I'm going to have a teeny, tiny show today. (maybe, we will see)

NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPLIT DOUBLE HEADER!  OUR CHIEF WEAPON ARE FEAR AND SURPRISE! And the Rockies ate my show today beating the crap out of the Cubs.  I didn't expect it.  And thinking about how I didn't expect it reminded me of this. 

DID YOU KNOW POLITICIANS ARE TREATED DIFFERENTLY THAN THE REST OF US?  I KNOW, right??? Who guessed?  If you need any MORE, how about the Kentucky Secretary Allison Grimes getting a ride from Kentucky State Patrol to the Kentucky Derby at speeds over nearly 100 miles per hour.  And the best part, the Democrat posted this on her own Facebook page for the world to see.  Until she took it down.  Luckily, the internet is forever.  

NO CHICKEN FOR YOU, FORDHAM!  They're here, they're queer and they don't want you to have delicious chicken sandwiches.  The LGBT Rainbow organization at Fordham University successfully put the kibosh on a Chick-Fil-A on campus.  And people wonder why some people don't like gay people.  The students said Chick-Fil-A was hateful or some such other something because the owner said he thinks marriage is for straight people blah blah blah.  I guess the kids at this CATHOLIC school should check out the Church's official position on gay marriage:

The Catholic Church believes and teaches that marriage is a faithful, exclusive, and lifelong union between one man and one woman, joined as husband and wife in an intimate partnership of life and love. Marriage exists so that the spouses might grow in mutual love and, by the generosity of their love, bring children into the world and serve life fully.

Moreover, we believe the natural institution of marriage has been blessed and elevated by Christ Jesus to the dignity of a sacrament. In this way, the love of husband and wife becomes a living image of the way in which the Lord personally loves his people and is united with them.

God is the author of marriage. It is both a relationship of persons and an institution in society. However, it is not just any relationship or simply another institution. We believe that, in the divine plan, marriage has its proper meaning and achieves its purposes.

Therefore, it is our duty as pastors and teachers – a responsibility we share with the Christian faithful and with all persons of good will – to promote, preserve, and protect marriage as it is willed by God, as generations have understood and lived it, and as it has served the common good of society.

But I'm sure paying the Church tons of money (47,000+ PER YEAR) to go to a Catholic school is better than eating a 3 dollar chicken sandwich.  

EVER HEARD OF BENSALEM COLLEGE?  IT'S THE FAILURE OF SOCIALISM AT A MICRO LEVEL! I saw this as I was researching some info about Fordham for my above entry.  Bensalem was an experimental college that only existed from 1967-1974.  Why so short?  Because human nature destroyed it.  Let me explain.  Bensalem College was an idea by an English Lit professor at Fordham.  Dr. Elizabeth Sewell proposed a school with no grades, no tests, no requirements and communal living that put the professors WITH the students.  Bensalem College was born.  The only two requirements when the college started were that the first 6 to 9 months would be spent studying a broad group of subjects, and the students learn Urdu.  Why Urdu?  Because a Pakistani professor who signed on to this madness wanted to free the students from "the domination of Western thoughts" by teaching them a language used by Muslims throughout history and today.  

Because it was a system of pure freedom, there were meetings early on.  The students outnumbered the professors, so they promptly voted to do away with the Urdu and the early coursework.  Then they decided to require a unanimous vote before anything could be done.  That was reduced to 75% later.  For a couple of years, the people who were involved from the beginning seemed to do well.  But things got out of control, and pretty soon, the building was a slum, nothing could be done because a 75% vote could never be reached and no one was doing anything.  Because without STRUCTURE, we all fall back to our most base instincts.  Read the short history of this disaster by clicking here and here

SENATOR ORRIN HATCH IS 100% RIGHT AND I HOPE HE DOESN'T APOLOGIZE FOR SAYING THIS But I'm sure there will calls for his head.  What did he say?  On his concern that Americans don't REALLY want Obamacare repealed, he gave this reason

"The public wants every dime they can be given," he said. "Let's face it, once you get them on the dole, they'll take every dime they can. We've got to find some way of getting things under control or this country and your future is going to be gone."

And he is spot on and utterly and totally correct.  And if you are getting an Obamacare subsidy of ANY kind or you are on Medicaid, YOU ARE ON THE DOLE.  If you don't like the way me telling you that makes you feel, get off the dole.  You're welcome.

STOP SANITIZING HISTORY TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BETTER.  SO SAYS CONDI RICE. And I agree with the former Secretary of State when she warns against scrubbing our world of former slave owners.  I do think honoring Confederate leaders is stupid at this point, but to remove every name of people who did contribute positively in SOME way because there were slave owners is not the best move.  Just be sure to teach the FULL history.  All of it, good and bad.  

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