No, the World is Not Ending Because of Trump

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TRUMP LEAVES THE PARIS CLIMATE TREATY AND THE ONLY THING MELTING IS LIBERALS Okay, that's not QUITE right, but you get my drift and that is a snappy headline.  For the best analysis of why I am not particularly concerned about this, I direct your attention to this tutorial from PragerU. 

But watching the meltdown from the left is kind of fun.  For Tom Steyer to declare withdrawal from a treaty that is completely non biding to all signatories with absolutely no penalties for the countries who sign and then ignore what it says.  And lest you think that no country would POSSIBLY shirk it's responsibilities under such an important world saving document, check this out. 

NATO spending by GDP

But I'm sure this time will be different, amiright?? And by the way, you know who is agreeing to the Paris Climate Treaty, even without government force?  American corporations, who I'm SURE will find a more cost effective way to save the planet from .03 degrees of temperature increase.  The market ALWAYS does a better job fixing things than government does.   And one more thing, when the people who are shrieking about climate change stop demanding their own private plane to attend a funeral, maybe I'll take Hillary more seriously.  

I LOVE THIS HAPPY HOUR QUIZ!  For a couple of reason.  One, I am old and have no idea where a happy hour for me might be, if I were inclined to GO to a happy hour, and two, it's cute and fun and I like it for Friday.  Take the quiz and learn about happy hours near you that might suit your tastes.  I'll talk to the author today at 2.  And she sent an email about, which show gumption, and I like to reward gumption!

HILLARY IS STARTING TO BE DOWNRIGHT PATHETIC.  AND BITTER.  AND USELESS. And now her fawning media is starting to turn on her.  As she traipses around blaming EVERYONE she can for her loss, except herself of course, her friends in the media are beginning to tire of it.  From CNN,

This story from CNBC of all places has my favorite line I've read in a long time in it, 

"Her profiler, Rebecca Traister of New York magazine, obviously a great admirer but one who declines to throw herself overboard from reality for the sake of giving Hillary more company bobbing about in the sea of fancy,"  

It doesn't even matter what he says next, "sea of fancy" had me laughing really, really hard.  Even Al Franken says it's time to pack it in.  She is starting to seem like an angry, bitter old bat, the Norma Desmond of politics.  Bill should take her back  to Chappaqua, buy her a lap dog and a long cigarette holder and call it a day. 

THINKING ABOUT BUYING AN SUV?  YOU MAY SAVE A TON ON A CAR INSTEAD. As many cars are coming off lease during a time when the SUV and truck market are soaring, prices are dropping like the proverbial lead balloon.  Now may be the best time to buy a car, especially a luxury car, in a long, long time.  

THESE STUDENTS SHOULD BE KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL.  NOW. Because if they aren't there is not hope of ever taking the college campuses back from the idiot students who are running roughshod over true debate and reasoned dialogue.  It's all about Evergreen College, where students of color demanded that white people stay home from school after their Day of Absence didn't get the desired result.  A professor, who has studied race and has taught classes that seem to jibe with the demands of these POC students, said that was a bad idea.  He gave rational reasons as to why that was a bad idea.  Fifty students then stormed his classroom while he was teaching to call him a racist and demand he resign.  This has got to stop.  

THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR OUR SOCIETY, BUT THEY BROUGHT IT ON THEMSELVES Newspaper circulation is at a 77 year low.  Do I even need to comment at this point? 

EVEN WHEN NEWSPAPERS TRY TO FIX THE PROBLEM, THEY SCREW IT UP EVEN WORSE The New York Times hired a very experienced journalist with decades of experience to fill the role of "Public Editor" to keep them in line and provide an ombudsman like role at the paper.  Now they've fired her.  Why?  Because she was good at her job and continually pointed out where and how the Times was screwing up journalism by engaging in unfettered activism disguised as news.  But I'm sure they know what they're doing.  Right?  

HEY KIDS DO WELL IN SCHOOL.  JUST NOT TOO WELL IN SCHOOL. Or you will be penalized for getting too far ahead of your peers.  It happened to one super smart and motivated girl in Michigan.  She was taking part in a mastery learning program, where she could work at her own pace.  She worked at her pace, which was super fast, and now she is being penalized by the district for being too far ahead of her peers.  That's right, we're now PUNISHING children who excel.  The district refuses to allow her to take the same number of classes as her peers and instead make her sit in the library and do homework for a period because she hit some made up "credit limit" that the district didn't tell anyone about until they hit her with it.  Yay, public school!  

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