Here's what happens when you dismantle policing.

COLIN KAEPERNICK NEEDS TO KEEP HIS YAPPER SHUT FOR A MINUTE Especially if he ever wants to work again in the NFL.  Sure, he's entitled to his opinion, but the NFL doesn't want his opinion, especially if it's as racially charged and stupid as his latest opinions are.  He tweeted this out after the acquittal of the officer in the Philandro Castile case: 

Colin kaepernick tweet

H added the comment,

A system that perpetually condones the killing of people, without consequence, doesn't need to be revised, it needs to be dismantled!

Mmmkay, let's run with that.  All he needs to do is visit Baltimore, Maryland, where after the Freddy Gray case, the police have been absolutely hamstrung.  I read this article about what it's like to be a cop in Baltimore since Freddy Gray recently and though I knew violent crime had increased dramatically, I didn't realize shootings had increased 75% in the past two years.  From the article I'm citing:

When the city recorded its 50th homicide of this year on Feb. 23—an otherwise ordinary weekday when nine people were shot across the city—it put Baltimore nearly a month ahead of 2016’s murder rate, which was the worst on record, other than 2015.

Street robberies and aggravated assaults are also surging, with each up nearly 40 percent year-to-date over 2016. And recent carjackings, which included the high-profile assault of 80-year-old former City Councilwoman Rikki Spector in her Federal Hill garage, have nearly doubled. Meanwhile, with court-enforceable federal mandates now hanging over the department, the BPD faces an uphill battle of rebuilding trust in the community, recruiting more cadets, and putting additional uniformed bodies on the street. It’s a huge climb that only got steeper last month after the stunning federal indictments of seven police officers, who served on a specialized gun unit, on racketeering and extortion charges. (The allegations of brazen thuggery include robbing a driver after a routine traffic stop and stealing $1,500 from a nursing home maintenance man who needed the cash to pay his rent.)

Now the upside of the above stats is that dirty cops are being indicted.  The unfortunate problem is that the City Attorney rushed to judgment and indicted officers in the Freddy Gray case who were not dirty.  And that created a very difficult environment for the cops.  And now that has created a crime surge that the innocent residents of Baltimore get to deal with.  But please, Colin Kaepernick, tell us how dismantling the police will help.  

I'M NOT SURE THIS IS ENOUGH MONEY FOR A TESTICLE Especially when a doctor removed the WRONG testicle.  The man in question was supposed to have one removed that had scar tissue, but the doctor took the OTHER one and a jury awarded Mr. One Nut $870,000 in damages.  Is this enough?  Guys, I'll defer to you on this one.  

HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU WASH YOUR TOWEL? I read this to find out I'm washing it enough and I found out I'm not washing it nearly enough.  Gross.  But now I'm gonna be "three times and you're done" for sure.  

BILL O'REILLY IS BACK.  AND YOU CAN FIND HIM ON THE WEB. Expect this to be a solid success for Bill, as he is going to be able to do whatever it is he wants to do in his own product.  I won't be bothered, but I'm sure many of his fans will subscribe.  

MICHAEL PHELPS HAS JUMPED THE SHARK Well not EXACTLY, but he is RACING a shark to kick off Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.  I have no idea how they talked Phelps into this *coughmoneycough* but can he really "win" here?  How is the shark even going to know he's racing a person?  The sad part is I will totally watch this.  Sigh. 

BERNIE SANDERS LEARNED NOTHING FROM LAST WEEK'S SHOOTING As he took to the airways with fellow socialist Senator Warren during a question and answer, he urged a woman asking what she could do to "act in an unprecedented way"  which to a crazy person could sound like "shoot some Republicans".  Just saying.


WHY DOES GERMANY HAVE SO MANY MANUFACTURING JOBS?  It's not a simple answer, but is very interesting.  Can we replicate it?  Not all of it, as some of it has deep historical roots, but if you are a small company trying to become a bigger company, you might find some useful info in this article.  One way we can grow this segment of our economy?  Apprenticeships.  

WHY PRESIDENTIAL POPULARITY POLLS DON'T MATTER George W Bush is now nearly as popular as Barack Obama.  You know why?  The media is not beating the crap out of him every day.  This happens with just about EVERY former POTUS, although the media never beat the crap out of Obama so he should not be the recipient of the bounce. 

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MUSLIM GIRL WHO WAS MURDERED IN VIRGINIA?  In a crime that will surely make some head's explode, the young woman was murdered on her way home from an event at a muslim center celebrating Ramadan.  Her accused killer?  An illegal immigrant from El Salvador.  Good news, though, it wasn't a hate crime, just an old fashioned murder by a horrible person.   

SINGLE PAYER IS EXTREMELY, VERY, UTTERLY RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE And even the Washington Post knows it's a truly bad idea whose time is not coming, nor should it ever.  

BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY IS THE RALLYING CRY OF THE POWERLESS LEFT And Victor Davis Hanson lays out the "how" in a way that is frankly a little shocking but only because of it's accuracy.  

TRAINING FOR A MARATHON WON'T HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT Which is good because I'm not ever going to run long distances.  And by "long" I mean more than 50 feet. Now science says endurance training is not a good way to lose the pounds.  

STEVEN PINKER ON HOW WELL INTENTIONED MOVEMENTS CAN GO TOO FAR And I post this because it is spot on not only when it comes to political correctness but pretty much every movement I can think of.  The oppressed become the oppressor and they don't recognize themselves as the beasts they've become.  


DON'T GET TOO EXCITED ABOUT THE GEORGIA CONGRESSIONAL RACE As it pertains to the race being a bellweather for the next Congressional elections.  This columnist explains why no one should get so excited

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