Body Slamming a Reporter Isn't a Good Idea

I THINK WE JUST GOT ANOTHER DEMOCRAT IN THE HOUSE Because there is a hotly contested race in Montana that has been tightening as of late, and now the GOP candidate Greg Gianforte has been charged with misdemeanor assault for body slamming a Guardian reporter.  From what I can tell, because there is no video, he did it.  You can hear audio of the assault by clicking here.  Presently, I don't particularly care who wins this race because Republicans have such a handsome majority, but this outburst seems to be a bigger issue.  We are becoming more course, more violent, more ridiculous in our behavior under the justification of "they deserved it" and frankly, if we keep going down this path, it will not end well.  

BUT IT'S NOT JUST THE GOP MEMBERS BEHAVING BADLY And this column speaks to the OTHER side behaving badly.  So emboldened by their own certainty of their own rightness, now college professors have taken to harassing people they disagree with at the gym, or torturing people who voted for Trump online.  I'm guessing the GOP politician above will lose and pay a price, but the Hard Lefties? They get a parade.  

HOW DO YOU GET A THREE MONTH PROJECT DONE IN ONE DAY?  Why move the deadline, of course!  This column explains how time is often the main fuel of procrastination, and further, it shows that speedy work is often of BETTER quality than work given endless time.  I love this, and am going to do it.  

SO NOW THE ANTI-TRUMP LEAKERS ARE HURTING OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE UK Because apparently, you can leak with absolute impunity now.  British PM Teresa May has expressed her annoyance with the leak of intelligence information about the investigation into the Manchester bombings quite clearly.  It's one thing to leak to hurt OUR President, but when you get called out by another world leader, does this at least give you ANY pause?  I'm asking this rhetorically because the leakers have proven time and time again they don't give a crap about what the end result of their leaking really is.  

SORRY MONTENEGRO, TRUMP'S IN FRONT I think this is actually really, really funny.  Nobody puts baby in a corner.  Nobody.  

WE DON'T HAVE AN EQUALITY PROBLEM, WE HAVE AN EGO PROBLEM.  This column clearly articulates something I've been trying to get to for a while.  Our society has a serious ego problem (please see the video above for confirmation) and it's now manifesting itself in a myriad of ways, and they are all incredibly divisive under the guise of "equality". From the column, which hardly seems to be about ego from this excerpt, but I'll explain:

Rights Require People to Take Responsibility

The importance of this must not be overlooked. Obligations of citizenship, as Christopher Lasch explained, equalize us: “Political equality—citizenship—equalizes people who are otherwise unequal in their capacities, and the universalization of citizenship therefore has to be accompanied…by measures designed to assure the broadest distribution of economic and political responsibility” (emphasis added).

“Responsibility” poses a quandary for us today, as it presupposes a standard toward which to be responsible. But as standards have been attacked as products of “white supremacy,” “patriarchy,” “imperialism,” and other nefarious forces, the notion of duty has steadily vanished.

The result has been a growing sense of entitlement and narcissism. Consider the widespread hostility toward a recent proposal to eliminate loan “forgiveness” for graduate students. The policy would stop the government from “forgiving” student loan debt after a certain number of years. The idea is that, if one is privileged enough to go to graduate school, one who isn’t shouldn’t be forced to pay for the one who is.

Because when people's EGOS begin to tell them they have a "right" to healthcare, while at the same time they are taking a subsidy that someone else paid for, we have our current situation.  Our narcissistic culture has finally come home to roost.  I blame the Kardashians.  

SPEAKING OF EGO, HERE COME THE MILLENIALS And now they want their own official day.  And in the irony of all ironies, they want a day dedicated JUST TO THEM so they can bust stereotypes about Millenials being entitled.  Sigh.  Just sigh.  

I HAVE A SOLUTION TO THIS STICKY WICKET OF  PROBLEM This is apparently a thing that happens regularly on El Al airlines, the Israeli airline.  It seems that some Orthodox Jewish men are refusing to sit next to women on the plane.  And more often than not, it's the women being asked to move.  I have no issue with someone wanting to express their religious preferences and I even have a solution.  If you, for whatever reason religious or otherwise, want to insure that you sit next to someone of your high standards, buy two seats.  Problem solved.  

AN IKEA STYLE COFFIN?  I'D RATHER BE DEAD THAN PUT THAT TOGETHER It's true, there is a funeral expo in Holland where new stuff is rolled out annually.  From a veggie patch for your grave site to lego blocks for your kids to build a hearse (no I'm not kidding) to a do-it-yourself coffin that comes in pieces IKEA style, they've got stuff to die for!  See what I did there? It looks as great as it sounds!

COULD WE BE ONE STEP CLOSER TO IMMORTALITY WITH THIS NEW DISCOVERY?  A Harvard scientist has found the missing piece in a sequence of events that can reverse aging.  Does this mean that SOON  we will be able to take a pill and reverse diabetes and stop cancer?  Maybe.  Read the nerdy report here. 

DRUGS ARE BAD, KIDS, BUT SOME ARE WAY BADDER THAN OTHERS And this recent survey of drug users (one must ask how and where they gather their sample group) shows that if you want the best chance of ending up in the ER, do Meth!  Of course the surest way to not end up in the ER is to not do drugs, but that's not what the survey was about.  Best of the worst?  Magic Mushrooms didn't send many seeking medical help.  Mostly because they were staring at the back of their hand for 9 hours. 

NOT GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP?  YOUR BRAIN COULD BE EATING ITSELF!  I'm going to leave this right here and go take a nap.  

WHO HASN'T BEEN THIS BEAR?  C'MON ADMIT IT.  FOR DOUGHNUTS?  IT happened in Steamboat, where a donut delivery vehicle (wait, I can get doughnuts DELIVERED in Steamboat???) was mauled by what I can only imagine was a very hungry and ultimately disappointed bear.  I'd love to hear the conversation with their insurance company on this one. 

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