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ATTORNEY GENERAL JEFF SESSIONS WILL TESTIFY TOMORROW AT 12:30 And he will do so in open session for the world to see.  This should be interesting to see how and where he disputes any assertions made by James Comey in his testimony.  This is turning into an epic case of He Said-He Said.  We'll see who the last man standing is.  

WE NEVER RUN OUT OF CREATIVE WAYS TO KILL OURSELVES If you look through the dustbin of history, mankind has always found unique ways to kill huge swaths of people at a time.  War, famine induced by crappy governmental policies (i.e. communism and socialism), diseases like AIDS which we fail to identify in a timely fashion and that are pretty easily preventable (don't engage in unprotected sex!) but now we've topped ourselves.  Obesity is now killing more people than tobacco in the US.  And we are just the current leader in this race to the bottom, as other nations are getting people to get quit smoking while their people get fatter and fatter.  Over two BILLION people worldwide are now obese.  For those worried about peak population, we got you, boo.  We're going to eat ourselves to death before that happens.  Why now?  I blame high fructose corn syrup and bad governmental eating advice in the 1980's based on slipshod science.  I also blame US.  We are too fat because we eat garbage that no one forces down our throats and losing weight is hard and we don't want to do it.  Well watching my father die 14 months after a stroke he had because he didn't take care of himself was way harder.  And he was just overweight, not obese.  I've lost 40 pounds in the last year.  If I can, you can. If you need help, call Dr. Todd Cadwell at Coherence Health and Wellness, he can help you change your life for better.  It won't be easy, but you can do it!  

REMEMBER THAT OUTRAGEOUS PRODUCTION OF JULIUS CAESAR IN NYC?  The one where Julius Caesar completely resembles Donald Trump, his wife has a Slavic accent and looks like Melania and the scene where Caesar is murdered by his fellow Senators is especially gory?  Well they are losing sponsors as Delta Airlines and Bank of America drop them like a hot potato.  Good for the sponsors on this one.  Shame on The Public Theatre for being so ridiculously political with Shakespeare so OBVIOUSLY.  Shakespeare is political enough without such boorish antics.  

DENVER JUST MADE IT EASIER FOR THE HOMELESS TO POOP IN PUBLIC!  How did they do this?  By lowering the penalties for such lovely behavior.  Why did they do that?  To make sure no illegal immigrant, homeless and pooping in public, would face a deportation hearing because we must protect these valuable members of society from being forced out of the country they broke into so they could poop in public.  Or something.  This is a bad, bad idea with many, many unintended consequences.  This is our future if we keep these same idiots in charge.

CAMILLE PAGLIA DEFENDS JORDAN PETERSON And I'm not sure if any feminist is going to claim her at this point, but I have been and remain a HUGE fan.  Because I love her and Jordan Peterson.  Watch this defense of language and Peterson by Paglia.  If you don't know who these people are, do some reading of Paglia and check out Peterson on YouTube.  You're welcome.


HOW NOT TO BE A CEO IN ONE EASY EMAIL Have you heard about how cool the Uber CEO thinks he is?  Have you heard about the frat boy email he sent to ALL employees who were headed to some corporate meeting in Miami?  It's a doozy, and if you want to explain to young people pretty much EVERYTHING NOT TO DO when you are the boss, just show them this email.  BE WARNED, decent people might find some of this corporate ostensibly business related email highly offensive.  Now, there is a high level shake up at Uber, which doesn't seem to be a bad idea.  

I'M POSTING THIS SIMPLY BECAUSE I'M HAPPY I'LL NEVER USE THESE CLEVER CAN HACKS Because I can now afford to just go buy the appropriate device for each of these things. But maybe someone you know is dying to find new ways to use empty soda cans. 


IS INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE AND DATING STILL A PROBLEM? And I ask this not because I think it is, but because we are on the 50th anniversary of the Loving decision which outlawed laws against interracial marriage.  When I go home to my deeply southern home town, I see a LOT of interracial couples.  It doesn't even raise an eyebrow anymore.  But apparently it is tough for some, at least according to this article on the subject.  

BATMAN IS DEAD And no, it's not some sort of weird DC Comics ruse, Adam West has passed on.  

MEN ARE FIGHTING BACK WHEN ACCUSED OF RAPE ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES And they are fighting back not just against the women they say falsely accused them, but against the kangaroo court systems set up by college campuses which almost NEVER provide actual due process and almost ALWAYS end up kicking the men off campus.  I believe that if a woman is raped, she needs to call the police and file and press charges, as difficult as that may be for her.  College campuses have NO business "investigating" such matters and do a really bad job at it.  

WHY DO WE ALWAYS WANT TO MAKE THE GOOD OLD DAYS INTO THE BAD OLD DAYS? I have a theory about why this is true, but I'll let you read this column about it first.  The economy is doing well, things are going fine, and yet, we have people complaining about it.  

Mandy Connell


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