I'm Terribly Sorry if I Offend Kind, Peace Loving Muslims, BUT

THIS TERROR ATTACK WAS AGAINST CHILDREN  When you target a concert of a teen pop star whose following is almost completely comprised of teenage girls, you are targeting innocents.  Period.  And I've decided that I am going to take the hit for all the namby pamby people who are super concerned about hurting the feelings of non US citizens who want to come here for all kinds of peaceful purposes, but unfortunately come from a country where an ideology exists and thrives that celebrates the murder of helpless teenagers.  I'M SORRY if your feelings are hurt.  If you don't like this, then PLEASE root out the strain of Islam that believes blowing up children is a proper means to building a world wide caliphate.  Because I'm going to be one of those people who says enough to further immigration from majority Muslim countries and I'm going to be one of those people who says to American Muslims, PLEASE help root out anyone who might be radicalized in your local places of worship and turn them in to authorities.  The old yarn of "they don't do Islam right" doesn't hold any water to me anymore, because they believe they are.  And unless and until Islam reforms itself, peaceful, kind, and lovely Muslims are going to be tainted by those who commit atrocities in the name of Allah.  

TRUTH IN ACCOUNTING MEANS WE FIND OUT LOTS OF BAD NEWS From my friend Sheila Weinberg from Truth in Accounting is popping by today to give us the bad news that our own government won't give us.  She's in at 1:30 and you can find out more about Truth in Accounting by clicking here.   Find out the straight scoop about Colorado's financial position by clicking here!

ARE YOU WATCHING YEAR MILLION ON NAT GEO?  You should be, because it's a fascinating look at what our far future could be.  I'll talk to the Executive Producer Dave O'Connor today at 2 about this show, find out more about it here

AN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS NOW BEATING THE BEST PLAYERS IN THE WORLD At what is one of the most complex games in the world, Chinese Go.  I have watched about 45 minutes of a Go match and couldn't not even begin to explain it because I don't understand it at all.  But now a Google computer beat a grand champion Go player in China.  Too bad the Chinese weren't allowed to see it. 

IT'S BREWSDAY TUESDAY!  Just in time for Memorial Day Barbeques Epic Brewing Company's John Turk and KOA's own Conor Shreve are in at 3 with the perfect beers for summer!  Check back here after the segment for a full list of the beers and my brief reviews!  

It's Fruity Beer Day today, so I may not be as big a fan as last time, but here's what we've got.

Avery Brewing Company Apricot Sour Not for me.  Very tart, it hits the back of your mouth HARD.

STEM Raspberry Apple Cider  This is dry and light and tasty and DOES taste like Champale.  

Avery Brewing Company Liliko'I Kepolo  Very fruity to me, smells great, but too much mouth feel for me.  Not a great fan of sours, but the guys liked it.

Maui Brewing Company Pineapple Mana This smells AMAZING and tastes really nice with a pronounced but not overpowering pineapple flavor.  Really nice!

Station 26 Lemondrop Wheat  Very refreshing, smells like lemongrass but very slight lemon taste.  I like this one a lot!

Dry Dock Sour Apricot No, just no.  This is sour and smells like dirty socks.  Blech. But beer snobs in the room other than me like it a lot.

Epic Brewing Company Los Locos Little hint of salt and lime and very refreshing and drinkable.  Good backyard beer!

Epic Brewing Company Brainless Raspberry  Really like this one, great raspberry flavor, good mouth feel and big flavors, not as dry as the cider above.  

Epic Brewing Blizzard Conditions   This is an IPA with a smooth mouth feel and foamy head, very creamy and delicious.

JUST BECAUSE YOU COME UP WITH A BETTER WAY DOESN'T MEAN IT WILL WORK As real estate start up Trelora is finding out.  Their model, which sells homes for a flat fee and tries to make buyer's agents give up THEIR commissions as well, works great for home buyers, but real estate professionals are pushing back.  They simply aren't showing houses listed by Trelora.  And I don't blame them, but I do think they need to be aware that they must up their games to justify a hefty commissions.  

"RUSSIANS HACKED VOTE TOTALS" IS THE NEW BIRTHERISM ON THE LEFT And who could blame gullible Democrats who only watch MSNBC for thinking that not only did Russia interfere in our elections, they actually HACKED vote totals to help Trump win.  There is no credible source for this belief.  There is no accusation from any intelligence services.  There is no one even SAYING this from a power position.  And yet, according to this study, 55% of Democrats believed it happened.  

THE ADVERTISING MATRIX IS GETTING SUPER CREEPY Because now Google is tracking your OFF LINE purchases to prove to their advertisers that online advertising works.  They even make it easy for vendors who gather your email address to upload that information into Google's metrics system.  At this point, the only way to avoid being tracked everywhere, all the time, is to just pay cash.  Could cash make a comeback? 

IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID, YOU BETTER BE ABLE TO FIND ANOTHER JOB And this story has a happy ending, in that a snotty employee who thought it would be funny to write "Pigs" on the receipt of two police officers was canned.  

SPEAKING OF STUPID, THE SEATTLE PD HAS LOST IT'S DANG MIND And are now referring to criminal suspects as "community members" instead of suspects.  Check out this logic:

Seattle Chief Operating Officer Brian Maxey told the outlet that the new term is aimed at improving police reports since calling someone a suspect could be misleading if they aren’t suspected of any crime.

“Similarly, we don’t know or inquire about citizenship status, so labeling someone a citizen is arbitrary,” he said. “Neither term is confusing at all.”

Which sounds great, but when a man shoots at cops and then is killed by cops and the Seattle PD call him a "community member" it seems ridiculous to me.  

THIS IS THE BEST SHORT WEB SERIES I'VE SEEN IN A WHILE And it involves a lovely young woman and her boyfriend "Gov" who always helps out...even when she doesn't need him to.  

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