Charles Krauthammer plus My Personal Crisis on Trump

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER OUT OF THE SHOOT AT 1 And I will have the opportunity to get his thoughts on that latest "terrifying" outrage in DC.  Trump spilled the beans on some classified info.  How much, and exactly what, we don't know, but this is the story of the day.  Go see Charles and the rest of his friends from the Weekly Standard at the Summit at the Broadmoor.  Buy tickets by clicking here!

JAMES CLAPPER THINKS THE FBI WAS FOUNDED BY THE FOUNDING FATHERS At least that's what he infers in this interview with Jake Tapper. 

So to clarify what he says, the Founding Fathers created the FBI to provide a check and balance on the President.  Not Congress.  Not the Judiciary.  The FBI.  Okay.  It's this kind of hyperbole that I find really annoying.  And it's putting me in the position of having to defend the actions of a man I don't find particularly defensible a lot of the time.  

THIS IS ABSOLUTE PROOF THE NY TIMES IS TOILET PAPER And it's a little story about the collapse of Venezuela.  Venezuela is on fire, btw, as hundreds of protesters take to the streets and some have been killed.  To read the NY Times story, you'd think this was an epic failure because of oil.  And simply a failed democratic state.  They didn't even use the word socialism ONCE.  NOT EFFING ONCE.  This is INSANE.  THIS IS WRONG.  THIS IS THE FAILURE OF SOCIALISM.  I feel a rant coming on.  You know why this matters?  Because this young idiot actually BELIEVES that the problems in Venezuela are because of Capitalism.  Ugh.

IF ANYONE YOU KNOW WEARS THIS, SLAP THEM AND WALK AWAY What is the offensive item?  Rompers for men.  

KELLYANNE CONWAY SAYS MIKA AND JOE ARE LYING About her not liking Trump and only working for him for the money.  She says she believes in him and turned down a lot of cash to come work for him in the White House.  Of course the press will only report that she didn't say she LIKED him in the response.  Sigh. 

WE CAN'T EVEN PAY PEOPLE TO LISTEN TO OPPOSING VIEWS.  AND I'M NOT SURPRISED. This is a depressing story that simply cements my belief that human beings are just going to keep screwing stuff up.  This study told people that they could be entered in a drawing to win $7 if they read an article they agreed with.  Or they could win $10 if they read an article they disagreed with.  Guess what?  They chose less money.  

SENATOR RAND PAUL CALLS OUT AG JEFF SESSIONS AND RAND IS RIGHT.  He wrote a pretty great Op-Ed on mandatory drug minimums and how they ruin lives of people unnecessarily and you should read it here.  He is working with other members of Congress to actually change the laws to make it easier for judges to use their discretion in such matters and cut breaks to those non-violent drug offenders who deserve such a break.  

IS IT OKAY TO TEMPORARILY BAN A BOOK IF IT GLAMORIZES A DEADLY EVENT?  This is the question asked after Mesa County schools pulled the book Thirteen Reason Why which some say glamorizes suicide for teens.  After 7 student suicides in recent years, the Superintendent says she erred on the side of caution by pulling the book from libraries temporarily.  The book has seen new popularity after the Netflix series based on it has been in the news.  Is it censorship?  Yes.  Is the the worst thing ever?  Nope.  

NOW SPORNOSEXUALS HAVE THEIR OWN APP!  Did you even know "spornosexuals" are even a thing?  I sure didn't, and in case you too are lost, they are people who only want to socialize with other people obsessed with working out.  Or something.  Now there is an app to help them connect with work out buddies in the area.  Gymder says it's not a dating app, but really?  

ANOTHER THING WE NEED TO WARN OUR KIDS ABOUT BECAUSE IT CAN KILL THEM And this one isn't bought from some shady guy down the street.  It's caffeine and it killed a teenager in South Carolina.  

PERHAPS THEY SHOULD RENAME IT TNN Because CNN is OBSESSED with Trump.  How obsessed?  They spend about 3 minutes per hour on the news of the world, and the rest is all Trump.  Yes, someone actually studied it.

PAGING DR. SIRI?  HOW TECH IS CHANGING MEDICINE FOR THE BETTER. This article has several apps that could be revolutionary in how we care for patients with long term or critical illnesses.  Super cool stuff!  Until the robots take over.  

WHO WOULD VOTE AGAINST A BAN ON FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION?  DEMOCRATS IN MINNESOTA, THAT'S WHO.  And the rationale is worse than you think.  One is worried someone could be deported, one is worried that children, who still love their abusers, will have to live without them after they are deported.  But hey, they are already living without their genitals, what's worse than that?  And one says they shouldn't "criminalize" a "cultural piece".  Men rape boys in Afghanistan, should we make that okay here too?  

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