The News Media FINALLY Gets Their Coverage Right

A GUNMAN OPENED FIRE AT REPUBLICANS TODAY And for the first time in a LONG time, the media handled the coverage appropriately.  I flipped from news station to news station this morning and across the board, no one was assigning motives for this man's act.  Why is that right?  Because this is the beginning of a long investigation into this man, and we really don't know his motives.  Facebook has already taken down his Trump hating Facebook page, but here is a nifty link to all his letters to the editor of his hometown newspaper.  Why did the media choose to do it's job appropriately?  I'm guessing  because there isn't a convenient way to blame it on Sarah Palin.  What happens as a result of this?  Do members of Congress now get full time security details?  And does the gun control hold much water when pretty much every person there is crediting armed officers being present with saving many lives?  

WE ARE BARRELING AHEAD WITH WEATHER WEDNESDAY!  As Chris Spears from CBS4 is on today at 3pm for Weather Wednesday!  Get your weather questions ready, or email me at

SENATOR KAMALA HARRIS IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT No, she hasn't fully announced yet, but if you watched her belligerent back and forth with Attorney General Jeff Sessions (who by the way, is the DEVIL to the Left) at yesterday's hearings.  She was rude and disrespectful and probably laying the groundwork to position herself as the Trump Killer.  Oh wait, can we be done with violent rhetoric now that some man took shots at the GOP?  Watch the exchange for yourself.  

LET'S MAKE BOREDOM GREAT AGAIN!  At least when it comes to kids.  This column is SPOT ON.  Our kids need to know how to entertain themselves.  They need to have times where they have nothing to do but rely on their own creativity.  BORE YOUR CHILDREN.  They will thank you later. 

DID NBC MAKE A MISTAKE WITH MEGYN KELLY? Obviously two shows down it's tough to make a definitive call, but her ratings pretty much collapsed for the second episode.  I said before that I thought NBC's plans for Kelly were misplaced.  People LOVED her on Fox because she was a smart, sharp bulldog of an interviewer and very capable of taking on the big stories of the day.  However, NBC has indicated that they are putting her in a different role, which is more softball style interviews, as witnessed by her choice of Erin Andrews as her second guest.  I don't think she's likeable enough for this role.  And NBC is going to 20 million dollars shorter with not much to show for it if they don't let her do her thing.  

AIRLINE SEATS ARE HORRIBLE AND GETTING WORSE.  MUCH WORSE. This article is behind a paywall so let me give you the highlights.  After 2001, airlines began to try and figure out how to cram even more bodies into every plane.  It has lead to airlines reducing how much room YOU have, because you don't actually NEED your knees to not tough the seat in front of you, amiright??? Here is the part I'm grabbing, because this is the important part. 

Which airline has the best coach seats?

JetBlue . Rows are 32 inches long, planes have fast Wi-Fi service and seats have free seat-back entertainment. “Their Airbus aircraft consistently score higher than anyone else,” says SeatGuru’s Mr. Counter.

Virgin America is close with 32-inch seat pitch and similar amenities. Southwest has some planes at 32 and others at 31. These three so-called value carriers, which often don’t have the lowest prices but build a strong following with their comfort and service, offer the most legroom.

Which have the worst?

Spirit and Frontier are two major U.S. airlines with 28-inch seat pitch on their fleets. Even renowned cheapskate Ryanair has more. Around the world, only charter operators are typically that tight. SeatGuru says Spirit is “far and away” the most poorly rated in reviews for U.S. travelers.

What about the Big Guys?

American, Delta and United have standardized most of their planes at 30 to 31 inches of seat pitch. Adding rows creates capacity growth without the expense of new airplanes and makes a low-margin business more profitable.

Widest and skinniest seats?

Boeing single-aisle planes typically have 17.2-inch-wide seats in coach. Airbus single-aisle planes have 18.3 inches because of a wider fuselage. The newest seats coming from manufacturers actually are built to hug the sidewall more closely, moving the window seat closer to the window. That allows for a seat one-half inch wider on 737s, measured inside the armrests.

Seats on widebody planes used to be 18 inches wide, but now that is dwindling to 17 inches. The Boeing 787 was designed to have eight seats across, but now almost every airline flies it with nine 17-inch-wide seats in each row. The Boeing 777 has gone from nine abreast to 10. One airline—French leisure line Air Caraïbes, has installed 10 seats across each row of its brand new Airbus A350 jets. Other airlines have nine seats, but will that last?

WANT TO GET MORE EXERCISE?  GET A DOG. Because not only do dogs ROCK, they get their owners quite a bit more exercise every day.  

JARED POLIS IS RUNNING ON A PLATFORM OF FREE STUFF FOR YOUR KIDS Which really is the Holy Grail of politics, because FREE and FOR THE CHILDREN!  The problem is, this move is entirely misplaced if it's a strategy to improve student achievement.  How do I know?  The US Government's own STUDY on the effectiveness of Universal Pre-K.  I've read the whole report, but to make it easier for the Congressman to get the right info I've grabbed the highlights from the Executive Summary here:

Looking across the full study period, from the beginning of Head Start through 3rd grade, the evidence is clear that access to Head Start improved children’s preschool outcomes across developmental domains, but had few impacts on children in kindergarten through 3rd grade. Providing access to Head Start was found to have a positive impact on the types and quality of preschool programs that children attended, with the study finding statistically significant differences between the Head Start group and the control group on every measure of children’s preschool experiences in the first year of the study. In contrast, there was little evidence of systematic differences in children’s elementary school experiences through 3rd grade, between children provided access to Head Start and their counterparts in the control group. 

In terms of children’s well-being, there is also clear evidence that access to Head Start had an impact on children’s language and literacy development while children were in Head Start. These effects, albeit modest in magnitude, were found for both age cohorts during their first year of admission to the Head Start program. However, these early effects rapidly dissipated in elementary school, with only a single impact remaining at the end of 3rd grade for children in each age cohort. 

With regard to children’s social-emotional development, the results differed by age cohort and by the person describing the child’s behavior. For children in the 4-year-old cohort, there were no observed impacts through the end of kindergarten but favorable impacts reported by parents and unfavorable impacts reported by teachers emerged at the end of 1st and 3rd grades. One unfavorable impact on the children’s self-report emerged at the end of 3rd grade. In contrast to the 4-year-old cohort, for the 3-year-old cohort there were favorable impacts on parent reported social emotional outcomes in the early years of the study that continued into early elementary school. However, there were no impacts on teacher-reported measures of social emotional development for the 3-year-old cohort at any data collection point or on the children’s self-reports in 3rd grade.  

In the health domain, early favorable impacts were noted for both age cohorts, but by the end of 3rd grade, there were no remaining impacts for either age cohort. Finally, with regard to parenting practices, the impacts were concentrated in the younger cohort. For the 4-year-old cohort, there was one favorable impact across the years while there were several favorable impacts on parenting approaches and parent-child activities and interactions (all reported by parents) across the years for the 3-year-old cohort.  

In summary, there were initial positive impacts from having access to Head Start, but by the end of 3rd grade there were very few impacts found for either cohort in any of the four domains of cognitive, social-emotional, health and parenting practices. The few impacts that were found did not show a clear pattern of favorable or unfavorable impacts for children.

The long and short of it is, Head Start is completely useless by the third grade.  And so far, we've spent over $180 billion dollars on a program that has ZERO effect on student achievement beyond the third grade.  But please, more of the same, please.  

DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH SELF DISCIPLINE?  I watched this because I do, and it's sort of interesting and may be helpful.  

ASPEN RAISES THE AGE TO 21 TO BUY CIGARETTES  And I wonder why they didn't raise it to 65.  Or maybe 80.  Don't get me wrong, smoking cigs is a horrible habit and no one should do it.  But why stop at 21?  Why not raise the age on ALL legal adults to a point where no one, really, can buy them?  Why not?  Just curious. 

THIS IS THE MOST PERFECT COLUMN EVER WRITTEN ABOUT BOULDER, COLORADO EVER!!! And let me just grab my favorite paragraph I've ever read to give you a taste. 

If Lance Armstrong and Amy Goodman had a love child, the prodigy would drive his Audi A4 to Boulder, buy a Maverick to decorate the roof rack, and then not ride the $5,000 bike because he didn't want to encroach upon mountain lion habitat. 

Need more?  Read the rest of this magic by clicking here

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