Happy Father's Day to you Dads out there!

THIS IS THE FIRST FATHER'S DAY WITHOUT MY DAD So today I am going to impart some wisdom from the club no one wants to join that most of us will.  There are so many things I wish I had asked my dad.  Because of his long, lingering 14 months after a serious stroke, I told him many, many times how much I loved him, so that's not it.  It's all the things I wish I now knew.  If you are inspired to begin a legacy project, you can click here and here for some starting points.  Don't put it off.  Trust me on this.

LET'S TALK ABOUT MAN CHORES AND WOMAN CHORES, SHALL WE?  In the interest of full disclosure I live in a household where gender roles are flipped.  Chuck stays home and takes care of my life, and I come to work and make money.  It works for us, although it did take some getting used to.  I help with dishes but honestly have no idea how to operate our fancy new front loader washing machine (so many buttons!) and I don't do nearly as many household chores as he does.  This columnist does something I've long known however, and that is there are man chores I, as a woman, don't want to do.  I don't take out the trash.  I don't weedeat the lawn.  But do men get enough credit for the work they do as feminists always seem to ignore the around the house stuff guys instinctively take care of?  I say no.  

I'M LOOKING FOR GREAT DAD ADVICE That you got from your old man.  Tee it up!  Here are five things one woman's dad taught her that are lovely!

TWO VICIOUS MURDERING ESCAPED PRISONERS CAUGHT BY LEGAL FIREARM OWNER What does this story have to do with Father's Day?  Well my Dad always told me to protect myself.  Two complete scumbags murdered two prison guards to escape from a Georgia prison and have been on the loose since Tuesday.  They were apprehended by a man whose car they were trying to steal, who held them at gunpoint with a neighbor until police arrived and could take them into custody.  My dad is smiling from Heaven right now.  

A 10 YEAR OLD GETS OFFERED A COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP FOR FOOTBALL?  This is the stupidest thing I've seen in a while, frankly, and it's not good for this kid.  Keep an eye on him to see if he turns out like a spoiled rotten jerk.  

DAD BODS ARE IN NOW, DO DAD'S WITH DAD BODS, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU! First, in a recent study that must have been sponsored by Taco Bell and a beer company, we found out that women like Dad Bods better than ripped, muscle bound guys.  

WHO STARTED FATHER'S DAY?  A WOMAN RAISED BY A SINGLE DAD Because she wanted a day to honor her dad the way mothers were honored because he did the job of both.  Good for her!  Read the whole story here.

I'M NOT SAYING THIS GUY IS A BETTER DAD THAN YOU, BUT HE'S GIVING HIS DAUGHTER A KIDNEY.  JUST SAYING. But I'm sure you'd do the same thing for your kid.  Right? But it's not just a dad helping his typical daughter.  This is a heartwrenching story of love.  Read about it here. 

WHY DO WE SPEND LESS ON DAD?  And we do, at least compared with what we spend on Mother's Day.  Why?  We do love you, Dads!

DANG IT, I HAVE SOMETHING IN MY EYE NOW Here are a few videos that I love.  

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, DAD JOKES!  Because even though you groan, you know you love them! Here are some GREAT ones

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