A Soldier's Story and the Best Rules for Living Ever

WHAT WAS IT LIKE TO BE A YOUNG SOLDIER IN VIETNAM? My guest today knows, as he was one of the hundreds of thousands of American servicemen sent from comfortable homes to the jungles of Vietnam.  His book A Soldier's Story: Forever Changed, is a haunting account of doing his time.  Buy it here, he's on at 2 today.  Buy his book by clicking here

I HEART DR. JORDAN PETERSON And if you don't watch his incredibly fascinating You Tube videos, you are missing out.  But if you don't have 45 minutes to watch him talk about Nietzsche's Good and Evil, you are forgiven, but you need to read this list.  They are 40 simple rules by which to live your life and they are outstanding.  I just printed them out to hang up on my refrigerator.  For real.  Here's a quick video of his thinking. 

AND SO THE SINGULARITY BEGINS WITH ROBOT COPS We all watched Robocop and thought it was super cool, but inside that heartless robot was a HUMAN heart who came through in the clutch, right?  Now Dubai is rolling out full on robot cops.  They won't be chasing bad guys, they will mostly be sending back video, settling fines and talking to tourists.  But just try and charm your way out of a ticket with a weird faceless robot.  Dubai hopes to have them make up 25% of the force very soon.  

PRESIDENT TRUMP'S BUDGET MAKES ME HAPPY.  AND IS VERY REAGANESQUE. Even if it is a non starter because the Republicans don't REALLY want to do anything about our debt, they just want to talk about it.  But here's hoping SOME of the good stuff in this budget makes it's way into what will surely be a House made dumpster fire of spending. 

AND HERE IS SOME AMMUNITION TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST BUDGET DEMAGOGUERY You are going to hear a lot of garbage about how the Trump budget would LITERALLY KILL people, but here is a nifty column with some mythbusters about the proposed budget.

DON'T ASK KIDS HOW THEY ARE DOING IN SCHOOL Because school success doesn't equal life success.  Instead, ask them if they are working on any cool projects and see what they say.  Read this column by a long time educator to get more.

BARACK OBAMA'S ADMINISTRATION SPIED ON AMERICAS ILLEGALLY And now documents are being unclassified that show they went far and above what they were legally allowed to do.  Circa has the details, and if you care about privacy, or government violating your 4th Amendment rights, you need to read this

A BLACK RUN AND CREATED SHOW IS CALLING OUT BLACK PEOPLE FOR NOT READING As well as tackling the N word issue within Black Culture.  I think The Carmichael Show is going to catch heat, but I'll leave it up to them to stir the pot.  I'll just watch and see if it inspires black people to read more.  Or white people to read more, because let's face it, most of us would rather watch cat videos on You Tube than tackle a challenging book.  

GOT AN IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT?  EAT CHOCOLATE! In what may be the best news ever, there is a study that says eating chocolate is not only good for your soul, it's good for your heart too!  From the story:

Eating chocolate has been linked with a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, and now a new study from Denmark suggests that regular consumption of the treat may help to prevent the development of atrial fibrillation, a type of irregular heartbeat.

Researchers found that adults in the study who ate chocolate at least once a month — or more frequently than that — had rates of atrial fibrillation that were 10 to 20 percent lower than those who ate chocolate less than once a month, according to the findings published today (May 23) in the journal Heart.

You're welcome!  

CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATS SAY AN ELECTION WAS STOLEN BECAUSE PEOPLE DIDN'T HAVE PROPER ID Just let that headline sink in for a minute.  It was party politics at stake, as this classy group of Democrats elected new state leadership after collectively giving Trump the middle finger at their convention.  When the Bernie loving candidate lost a close election, there were cries of ballot box stuffing and people voting who didn't have the proper id.  Heh.  Just heh.  

ISIS AND THE LONG TARGETING OF CHILDREN BY TERRORISTS We were all rightly horrified when elementary school children were slaughtered in Connecticut.  But no such sympathy is displayed when it comes to Muslim extremists.  They relish the chance to murder children.  And have for a long time.  Read this but be prepared to be dismayed by not only the targeting of children, but the creation of a child army by ISIS.  It's sad and depressing, you have been warned.

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