The New Normal continues in the UK

SEVEN PEOPLE DEAD OVER THE WEEKEND IN THE NEW NORMAL WE LIVE IN It happened in London, where three men decided to rent a van and run people over at the London Bridge before they got out and started slitting people's throats and stabbing them to honor their version of Allah.  And thank goodness Facebook rolled out ANOTHER "We Stand with Wherever" Filter so we could stop this once and for all.  The worst part is we are now learning that the ringleader was KNOWN to harbor these beliefs.  He was kicked out of a mosque for interrupting the Imam during prayers, he was in an ISIS documentary in the UK for God's sake, and yet, he managed to successfully commit jihad and murder people who were just minding their own business.  I don't mean to seem callous, but at this point, aren't you a bit worried that this new normal is going to start happening here?  The only reason it's not in my mind is that we are still an armed society.  One person carrying concealed could have stopped this on the bridge.  I love the attitude that "Love Will Win" but Love better arm itself before it is completely destroyed.

IF YOU ARE A PARENT, YOU MIGHT NEED THIS BOOK Because our kids are suffering because of the way modern parenting has devolved.  And yes, that "devolved" is on purpose, because what we are doing now is not the best for your kids.  My guest today at 2 is Dr. Leonard Sax and his book The Collapse of Parenting will help you understand why being the mean mom or dad is the way to go.  Buy it here!

A LITTLE GILBERT AND SULLIVAN IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL!  And we have a theatre company right right in Colorado that pays homage to one of the most successful composing duos of the late 1800s.  We'll talk with the cast of the upcoming production of Iolanthe today at 3!  Buy your tickets here.

WHY AREN'T TEENS WORKING ANYMORE?  Years after The Great Recession should make it easier for teens to find summer employment, but many aren't.  Why not?  Are your teens working?  If not, why not.  More importantly, are you giving them money to live it up while they don't work?  You might need the parenting book above.  Just  thought.  A first job as a teenager is very important to learning HOW to work.  Showing up on time, being accountable to someone other than mom and dad, etc are all very important things to learn early.  Get your kids up and working!  

WHO ARE THE VIOLENT PROTESTERS AGAIN? This weekend saw two different protests, one in Denver where people who hate the President got together to march to show how much they hate the President.  Three hundred of them, with zero counter protesters to get in their way.  On the other hand, a march by a group called the "Proud Boys", where 30 dudes showed up to show their support for the President, was met by 200 counter protesters and smoke bombs were thrown and chaos broke out and people were arrested.  Do you see the difference here?  

WANT TO WORK IN OIL AND GAS? NOW'S THE TIME!  As drilling ramps up again in the face of rising prices, there is a shortage of hydraulic fracturing workers, so get your resume ready and got get a good paying job!  

BOULDER LOVES SEGREGATION!  This time they are trying to segregate where sexually violent offenders can live.  The problem with this is similar laws have been challenged on their constitutionality in other cities and seem to have zero impact on whether or not sex offenders RE offend, but hey, it's their liberal, exclusive white enclave, shouldn't they be able to decide who lives in their city?  I wonder if this would even be an issue if the offender in question was here illegally.  #sanctuarycity

NOW JUST HAVING A REPUBLICAN FRIEND GETS YOU BOOED IN SEATTLE And if there were any misguided belief that we were getting any less polarized, please let this story put that rumor to rest.  The socialist city council member took to the microphone to let everyone know she doesn't know ANY Republicans in her circle of friends, and the crowd cheered.  To be clear, this means that there will be no effort to "reach across the aisle". Which means that to get their agenda done, it will be by brute force.  Remember this.  It matters.  


DO WE HAVE AN OPIOID EPIDEMIC BECAUSE OF ONE LETTER TO A MEDICAL JOURNAL?  I must say my faith in the medical community is taking some hits these days.  I don't hate doctors by any means, but th more I learn, the more I realize that a lot of the time they are just making crap up.  Now it seems that there is an effort to trace back to where our current opioid addiction problem really started.  And a simple 100 word letter to a medical journal seems to have unleashed the hounds when it comes to writing narcotic pain killer scripts.  Read all about it here

A FREE CLIMBER HAS CONQUERED EL CAPITAN And he did so in stellar fashion while being filmed by a crew for a Nat Geo channel show.  Congrats to Alex Honnold for his amazing and ridiculous feat! 

THIS GUY IS SERIOUSLY DEDICATED TO MOWING HIS LAWN Because he continued to do so even though THERE WAS A TORNADO OUTSIDE HIS YARD.  His wife snapped some photos to send to her parents in South Africa and the internet can't stop talking about what an idiot/boss/crazy person her husband is.  Here is the photo:

placeholder image

REMEMBER THAT TIME A FOX NEWS HOST CALLED OBAMA A "PIECE OF SH*T"???  Trick question, it never happened, but it DID happen over the weekend at CNN.  It seems Reza Aslan does not agree with President Trump's renewed call for a travel ban and was inspired to hurl that invective on Twitter.  Expect a huge boycott of CNN until he's fired...oh wait, that's the left wing playbook.  Conservatives just won't watch it. 

AT LEAST BREITBART DOES HAVE THE STONES TO HOLD EMPLOYEES ACCOUNTABLE Even if CNN only has the stones to write about it while ignoring their own employees bad behavior on Twitter.  A writer at Breitbart is out after writing some inflammatory tweets after London.  

WHEN WILL SOMEONE REIGN IN THESE COLLEGE STUDENT TERRORISTS?  And I'm speaking of the domestic terrorists who have had a hand in shutting down Evergreen College for THREE DAYS because a group of SJWs decided to try to boss white people around and tell them to stay home to make some stupid point.  Since then, threats have erupted, a professor is facing a HUGE backlash for pointing out what a bad idea this really was and the college has been shut down.  And the Administration is sitting on it's hands and not stopping any of this.  

MAYBE THEY SHOULD TAKE LESSONS FROM OHIO STATE Because they know how to deal with students trying to cause problems.  It seems some SJWs at Ohio State decided to "occupy" an administration building with a list of demands that MUST be met OR ELSE.  So an administrator calmly explained that they had until 5pm to leave or they would be arrested or expelled.  Oddly, the kids chose to leave.  Heh.

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