Today is a fancy and learned (say learn'-ed) day!

HE BREATHED UPON DEAD BODIES AND BROUGHT THEM TO LIFE Or so was said about Shakespeare. The Colorado Shakespeare Festival is upon us and we shall speak with Artistic Director Tim Orr about the upcoming shows! Find out more and buy tickets by clicking here!

DID YOU SEE YESTERDAY'S BLOG?  It was chock full of good stuff I'm going to talk about on TODAY's show, but rather than cut and paste, I'll just put a link here you can click on to go to it

REMEMBER THAT REPUBLICAN CHARGED WITH ASSAULT IN MONTANA?  He won his race.  So to be clear, Democrats can't beat a man who allegedly body slammed a reporter and was charged two days before the election with misdemeanor assault.  That can be encouraging. 

COSTCO IS CRUSHING IT BECAUSE THEY ARE COSTCO I do a vast majority of my shopping at Amazon (7 items just this week!) and Costco.  And I am not alone.  Costco is doing great because they are giving people like me things they don't want to buy online, like huge reams of toilet paper.  And they are thriving while others are struggling. 

HEADED TO VEGAS THIS WEEKEND?  YOU BEST WATCH OUT As a "credible" ISIS threat video has surfaced that seems to target the Vegas Strip.  I'm not telling you what to do, but keep your eyes open, people.  Does this make you change your plans?  I'm not sure at this point.  Just not sure.  And I get it, the terrorists win, blah, blah, blah, but why put your face near a wood chipper when you don't have to?

THIS STUDY SAYS WOMEN HAVE THE BEST SEX AT 36, BUT I'M CALLING HOKUM Because if you read the actual results, there are a lot of components to that great sex that skew upwards in age.  At the ripe old age of 47, I'm here to tell those young 36 whippersnappers they don't need to worry about peaking already.  

DOES NANCY PELOSI REALLY EXPECT THE POTUS TO VISIT COUNTRIES ALPHABETICALLY?  I'd like to think the most powerful woman in the Democratic party is kidding here, but....

I'VE CAUGHT BIGGER FISH WITH WEIRDER STUFF.  HARUMPH. This guy is Texas is bragging about catching a lake record 11 pound bass on a Chicken McNugget.  I caught a 15 pound catfish with a vienna sausage once.  So there. 

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