So How about THAT Speech? And it's Traffic Tuesday!

TRUMP DID STUNNINGLY WELL IN SAUDI ARABIA And how do I know he did stunningly well?  Pretty much everybody liked his speech.  And the speech itself was probably the best written speech of his political life.  It hit all the right notes for his audience and gave them room to respond positively without losing face.  We shall discuss, but you can watch it here. 


TODAY IS TRANSPORTATION TUESDAY ...UH MONDAY With CDOT's Shalin Bhatt.  Get your road questions ready, and we will talk about what to do now that the legislature couldn't come up with a funding plan.

THE WEEKLY STANDARD'S BILL KRISTOL AT 3 And I'm guessing he has some thoughts on Trump's foreign policy swing.  

A CALL TO ARMS FOR ALUMS OF ALL SORTS OF COLLEGE, BUT ESPECIALLY YALE Tired of nonsense from Special Snowflake on campus?  Fight back!  This columnist is not only blowing off his 20 year Yale reunion (pinkies up, erebody!) but also clearly laying out the reasons why.  Stop being embarrassed by what your alma mater, let them know you are upset and STOP GIVING THEM MONEY.  

DON'T EXPECT FACEBOOK TO DO MUCH TO STOP BAD STUFF ON THEIR SITE Especially since their own 'standards' guidelines appear pretty loose when it comes to stopping things like live streamed suicides (they don't want to make the person about to commit suicide feel worse.  Honestly, that's what it says) or certain kinds of porn.  But what do you expect?  The FREE Facebook comes like this.  

COULD ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN PEACE HAVE A SHOT UNDER TRUMP?  Trump is in Israel and Alan Dershowitz says he's striking all the right notes and could come home from this trip with enough concessions from Israel to inspire Saudi Arabia to establish diplomatic relations.  That would be UGE.  

WANT TO KNOW HOW THE GOVERNMENT IS WASTING YOUR MONEY TODAY?  They are giving $200,000 of YOUR money to a professor so she can study microaggressions.  I hope you appreciate this use of your money when you are working your tail off so they can take it.  

STOP GIVING YOUR KIDS FRUIT JUICE, IT'S JUST SUGAR WATER, K?  And now the American Academy of Pediatrics is saying so.  Okay, they don't say that it's sugar water, BUT IT IS.  They are advising parents to give their children ACTUAL fruit instead.  Imagine that.  Actual fruit.  

FINALLY A LAWSUIT WITH REAL MERIT!  ON HOW CANDY BOXES ARE FILLED. It's true, Hershey's is being sued by a guy tired of grabbing a BIG box of candy only to find it half filled or less.  He is now suing Hershey's for abusing "slack fill", which is the leaving of space in a package for a valid reason.  This is the kind of lawsuit I can get behind.  

JEFFCO'S SCHOOL BOARD HATES CHARTER SCHOOLS AND HAVE HANDED THE DISTRICT OVER TO THE NEA WHILE PAYING THEIR NEW SUPER AN EXORBITANT PACKAGE.  But I'm sure that's what the people who voted for the JeffCo recall wanted, right?  The new Superintendent is a staunch union guy, hates charter schools, and WILL try to raise taxes.  I hope you're happy JeffCo parents, you got what you voted for! 

IS THIS THE END OF THE 420 RALLY DOWNTOWN?  Not to sound like a curmudgeon, but I sure hope it is.  The rally's current organizer has been fined $12,000 and banned from holding the event for three years because of the multiple violations at this year's rally.  I think this thing has run it's course.  Let the homeless potheads downtown find a new place to get high.   The rally organizer says he will appeal.  


Mandy Connell


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