Is Comey ready for his close up?

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DID YOU GUYS HEAR? JAMES COMEY IS TESTIFYING TODAY And I for one, can't WAIT to see how the members of the Senate committee treat this guy.  Especially since they have all loved and hated him in the past year.  So far, the seven page testimony that has been released probably isn't making Democrats super happy, but there's still time!  Here is the question I want answered: why did you decide to document all of your interactions with President Trump after that first conversation during which, according to your notes, he did nothing unseemly?  I'm genuinely curious about this and I think it speaks to James Comey's personal feelings about Trump or could indicate a different sort of investigation going on.  We shall see.  I'll be watching so you don't have to. 

SOME SAY COMEY'S STATEMENT IS EVIDENCE OF OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE But where is the "intent"?  Didn't we learn from Hillary's private email server that as long as you didn't MEAN to break the law, it's okay?  And the saddest part of this statement is that the defense of the President of the United States is as lame as it was for the former Secretary of State.  Honestly, America, THESE PEOPLE are the BEST we've got? Our country is doomed.  Read the case for obstruction here. 

BUT THEN AGAIN, SOME SAY IT'S NOT OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE Like law professor Jonathan Turley, who says there is not evidence of obstruction in this article.  So make up your own mind by reading them both.  

ALAN DERSHOWITZ SAYS DEMS ARE DISAPPOINTED THERE IS NO SMOKING GUN FROM TODAY And he explains his thinking quite clearly about why Trump did not commit obstruction of justice here

THE DOJ ENDS SHADY SLUSH FUND PAYMENTS TO DODGY INTEREST GROUPS And this was an outrage perpetrated by the Obama Administration that got NO coverage in the media.  None.  Obama allowed his DoJ to funnel settlements from certain cases to organizations who shared his politics.  That money should go to ALL the American people, period.  

BEAT JET LAG THIS SUMMER! As a former flight attendant, I know about jet lag.  I also know that a lot of the tricks in this article ACTUALLY WORK.  So if you are hopping time zones for vacay this summer, read this first.  

AND NOW, A SQUIRREL ENJOYING FRESH SHEETS.  Because haven't we all been here? 

SAUDI ARABIAN ATHLETES CAN'T BE BOTHERED WITH ANYONE ELSE'S CULTURAL SENSITIVITIES And they demonstrated that by refusing to stand still for a solid MINUTE before a World Cup qualifier match in Australia to honor the victims of the latest terror attack in the UK.  Why not?  According to a representative of the team, because "it is not in keeping with Saudi culture".  Who gives a crap what their culture is when they are in Australia?  This is one of the many reasons I do not trust Saudi Arabia.  

BUT "SPACE TO RAGE" ISN'T PART OF MY CULTURE Also out of Australia we have this demand that young Muslim students be given "space to rage" against the Western culture that would normally allow such garbage.  If I'm Australia, I'd simply reply "it is not in keeping with Australian culture" and advise they go "rage" in a country with Sharia law.  Where they probably would be arrested for railing against the government.  

WHY DON'T WE WANT TO KNOW OUR NEIGHBORS ANYMORE?  This is a question I've asked myself SO many times, but at this point I've taken matters into my own hands and become the neighborhood party giver.  It's definitely helped me get to know my neighbors and I LOVE my current neighborhood, but I've lived in neighborhoods like the one described by this woman who just wants to be friendly with neighbors who can't seem to be bothered.  It makes me sad, and I'd love to see a concerted effort to change this dynamic.  

DEMOCRAT CLASS WARFARE IS ALL HOT GARBAGE And even Bernie Bros have to wonder, why DOES the avowed Socialist need THREE houses???  

OH AND BY THE WAY, REMEMBER THOSE "FAKE NEWS" ACCUSATIONS? They seem to be true, at least when it comes to stories in the Washington Post and New York Times.  James Comey, when asked directly about their veracity, clearly said they were hot garbage.  Watch this exchange:

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