How you feel about Donald Trump predetermines how you feel about Comey.

JAMES COMEY GOT FIRED AND HEAD'S EXPLODED EVERYWHERE And that in and of itself, may be an indication that his firing is not a bad idea.  Or is it?  James Comey has been the punching bag of the Left since they decided he was responsible for Hillary Clinton's loss to Trump.  Whatever, if they are still in denial about what a crap candidate Hillary was, so be it.  They have been calling for his firing since Hillary lost.  So Trump gave them what they wanted and now they want an investigation into Comey's firing.  What?  One thing I have to say about Trump is that he certainly is different than prior Presidents.  He CLEARLY doesn't give a crap what the media says.  He CLEARLY doesn't have any respect for the "traditions" of DC where you can do pretty much anything and keep your job.  And he CLEARLY isn't afraid to make a move that would subject him to scorn and scrutiny.  Aren't all these qualities WHY he got elected in the first place?  And watching the Democrats come out to protect James Comey, a man they CLEARLY hate and don't trust, is absolutely wildly entertaining.  Watch Chuck Schumer demand an investigation.  Note he doesn't express confidence in the man leading the Russian investigation, he only says one exists.  To be clear, the Democrats have said for months they have no confidence in James Comey, but now, they say he is the only man to lead the investigation.  It's really funny that he says we should have a closed door, classified all Senators meeting.  We know those people can't stop leaking.  And they will never be charged for it.  Hillary sure wasn't.  

How you feel about this firing is probably directly related to how you feel about Trump.  If you think he's a chump and rube, you believe that this is part of some grand cover up of Nixonian proportions.  By the way, how did the Saturday Massacre work out for Nixon?  If you think Trump is smart and savvy, you see this as a move to rid the FBI as a guy who has seen numerous scandals on his watch, while pushing the Democrats into SUCH a massive flip flop on Comey they look ridiculous.  Where are you?  

SO WHAT WAS IN THAT MEMO THAT GOT COMEY FIRED?  It is so perfectly DC speak as to almost be ironic.  Deputy AG Rod Sosenstein sent the letter, full of flowery bureaucratic blahby-dee blah that sealed Comey's fate.  Read the whole thing in pdf form here.  

WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM IN THE SKY And part of the problem is flight crew, and part of it is passengers.  Now we have a story from Mesa Airlines, another "partner" of United, in which a woman with an overactive bladder was not allowed to use the bathroom on final descent.  That's bad, but the flight attendants made her pee in two cups at her seat. Yep.  And then continued their ugliness towards her until the flight landed.  As a former stew, I see a big problem with flight attendants being mad with power when they don't need to be.  When I was flying, I had people land in the loo on more than one occasion.  Is it ideal?  No.  But it's better than people peeing in cups at their seats.  Sometimes, you just have to go. 

STRIPPERS ARE SUING FOR BACK PAY, AND I DON'T MEAN THE BACK OF THEIR G STRINGS And this time Shotgun Willie's is the target.  The strippers allege they were forced to pay to dance, had to tip out bartenders and djs unfairly and were generally not given labor protections.  Don't laugh, these cases have been happening all over the country, and strippers are winning.  These girls should probably be careful though, publicity like this could bring the attention of the IRS, and I know they aren't declaring all their tips.  Just a though, ladies.  

DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY THE BOULDER VALLEY SUPERINTENDENT WAS FIRED?  He's been under investigation for SOMETHING for over a month, and now he's been fired, but no one is saying what the investigation is about or why he was fired.  Anyone know?  #inquiringminds

THE MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE IS SHUTTING DOWN RESTAURANTS THE POOR CAN AFFORD And it's simple economics.  When you have a fancy white table cloth joint with $37 entrees, who is going to notice a couple more bucks tacked on?  But when you run a diner with $6 burgers you don't have wiggle room.  And those restaurants are already closing in San Francisco.  

IF YOU ARE DEMOCRAT, YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO BE FOR ABORTION RIGHTS Just ask the guy who just lost the mayoral race in Omaha.  Seems Heath Mello committed the cardinal sin of supporting some pro life laws when he was serving in the Nebraska Legislature.  This means he is dead to Dem leadership and a lot of their money.  

THIS IS THE MOST TRAGIC STORY I'VE READ IN A LONG TIME And the only reason I am sharing it is you need to know exactly when kids are exposed to drugs.  For one little girl, it was before the age of 11, when she overdosed on heroin.  

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