Why I Hate the Promposal, How to Pay for College, and More!

THIS AUTHOR HAS THE GOODS ON HOW TO SAVE FOR COLLEGE  Author and mom Beth V Walker joins me today at 3 to discuss her new book Never Pay Retail for College: How Smart Parents Find the Right School for the Right Price.  Buy the book by clicking here.  Call Beth for her professional advice at 719-522-2278.

BUT WHY DOES COLLEGE COST SO MUCH?  This article from the Weekly Standard does a good job explaining, but the short answer is: third party payer.  Read the details about a 500% increase in tuition since 1995 here. 

I'M HERE TO POO POO SOME OF THE NONSENSE OUR KIDS ARE UP TO TODAY And I don't mean drugs or alcohol (I will poo poo them on another day) I mean the "promposal".  My Facebook feed has been flooded with photos of boys coming up with creative ways to ask a girl to the prom.  There is even a new MTV show about Promposals.  And here's why this is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.  We are giving our kids the goods without any work.  What do I mean?  A PROPOSAL is a big deal.  It's a HUGE deal.  And it comes, mostly, after you've put in some work over the long term in a relationship that is headed for marriage.  The promposal, is stupid.  I'll rant on this a bit today.  

THEY WANT TO VOTE, BUT THEY WANT TO BE ON THEIR PARENTS INSURANCE UNTIL 26 This is my problem with young people right now.  A couple of kids in Boulder want to lower the voting age to 16.  First, good for them for being politically active, but NO to this idea.  Why?  Because when I was 16 I though I was smart but by the time I was 25 I realized what an idiot I was.  Your brain isn't properly formed for decision making at 16.  So no.  Just work harder to get off your parent's dole instead of trying to skew my vote.  

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU POINT OUT THE GOVERNMENT IS WRONG?  YOU GET FINED. And it happened to a man in Oregon, who had the gall to point out that the formula used for decades to time red lights left out an important part of the puzzle.  When this Swedish engineer tried to bring this to attention of authorities, so they could FIX it, HE was investigated and fined.  Now he's fighting for justice.  Good on him.

WHEN SCIENCE ATTACKS! A carefully and long held belief, it is downright heresy, but unlike in other sciences (I'm looking at you climate science) nutritional science doesn't believe it's settled.  Which lead one researcher to study salt.  And according to his newest "meticulously" sourced new study, eating more salt could HELP you lose weight.  Huh.  Imagine science finding new data and stuff.  

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FIGHT BACK AGAINST BULLIES NAMED GREENPEACE One thing I have to admit the left does WAY better than the right is extortion.  Not the blatant kind, the kind where they go after companies for some imagined crime and threaten them and harass them knowing the corporation will pay to make it all go away.  Greenpeace is masterful at this.  But one company found a way to bring it against Greenpeace, they used the RICO Act to sue them.  And right now it looks like it might work.  Read the details here.  I'm cheering for them 100%! 


HAVE YOU BEEN CAUGHT UP IN THE RANSOMWARE BREAKOUT?  Here is the latest as of when I did this blog, but don't be an idiot, check the web addresses of incoming email VERY carefully and don't open attachments from people you don't know, k?  

TODD RUNDGREN HATES TRUMP SUPPORTERS And he says he wishes he could tell them not to come to his shows.  Okay, Todd, I'll take him up on that.  

WANT TO KNOW HOW MEMBERS OF CONGRESS GET RICH WHILE ON THE TAXPAYER DIME?  It's not for clever money management (God knows they don't seem to be capable of doing that) it's from a form of insider trading.  They don't get the hot tip from their broker, they get it from Congressional hearings that give them inside info early. Colorado's own Rep. Doug Lamborn is featured in this article about that very thing. 

THIS IS A LIST OF FOOD GOALS FOR SURE I admit it.  I watch Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.  Like ALL. THE. TIME.  I know, Guy can be a bit much, but I love watching Mom and Pop joints getting some love that is a true business game changer.  And we have a LOT of places in the area that have made it on the show.  Here's a handy list

NO, BOOZE DOES NOT "CHANGE" YOUR PERSONALITY.  IT JUST MAKES IT LOUDER. And now there is a study that proves that if you'r a jerk when you're drunk, it's likely because you're a jerk when you're sober.  Sorry, that guy who I went to college with who played the "but I was really drunk" card as an excuse for his truly rotten behavior.  

MISS USA IS MY KIND OF GAL!  WHICH IS WHY THE INTERNET HATES HER TODAY It was a question that should have been a left wing home run at last night's pageant.  The question: Do you think affordable heath care for all US citizens is a right or a privilege? Her answer burned down the internet.  

THIS IS WHY I HAVE A GROWING CRUSH ON SCOTT ADAMS WHO WRITES DILBERT And I've mentioned over and over again how much I love his blog (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and you can find it here) but now he's bringing his climate change questions to the comic.  We'll see how long it takes before his strip starts getting dropped.  

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