Energy safety, and why timing on a news story matters

DO YOU NEED TO WORRY ABOUT A GAS LEAK BLOWING UP YOUR HOUSE? The short story is no.  Lisa Hamill from Energy 360 joins me to talk about the recent tragic explosion that took two lives that has been connected to pipelines near the houses.  Find out more about Energy 360 by clicking here.

TERRY FREI SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FIRED FOR THIS TWEET And after years and years of producing sports content for the Denver Post, he should have been given the chance to apologize properly in the paper, take his lumps from the readers and move on to the next story.  My guess is the Post took the chance of an ill worded tweet to cut more payroll.  But this rush to destroy someone's livelihood when they post a rather innocuous tweet has got to stop.  NO ONE IS SAFE.  We have to make it okay to say something that might not be popular without calling it racist.  

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PARK AT A PARKING METER THAT IS OUT OF ORDER?  This happened to me downtown today.  it wasn't bagged, just not working.  I moved my car because I didn't want a ticket, but does anyone know the answer to this?  

HEY STARBUCKS BARISTAS, IT'S YOUR FAULT, GOT THAT? At least that is the takeaway many baristas got from a recent mandatory meeting where some say they were read the riot act and told to shape up or ship out.  This as many baristas are still making really, really low wages.  My favorite quote from this story:

"It's a cult that pays $9 per hour," she said.

So why hasn't there been a concerted effort to unionize Starbucks?  Why is it Walmart that takes heat for not paying workers enough when the average pay at Walmart is $13 an hour and it's $9.43 at Starbucks?  I know the answer, do you?  I only ask about unionization because a good progressive company that obviously underpays their staff should welcome the help of union bosses to make sure their employees can pay rent, right?  

POOR PEOPLE, YOU DON'T REALLY THINK BOULDER WANTS YOU, DO YOU?  Trick question, you already know they don't!  How do I know you know?  Because Boulder actually spent $167,000 on a survey and report to find out poor people, minorities and conservatives don't feel welcome in Boulder.  I could have told them that for free.  Now what do they do about it?  How about an Adopt a Conservative program?  Take a Minority to Lunch Day?  Sponsor a Poor Boulderite?  I'm here to help, people of Boulder, because good grief do you need it.  

GLOBAL WARMING BY THE NUMBERS EXCEPT IN THE NEW YORK TIMES This column is as much as a lesson on how to read the news as it is about global warming.  It seems the New York Times is producing scare stories about melting glaciers and how it's ALL the fault of global warming except they neglect to tell you that there has been NO warming over the past 20 years where the glaciers are melting.  Neat trick, huh?  Global warming is melting glaciers but the temperature has been static and the glaciers are STILL melting!  THAT is cool, my friends.  Read the whole column here.

DEAR TERRORISTS, WHY DID YOU BLOW UP MY FRIENDS? Perhaps that is how a primary school student in the UK would begin his or her letter to a terrorist.  Why would they be writing such a letter?  Because in the UK there is a new booklet designed to get kids thinking early that they are guilty of some nameless crime against an oppressed people who then blow children up to show their displeasure.  Because we MUST let this kids know it is THEIR fault, amiright??? 

THERE ARE GOOD AND KIND PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD.  AND HERE IS ONE STORY A young soldier was trying to go home for Memorial Day, bought a standby ticket  and waited for TWO DAYS at the airport trying to catch a flight.  He called him mom and told her he couldn't make it home, until a stranger bought him a ticket.  

LIBERALS, WE ARE STARTING TO HATE YOU BACK.  AND IT'S YOUR FAULT. I've been thinking this for some time now, more wrestling with it, really.  I know that Jesus told us to turn the other cheek and all, but how many times do we turn it before we punch back?  The violent rhetoric and action coming from the Left these days is having one effect they probably aren't counting on: the Right is hating them back now.  When this happens, I truly worry about people getting killed over politics, which just should not happen.


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