The Paris Treaty was garbage and how to adult today.

NOT EVERYONE IS FREAKING OUT ABOUT THE US LEAVING THE PARIS TREATY And my guest today at 1:30 is one of them.  Steve Milloy from joins me at 1:30 to talk about why this move was the right move.  

HAVE A YOUNG ADULT IN YOUR LIFE NOT GETTING IT DONE?  And by not getting it done, I mean being an adult.  I'll talk with an author named Andy Boyle who has created a handy manual for today's flailing adults.  Though there are some, let's generational issues with the book for me, it would make a cool gift for a new college grad.  Buy it here.  

ONE LEAKER DOWN, HOW MANY TO GO?  An NSA worker who apparently had had her top secret clearance for a hot minute (more on why I make this comment in a moment) has now been arrested for leaking Top Secret documents about how Russia tried to hack into the companies who manage our elections.  And I believe Russia did try to hack into the companies who make and deal with our electronic voting machines.  No word on if they were successful, but one must wonder why no one at the NSA reached out to these companies to give them a head's up.  As for this young woman named Reality Winner (no, I'm not making that up), I believe that she got this job BECAUSE she wanted to leak information.  Why work for the NSA for a couple of months before blowing up your life otherwise?  Does this make it First Degree PreMeditated Leaking?  Does this mean the NSA should be leery of giving clearance to a fanatical liberal, as she appears to be?  Maybe.  Sorry Bernie Bros, the NSA does not want you! 

WANT TO CUT FOOD STAMP ABUSE?  MAKE PEOPLE WORK FOR THEM. So what happens if you tell able bodied childless adults they have to EITHER work or be in a qualified training program FOR work or they lose their food stamps?  People drop off the food stamps rolls DRAMATICALLY.  In one Alabama county it dropped by 85%.  EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT.  It's time to get the dead weight off the food stamps rolls.  Period.  Don't worry, the people of Alabama are not starving.  Far from it, actually, as they are second fattest state in the country.  

SPEAKING OF PEOPLE GAMING THE SYSTEM, THIS STORY MADE MY HEAD EXPLODE Because when I sold insurance in rural Florida, I met MULTIPLE families like the one described in this story.  Families who spent all day every day trying to make sure they didn't have to get a damn job.  Families with multiple diagnoses of mental issues, mysterious back problems, and other ailments that they had learned were difficult to disprove but great to convince the government to give them other people's money.  They lived in trailers that were chock full of stuff.  Big screen tvs at a time when I, a working, tax paying adult, did not have one, pets, hobbies, collections of stupid crap and other wastes of money were strewn all over the place.  I met with a family that included a grandmother, a mom and her adult son, who were PROUD to tell me that they were all on disability for "mental stuff" and that the mom and son had NEVER had a job in their lives.  Right before they demanded I find a government agency to buy them a new hot water heater.  I left furious.  This is the kind of stuff that makes you hate people taking your money.  Hate. Them. 

SURPRISE!  NOT EVERYONE IS SUFFERING IN VENEZUELA!  While the people of Venezuela lose an average of 20 pounds in two years because there is NO FOOD TO BUY, the officials of the Venezuelan government are eating lobster, drinking champagne and taking fabulous trips.  This is a story I really want to publicize to those useful idiots in this country who believe that giving the power to small group of people like Bernie Sanders is somehow going to mean equality for all.  Socialism always picks winners and losers, and you don't get to pick what category you fall into, the Government you Love does.  I'm not happy with that and you shouldn't be either.  Just an FYI, Bernie Sanders made over a million bucks last year.  Did you get your cut, Bernie Bros?  No?  He probably needed the money for his three homes.  

A SWEET DEAL JUST IN TIME FOR NAFTA!  As we get ready to meet with our NAFTA partners to discuss reworking the trade deal, a HUGE step forward has been made with Mexico and the US agreeing to a new Sugar Deal.  Most people truly don't understand how significant sugar is as both a commodity and a political hot potato, but Big Sugar is a heavy weight lobbying group and I don't like them much.  Mexico has agreed to stop sending us so much raw sugar so we can continue to pollute their food with high fructose corn syrup.  They got the raw end of the deal on this one if you ask me.  However, sugar producers from both nations seem to be slightly unhappy with the deal, so that's good enough for me. 

I'M NOT SAYING WE'RE MAKING FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER, BUTTTTTT.....We are now getting a clinical trial here in the US to bring people back from the dead.  Yep.  Read all about it here


I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS EDITORIAL ABOUT TRUMP UNDERMINING HIS OWN STAFF And that particular behavior is driving me crazy and I don't even work for the guy.  And who would?  Every time his team gets something worked out for messaging about REALLY IMPORTANT ISSUES he submarines them with a stupid tweet.  JUST STOP TWEETING ALREADY.  STOP IT.  

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