seat when a gust of wind blew the door closed and it locked.  The aunt and the mom tried immediately and unsuccessfully to get the car open.  They called a locksmith who told the it would be 30 minutes. They knew it was too hot to wait so they called the cops, who came and broke the cars window and freed the child, and then ticketed the mother for suspected child abuse by neglect.  This time the cops have it all wrong.  

HASBRO MAKES A POLITICAL STATEMENT BY "ELIMINATING GENDER" ON THEIR TOYS And hey, it's their right to do so, but this is just dumb.  From the CEO:

“We look at our brands more inclusively than ever. In fact, we eliminated the old delineation of gender,” Goldner tells The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview.

“And if you think about a brand, be it My Little Pony, where 30 percent of our global TV audience is boys, or Star Wars, where we are launching [all-female animated series] Forces of Destiny with Lucas and Disney, you’re seeing people who want to be engaged in these stories.”

So they've eliminated the "old delineation of gender", but then he goes on to talk about the all-female animated Star Wars series.  Mmmmkay.  

TOO BAD THIS GUY DOESN'T WORK FOR HASBRO Because they surely wouldn't have sent him home for wearing a dress when it was hot. I sort of love this guy

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