A Special Counsel, WTH Snow, and More in a Short Show!

A SPECIAL COUNSEL HAS BEEN APPOINTED, SO LET'S GET THIS THING OVER WITH And if a Special Counsel HAD to be appointed Rod Rosenstein could have done worse.  I'm not saying Robert Mueller isn't without politics, but he has served under Presidents from both parties, and is lauded by those OUTSIDE politics as a straight shooter, so there's that.  I'd like to see this move along at a decent clip, but realize that's ridiculous.  We'll see what Mueller does with his new role. 

ROGER AILES IS DEAD And it's another case of a man leaving his work and dying soon thereafter.  He's been in not-so-great health for some time now, but he's passed away at 77.  His legacy will definitely live on in the form of a clear view of media bias, but we will have to see how his vision at Fox News changes with new leadership at the helm.  

CHRIS CORNELL IS DEAD And like a good Gen Xer I am more upset about this one than Roger Ailes.  A groundbreaking musician of my generation, it appears as of now he committed suicide.  After what we talked about yesterday, it saddens me greatly if he took his own life.  This is one of my favorite covers of any song I've ever heard, and it clearly displays his voice.  That voice.  It's haunting and beautiful.  

GOT KIDNEY STONES?  GO RIDE BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN RAILROAD! I have no idea why this story is so interesting to me, perhaps because my dad was crushed by kidney stones for years.  A doctor from Michigan has found that riding in the back of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando could help a kidney stone pass.  Like 63% of the time.  That's worth an E-Ticket, don't you think?

WHY FLORIDA MAN, WHY?  Did you try to kiss a rattlesnake?  Especially if the rattlesnake wasn't interested in your weird bit of loving. 

HAT'S OFF TO RICHARD THE WORLD'S OLDEST INTERN FOR FINDING THIS VIDEO! Thanks to a cloud inversion the Grand Canyon seems to be filled with an ocean of clouds.  It's mesmerizing!

WHY ARE WE SO CURIOUS ABOUT A MURDERER'S LAST MEAL?  I always find it odd when a news outlet makes a news story about a death row inmate's last meal.  What do we hope to glean from knowing this guy, who murdered his elderly neighbor, is having a pork chop and a filet mignon?  Does a bloomin' onion indicate regret?  Redemption?  Resignation?  I always stop for a few and try to decide what MY last meal would be in those situations, but then I remember I DIDN'T MURDER ANYONE. 

A PERFECT EXPLANATION OF HOW MISS USA SUBMARINED THE EVENTUALLY WINNER With a question on healthcare whose very premise was a complete disaster.  Is healthcare a privilege or a right, they asked.  Miss DC said a privilege, and she was pasted on social media.  But it's really neither.  Read a great explanation of why here.

NO SUBSIDIZED SEX FOR YOU, SMALL SWEDISH TOWN A loony politician in Sweden put forth a measure that would allow people to take an hour from work, paid of course, to go have sex.  The town's birthrate is rather low, and he posited that this would help.  It was shot down by the town council for pretty obvious reasons.  

THE BLEAKEST PORTRAYAL OF VENEZUELA'S SITUATION I'VE SEEN YET And it's from CNN, who makes no direct connection to the collapse of a state run economy, but at least they mention the words "socialist utopia".  Share this with any useful idiots you might now. 

FAKE NEWS IS NOT A NEW PHENOMENA And this article brings us techniques of the fake news industry of the 19th century to explain why the SAME techniques still work today!  The big secret?  Use JUST enough truth to seem plausible.  

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