Should we get paid for family leave?

IT'S A NEW STUDY FROM TWO VERY DIFFERENT THINK TANKS About a subject that is a very big deal to the millenials AND the White House, paid family leave.  The American Enterprise Institute is a conservative leaning free market think tank in DC.  The Brookings Institute is a left leaning economic think tank in DC.  Together they studied the viability of some form of paid family leave and their conclusion surprised me.  I'll talk with AEI economist Aparna Mathur today about whether or not an eight week leave program with pay and job protection is a viable program.  Read the whole report here. 


SO WE'RE SHOOTING DOWN SYRIAN PLANES NOW And as far as I know we don't have a declaration of war from Congress, but that's probably just me being old fashioned.  And now Russia has declared that they are going to shoot down "all flying objects" over Syria.  This is very quickly becoming a full blown proxy war with Russia, but I'm sure I'm just being old fashioned by being worried about that.  

DID YOU WATCH THE MEGYN KELLY INTERVIEW WITH ALEX JONES?  I think she did a good job.  I think he is bat poop crazy and if you are an Alex Jones acolyte you need to rethink your strategy.  Of all the things President Donald Trump has done, it's his apparent comfort with Alex Jones that unnerves me the most.  Watch the interview here.  The interview was an official flop, by the way.  NBC must be a full blown panic this morning. 

REPUBLICANS ACCOSTED BY FASCIST IN PRIDE PARADE Should be the headline, but instead it's the mealy mouthed "Masked protester accosts Denver Republicans displaying Trump quote at Colorado LGBT pride parade" which of course gives the fascist cover because DONALD TRUMP!  By the way, nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING, resulted from this encounter.  Which has me asking, WHY?  Why do this nonsensical stuff that has no effect?  I guess I'm too married to actual RESULTS to understand why someone would do this, but then again, when you use logic instead of emotion that's where you end up.  

FOLKS ON THE RIGHT ARE FINALLY LEARNING THE LESSONS THE LEFT HAS BEEN TEACHING And now the production of Julius Caesar in Central Park has been interrupted twice by right wing protesters unhappy about the bloody murder of a man who clearly is Donald Trump.  This column is a very interesting breakdown of why this should concern progressives who generally cheer things like this.  To paraphrase the column: the protest chickens have come home to roost.  

ANOTHER WELL-INTENTIONED DISASTER PIECE OF LEGISLATION WE NEED TO DEFEAT I recently read that Bill Gates did not/will not allow his children to have smart phones until they are 14.  That's pretty solid advice coming from a guy who understands tech WAY better than I will ever.  But now a group in Colorado wants to BAN the sale of smart phones to anyone under 13.  This is ridiculous.  First of all, kids are not the ones buying smart phones for the most part, their parents are.  And second, I understand wanting to protect other people's children from what you perceive to be bad parenting, but that Isn't. Your. Job.   

TWO TERROR ATTACKS IN EUROPE THIS WEEKEND One involved a man who mowed down people outside a mosque after late night prayers during Ramadan and the other involved a man who obviously had a bigger attack in mind after his car was found full of explosives.  Welcome to the new normal.  

IS THIS ABOUT SEXISM OR POWER POSITIONS? I am one who does not get offended easily.  I have worked in a male dominated field for over 20 years now and have learned to give as good as I get.  That being said, I also believe (note I say believe, not know) that being a woman has been held against me for certain jobs or opportunities.  But so what?  This article interests me not because of what's in it, but because of what is not.  The social scientist interviewed is very clear about sexist jokes about WOMEN, but oddly doesn't mention anything about sexist jokes about men.  If I have time, we'll dip into this today, but you should read it anyway.  I can make the argument that this isn't so much about gender, as it it power.  Power corrupts.  Men and women alike.  

TIPPING IS BACK IN THE NEWS BECAUSE OF "TIP INFLATION" To tip or not to tip, that is the question, and it's raging as more businesses seem to have their hands out for extra cash.  Some are even going so far as to offer customers the option of tipping 25 or 30%.  For that kind of tip, there better be a happy ending involved, amiright?  When do you tip?  If an employee is getting more than the server minimum wage, I'm not inclined to tip.  I used to feel badly about that, but no more!  

REMEMBER THE ADAGE, TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS?  IT'S A BIG FAT LIE. Especially for women it seems.  There is a name for the syndrome that shows actual physical damage to the heart muscle after an emotionally draining experience like having your heart broken, and it can leave permanent scars.  It's called takusobu syndrome and it's a real thing.  

CARRIE FISCHER WAS FULL OF DRUGS WHEN SHE DIED Which should surprise no one considering her history of drug abuse and alcoholism, but DAMN, she was loaded when she died.  Read the list of intoxicants in her blood when she died.  

ROCK FESTIVALS HAVE TOO MANY WHITE ROCK STARS!  And rather than putting together their own festival with acts they deem appropriate, the SJW's in the UK are demanding promoters add women and non-white acts to the lineup.  


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