The Comey Firing Fallout Continues...

COMEYGATE IS FULLY UNDERWAY And there is SO much misinformation flying around it's pathetic, but not unexpected.  McClatchy is reporting that Comey was asking for more money for the Russia probe, although in Congressional testimony today Acting Director Andrew McCabe said he believed the FBI had enough resources to get the job done.  The Washington Post is reporting that Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, whose epic memo was released as the justification for firing Comey, threatened to quit.  Is that true?  In a press conference with Senator Mark Warner and Richard Burr about a meeting they JUST HAD with Rosenstein, no one mentioned him threatening to quit.  Don't get too married to whatever you're hearing now, I think a lot of it is going to end up being hot garbage.  

I BET THE WEEKLY STANDARD'S STEPHEN HAYES HAS SOME COMMENTS ON IT And I will talk to him today right out of the shoot.  

YOU REALLY NEED TO WATCH REP. MAXINE WATERS And then please argue that Congress is inhabited by our best and brightest. She talks completely in circles with no hint of even recognizing how stupid she sounds.  

IF YOU NEED TO LAUGH, I'VE GOT THE WOMAN FOR YOU! I ADORE me some Jeanne Robertson, and I swear if you have any sense of humor, you will too.  She's a former Miss North Carolina and a dynamite humorist and she's bringing her Southern charm and comedy to Denver!  Buy tickets for the Denver show and Colorado Springs show by clicking the links below:

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The presale ends tonight at 10 pm so you can still this exclusive code word if you like

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PROOF HILLARY CLINTON USED HER OFFICE TO ENRICH HERSELF AND HER HUSBAND And the proof comes from the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.  She says Hillary called her personally to ask her to come to the aid of a Clinton Global Initiative donor.  But I'm sure it's only bad if Trump appears to do it, amiright?  

THIS IS THE UNLUCKIEST HOUSE IN THE WORLD You know those stories of people driving into houses that happen every once in a while?  Well one couple in China has had that happen FORTY EIGHT TIMES.  That is not a misprint.  They want the government to fix the road or give them money to help them move.  One does wonder if this was a problem before they moved into the house in 2010.

PROFESSIONAL TATTLER IS NOW A THING At the University of Arizona, where they are hiring kids to report any incidents or reports of bias.  They are Social Justice Advocates, and they make 10 bucks an hour to not only rat out any bias, but also to re educate host events to teach white kids how horrible they are.  I'm guessing on that last part, but read the description for yourself.  No word on whether or not they will be issued brown shirts or if those are optional.  

HAPPY BELATED 118TH BIRTHDAY TO FRED ASTAIRE! And in honor of his birthday (yesterday) Dave the Intrepid Producer found this gem.  It's from his movie Royal Wedding, and it's a new way of looking at his famous ceiling dance.  

THINKING ABOUT GETTING YOUR KNEE SCOPED?  DON'T DO IT. Because now a panel of international experts are saying it doesn't provide any long term benefit.  

CONSIDER YOURSELF TO BE A GREENIE?  YOU CAN DIE THAT WAY TOO! A company in Lafayette is now offering "green burials" for those who want to create the least impact on Mother Earth as they enter the afterlife.  No embalming, no fancy coffin and HALF THE PRICE!  Sign me up.  Although I want to be planted in a pod that becomes a tree. 

THERE WILL BE NO MONEY FOR TRANSPORTATION IN COLORADO Other than the usual funding. The Senate killed Bill 1242 which would have floated a bond issue and didn't have enough votes to get their alternative bill out of committee.  So we are where we are.  

CU-BOULDER IS NOW ENDORSING SEGREGATION As they actually make a dorm that will be only for Social Justice Warriors.  One floor will be ONLY for Black-Identifying students and their "allies", which means the rest of must be their "enemies".  I sure hope they hang up a No Whites Allowed sign on the door. 

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