I've got a stockholder rabble rouser on the show today

HOW ABOUT OUR NUTTY WEATHER?  I'VE GOT CHRIS SPEARS ON TO EXPLAIN Because of baseball, we are moving Weather Wednesday to Weather Friday.  So get your weather questions ready, he will be in at 2pm today.

THIS GUY HAS MADE RABBLE ROUSING HIS PROFESSION And he rabble rouses at a very unlikely place: stockholder meetings for major corporations.  What is rabble rousing about?  Well Justin Danhof from the National Center for Public Policy Research is asking companies to consider ROI before they make huge investments in unreliable "green" technology.  Or let stockholders know the cost of "vetting" refugees they commit to hire.  I'll talk to him today at 3.  Read about his skirmish with Tim Cook from Apple here

CAN WE JUST STOP WITH THE "TRUMP IS TERRIFYING" CRAP?  I'm done with the breathless exhortations from those on the left every time Trump does something.  Use the Google like I did and check "Trump" + "Terrifying" and just see what you get.  I have a rant on this idiocy and some free advice for the Chicken Littles who are doing it.  Spoiler Alert: the advice is STOP IT. You look like idiots. 

BRUCE JENNER WAS THE FINAL NAIL IN THE CAITLYN COFFIN At least as far as the name goes anyway.  It seems after Bruce became Caitlyn, the name has fallen off the map when it comes to what people are naming their kids.  

MODERN TECH MAY THE FINAL NAIL IN THE STRADIVARIUS COFFIN And I'm talking about the world renowned violins created by the Italian Stradivarius family.  An acoustic researcher (yes, that's a thing) did some tests with not only world class violinists but also with well tuned classical music audiences and found that they preferred the sound of a new instrument to a Strad.  GASP.  I don't know why but this reminded me of this Suave commercial.  

RESEARCHERS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO MAY HAVE CRACKED THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE MYSTERY  And it has to do with nerdy weather anomalies that seem to only form in the part of the Caribbean that eats ships and planes.  It seems that there are these hexagonal clouds that create what they are calling "air bombs" that send waves up to 45 feet high and winds 170mph.  I have no idea why this geeked me out so much.  

CARY GRANT LOVED TO TUNE IN, TURN ON, BUT NOT DROP OUT The history of LSD in this country is full of celebrities and athletes using it for fun.  But Cary Grant used it for therapy, he loved it and credits it with "saving his life".  Did you know this?  I sure didn't.  But a new documentary explains it all

REMEMBER THE CAMPUS RAPE EPIDEMIC?  YEAH, THAT'S A LIE TOO. Because if it truly WERE an epidemic, we wouldn't have this report that says 89% of college campuses had ZERO reports of sexual assault.  ZERO.  None.  Nada.  Zilch.  But of course USA Today will give you a bunch of additional stats to continue the Rape Epidemic story line.  

DOES TRUMP HAVE TAPES OF HIS DINNER WITH COMEY?  It seems that he might, at least according to the President's statements warning Comey to watch himself as he testifies next week.  This is going to be very interesting.  

GAAAAAHHHHHHH.  I DID NOT NEED TO KNOW THIS. I love sushi, but next time, I'm giving it the hairy eyeball before I eat it because of this horrifying story

DO WE REALLY NEED TO ENCOURAGE KIDS TO GET LIBERAL ARTS DEGREES?  REALLY? Because liberal arts enrollment is down.  Why?  Because that English Lit major is working at Starbucks, that's why.  Kids, who know they are going to come out of college with MASSIVE debt, are now trying to make sure they can pay that debt back and actually live.  And good for them.  

IN CASE YOU'RE WONDERING, THE SOUNDTRACK TO MOANA IS STILL STUCK IN MY HEAD. And to bring you with me, here is today's ear worm, sung by my daughter and me this very morning on the way to school.  You're welcome. 

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