What to Do with Dad on Father's Day?

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THE DAD IN YOUR LIFE ON FATHER'S DAY? My friend Gretchen from Denver Date Night is in to discuss "date" ideas for you and the dad in your life.  You can also win a BIG gift certificate to spend on your dad. Listen up at 3 for that!  Get your own Dad Date planned by clicking here.

SINCE I STARTED TALKING ABOUT MY STEM CELL SHOT IN MY KNEE I have been INUNDATED with questions from you guys, so I thought I'd bring in Dr. Gary Rademacher from Downtown's Healthcare to answer ALL of them in one fell swoop.  He's on at 2 and will take and answer all the questions you might have.  Even if you aren't in need of this, it truly is the future of medicine so you may be getting it in the future!  Find out more or make an appointment with Downtown's Healthcare by clicking here

ATTORNEY GENERAL JEFF SESSIONS IS TESTIFYING TODAY And based on what I watched today on MSNBC the knives are out for this guy.  I actually heard a commentator say this morning on KOA that Sessions wouldn't fare well under this kind of pressure, but I think that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.  He's a lawyer, a prosecutor and a politician.  He'll be fine.  

DID YOU SEE YESTERDAY'S BLOG POST ABOUT OBESITY?  NO?  WELL HERE IT IS AGAIN. I'm not trying to be annoying, but we have GOT to start TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES.  From yesterday:

WE NEVER RUN OUT OF CREATIVE WAYS TO KILL OURSELVES If you look through the dustbin of history, mankind has always found unique ways to kill huge swaths of people at a time.  War, famine induced by crappy governmental policies (i.e. communism and socialism), diseases like AIDS which we fail to identify in a timely fashion and that are pretty easily preventable (don't engage in unprotected sex!) but now we've topped ourselves.  Obesity is now killing more people than tobacco in the US.  And we are just the current leader in this race to the bottom, as other nations are getting people to get quit smoking while their people get fatter and fatter.  Over two BILLION people worldwide are now obese.  For those worried about peak population, we got you, boo.  We're going to eat ourselves to death before that happens.  Why now?  I blame high fructose corn syrup and bad governmental eating advice in the 1980's based on slipshod science.  I also blame US.  We are too fat because we eat garbage that no one forces down our throats and losing weight is hard and we don't want to do it.  Well watching my father die 14 months after a stroke he had because he didn't take care of himself was way harder.  And he was just overweight, not obese.  I've lost 40 pounds in the last year.  If I can, you can. If you need help, call Dr. Todd Cadwell at Coherence Health and Wellness, he can help you change your life for better.  It won't be easy, but you can do it!  

AND IF THIS INSPIRED YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT, HERE'S SOME GREAT INFO ON HOW TO DO IT And it flies in the face of what you might already know.  Have you ever heard of "carbo loading" before exercise?  Well if you're running a marathon, it MIGHT be a good idea, but if you're working out to lose weight, don't eat first.  Read more about it here

I THINK ALEX JONES IS AN IDIOT BUT I ALSO THINK THIS IS STUPID Megyn Kelly does know how to get the free publicity, but I don't think she counted on her sponsors dropping like flies over her upcoming Sunday night interview with Infowars' Alex Jones.  From what I understand, Kelly pushed back pretty hard on some of Jones most egregious idiotic conspiracy theories, but that's not good enough for the people who have never seen the interview as they drop sponsor ships of the program.   At least with the production of Julius Caesar sponsors waited until the gruesome production had already been seen before dropping it.  This is just more censorship by people who have no clue what they are doing.  And just to be clear, I HATE ALEX JONES.  

JEFF SESSIONS WANTS TO GO AFTER LEGAL POT And this is why we need some sort of federal action because a multi billion dollar industry needs to know that it's very existence is not at the whim of whomever is in power.  It seems Sessions asked Congress to lift the prohibition on him going after MEDICAL marijuana, so it only stand to reason that he would have his eye on recreational weed as well. 


DEAR PRESIDENT TRUMP, PLEASE STOP TAUNTING NORTH KOREA VIA TWITTER When you are dealing with a crazy person it's never a good idea to challenge his manhood.  And yet, our President did just that when he tweeted out:

North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the U.S. It won't happen!

This is just a bad idea across the board.  And yet, he does it.  Just as the cray cray maniac who runs North Korea is ramping up his nuclear missile tests.  Just a bad, bad, idea.

MORE TOLERANCE FROM OUR FRIENDS IN THE MIDDLE EAST This time it's a proposed law to jail parents who give their children "western" names.  And here's the kicker, they want to ban western names because:

“Using such Western names and abandoning Arabic ones will lead to an undesired and radical change in our society and culture.

“Our sons will no longer be connected to their true identity,”

So to be clear, Egypt is trying to protect THEIR culture from OURS.  Mmmmkay.  

A NICE LOOK AT THE COLLAPSING VENEZUELAN NATION And by "nice" I mean not nice at all because people are starving and taking to the streets as the government puts more soldiers on street corners and figures out new ways to press it's boot on the throats of the people who used to believe government was a force for good.  Please share this with your left wing friends. 

A HOAX RACIST INCIDENT IS USED TO PROVE A COLLEGE IS RACIST Because college students are just foaming at the mouth for their chance to show their SJW stripes.  It all started at tiny St. Olaf College in Minnesota, when a note saying all kinds of things including the N word.  The students stormed the college, took it over and the administration couldn't apologize and bow and scrape to the students fast enough.  After a two week investigation, the note was proven to be a hoax.  There is speculation that the black kid who found it wrote it.  But the students are still yelling and screaming about how racist the college is, however, and the administration, which has already given away any power it had, is scrambling to figure out how to banish such fake racism from the campus.  Or real racism, I'm not sure at this point.  Read the idiocy here. 

JARED POLIS IS RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR.  First, this is my surprised face.  Second, the Dems are gearing up for as bruising a fight as the GOP is.  This should be fun to watch.  Read about his kickoff here.


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