Did You Get Dumped Because of Trump?

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MILLENIALS ARE BREAKING UP OVER TRUMP At least according to new data by the Wakefield Research.  It seems that 1 in 10 millenials say they've ended a relationship over Trump fights.  This is absurd.  And you know who is causing the problems?  The Tolerant Left.  Who are proving themselves to be INCREASINGLY intolerant of anyone with a differing opinion.  Why?  I theorize because their own belief system is such a house of cards that they don't like to be challenged on anything because they truly can't defend it.  But that's just a theory.  And by the way, this survey includes MARRIED couples who have broken up since Trump got elected.  

BUT IT'S NOT JUST AT HOME, POLITICS IS MORE PREVALENT THAN EVER AT WORK And some say there are more stressed out than ever before.  One bright spot in this article to me though, 30% say they have a more positive view of their coworkers because of a political discussion.  I have an idea of why this is I'll share today.  

THIS IS THE BEST BILL TO COME OUT OF DC IN A LONG TIME! It's a bill by an Ohio Democrat who wants to move the Federal Government OUT of DC.  This is a move that is LONG overdue and the first step towards moving politicians OUT of DC.  With technology available today, there is no reason for members of Congress to spend so much time out of their districts.  NO REASON.  

HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE REALLY, TRULY "UNINSURABLE"?? That is the question asked, and answered in this column.  I know you will be shocked to know that the numbers touted by Obamacare fans were complete fiction.  I KNOW, RIGHT??? How could that be?  File it under "fake news".  The actual number, using some generous guesses to fill in the blanks, is about .5% of the population.  Don't you think we can come up with creative ways to help THESE people without destroying health insurance for everyone else?  

WHO WOULD WATCH THIS?  AND WHY??? There is going to be a mini series based on the book about Hillary Clinton's failed campaign.  So you can watch the whole mess AGAIN.  WHY would you do this to yourself.  I would rather watch a mini series about a root canal or even this from Norway.  

WANT TO LIVE A LONG LIFE?  LIVE IN COLORADO! Of course we all know it's because we get to soak in the beautiful splendor that is our state every single day, but it's true that we have a longer life expectancy than many other places.  Most other places, actually.  Yay us! 

I'M NOT ONE TO SAY SUE, BUT IN THIS CASE, SUE THE CRAP OUT OF THE SCHOOL I'm all for schools being hyper vigilant when it comes to violence on campus.  But when does hyper vigilance cross the line?  When you suspend a 7th grader for ten days because he LIKED a post on Instagram.  What was the post he liked?  A picture of an airsoft gun.  I'd sue these people all day long.  

BETTER BUY AN SUV, THE BRITS ARE HEADED FOR A LITTLE ICE AGE At least according to climate researchers in the UK and Stockholm.  The super cool part of this story (see what I did there?) is this:

Climate boffins from Stockholm University studied fossils from an era – the Eemian – before the last ice age when temperatures were skyrocketing across the globe.

These fossils – including plants and insects – revealed an abrupt cooling event that plunged the planet into an ice age despite its warm climate.

So let's just say these researchers are right (and the best part is, we will know if they are right REALLY quickly because they are only forecasting a few years out) is this the nail in the coffin of AGW?  I say that hopefully knowing it won't be because all of those people need jobs.  

THE DENVER POST MAY BE MOVING TO ADAMS COUNTY And it's all financial.  As the Post tries to figure out a way to make money in an increasingly online world, they are looking to cut the budget.  They may move from their prime digs in downtown to Adams county north of the Stock Show.  


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