The Collapse of Parenting may explain a lot.

HOW ARE PARENTS LETTING THEIR CHILDREN DOWN?  The answer may surprise you when you hear from my guest at 3pm.  Dr. Leonard Sax is a family physician who has studied parenting and culture for decades.  His new book The Collapse of Parenting: How We Hurt Our Kids When We Treat Them Like Grown-ups is REALLY really good.  It makes me happy I am a mean mom and girds my loins for the years ahead.  Buy the book by clicking here

AND HERE IS A REAL LIVE EXAMPLE OF KID'S BEHAVING BADLY WITH PARENTAL PERMISSION And it is a case of kid's parroting what they've heard at home for sure.  A group of New Jersey students on a school trip to DC refused to get into a group photo with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.  Why?  They spouted off reasons like "he puts party before country" or "I don't agree with his policies" but no one asked the follow up question of "what do you mean?"  This columnist does a nice job asking the question: what about common manners?  And it's a good question. 

THE MAYOR OF PORTLAND DOES NOT GRASP THE CONCEPT OF FREE SPEECH Because he is using the tragic deaths of two men who intervened to stop the harassment of a Muslim woman on a train as an excuse to try to get the permits revoked for two events he does not agree with.  That in and of itself should indicate he does not understand "free speech", but if there is any doubt, read this quote:

"My main concern is that they are coming to peddle a message of hatred and of bigotry," Wheeler told reporters, referring to organizers of the two rallies. "They have a First Amendment right to speak, but my pushback on that is that hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution."

The rally organizers have no affiliation with the murderer from the train.  One of the rallies is a Trump Free Speech event.  I actually think this is a GREAT idea to shut down events the party in charge disagrees with.  I find people who wear black fascist face coverings offensive, so we can shut down that crap from Antifa.  I find women wearing p*ssy hats an embarrassment to my gender, so we could have stopped all that nonsense in DC, amiright?  I'm being EXTREMELY sarcastic.  Because I actually understand what free speech means.   

ACTUAL EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA!! But I'm guessing this isn't what the Democrats are thinking of when they are talking about collusion, but it sure is fun!  

NEWSPAPERS DON'T DESERVE TO BE SHOT AT.  HOWEVER.... This story about some damage done by someone shooting at the offices of a Kentucky newspaper doesn't give the full picture.  To be CLEAR, I am not in any way defending the actions of the yahoos who shot at the building.  That is 100% wrong.  But in a world where people hanging up "Punch a Nazi" sign is accepted because those people are SO RIGHT,  is it not reasonable to ask why someone would be motivated to do such a stupid thing as shoot a building?  Let me explain about the newspapers in Kentucky in question.  They have not only ONLY represented liberal positions for a very long time, they constantly disparage conservative thoughts and ideas.  While corrupt Democratic politicians have remained largely untouched by these bastions of journalistic nonsense, when a Republican gets in power, they stop at nothing to destroy whomever that person is.  The Courier-Journal is especially odorous.  Their editorial page is a non stop pile of vitriol at anyone and anything that might be remotely conservative.  Are we getting to the point where people are SO tired of it they are shooting at buildings?  If we are, it wouldn't surprise me, even if it disappoints me. 

KATHY GRIFFIN FINALLY WENT TOO FAR FOR AMERICA And now she will pay a huge price, at least it certainly feels that way.  What did the D List Celebrity do this time?  If you don't know, you must be living under a rock.  She took a photo during a shoot holding a bloody severed head that looked a whole lot like Donald Trump.  And guess what?  The President's 11 year old son saw it and thought something happened to his dad.  How cool is that??? I sure hope she can laugh about scaring a little boy in her next comedy special. If there will be one.  It is nice to know that even liberals have a line they think is too far.  Well some liberals, if you want to see how the rest of them think, read the comments section of this story.   

FAKE NEWS REPORTING ABOUT THE COLLAPSE OF VENEZUELA When there is reporting at all, mind you.  The Big 3 mostly ignore the people being killed by the corrupt government, or the massive food shortages, or the people rising up in the streets, but when they do, they just can't seem to use the word "socialism".  And oddly, no one has checked in with Sean Penn and Danny Glover to get their thoughts even though they were happy to the Useful Idiots of Hugo Chavez and his ilk previously.  

SCOTT "THE TRUMP HATER" PELLEY IS OUT AT CBS EVENING NEWS He will continue his role on 60 Minutes however, but he's out after falling ratings.  Perhaps it's because he couldn't contain his disgust with POTUS.  

IT IS NOT THE GOVERNMENTS ROLE TO DECIDE IF PRE TEENS CAN HAVE SMART PHONES But if a group of Colorado Doctors have their way, we will be able to vote on it in November.  They are trying to run a ballot initiative to ban the sale of smart phones to anyone under the age of 13.  Now I'm pretty firm on the notion that kids younger than 14 don't need smart phones (if it's good enough for Bill Gates kids, it's good enough for mine) but that is MY CHOICE as a parent.  Please laugh at a petition gatherer if they ask you to sign so this can be on the ballot.  Although it is worthy of a good conversation.  

NOW PHYSICS IS ALL ABOUT THE PATRIARCHY And you won't believe how stupid this entire thing is, but I suffered through it and all it's victim seeking so you can too.  

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