Please don't cheer the GOP Healthcare bill. Please.

THE GOP HEALTHCARE BILL DOES NOT DO ANYTHING TO "FIX" HEALTHCARE And please stop showing your ignorance by cheering this pile of garbage they just passed.  Not that it matters because the Senate isn't going to pass it anyway.  Let's talk about pre existing conditions for a moment.  Yes, there are pre-existing conditions people are born with that need to be covered in some way.  Congenital pre -existing conditions must be addressed.  BUT, I am NOT inclined to pay for someone's illness when they couldn't be bothered to buy health insurance and then they get sick.  We are BARRELING toward single payer.  Which is why I'm going to make other arrangements.  Charles Krauthammer said it best here.


LOOK, ANOTHER CONSERVATIVE GOT SUSPENDED FOR WRITING ABOUT CONSERVATIVE IDEAS! My friend Stacy Washington is AWESOME.  She's got a show that airs on multiple stations in multiple markets and she is a staunch, smart conservative who happens to be black.  She was writing a column for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch too!  I say WAS because she resigned after being suspended on some nonsense trumped up accusation of working for the NRA after writing a column about gun rights.   She has never gotten a dime from the NRA, and using this standard, any reporter who ever gave money or attended a fundraiser for a candidate should be forced to reveal that whenever they write anything political, amiright?  She probably should have just made an obscene joke about the anti gun lobby and everything would be okay.

IF THIS IS TRUE I AM A FREAKING GENIUS Talking to yourself is a sign of some kind of genius or something.  If this is true, I am AMAZINGLY brilliant, because I talk to myself, even in public.  Do you ever interview yourself in the car?  No?  Just me?  Well at least now with the advent of Bluetooth I have plausible deniability.  

AND IF THIS IS TRUE, YOU SHOULDN'T BE NEAR ME AT THE GYM IF YOU HAVE DELICATE EARS I've been fairly open about the fact that I curse way more than I should when not on the air or in the company of children.  And it's not difficult for me to control my mouth at all, but I'm going to let fly at the gym from now on.  Because science says it will make me stronger.  

DEAR CRAYOLA, NEVER ASK THE INTERNET TO NAME THINGS Don't you remember the RSS Boaty McBoatface?  How about the Slovakian vote to rename a bridge after Chuck Norris?  Or little baby girl Cthulhu All-Spark***??? Now Crayola is asking the web to name it's newest crayon color, which is a lovely blue.  This will not end well.  If you want to suggest something ridiculous, you can click here to do so.  

HOW BADLY DO YOU NEED A BEER?  Because I am never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever going to need one badly enough to drink beer made out of human urine.  Nope.  Not ever.  Not once.  No. 

A FAT GUY IN A LITTLE SEAT IS GETTING AMERICAN AIRLINES SUED And it's not the fat guy who is suing.  It's the man who was trapped in the seat next to them for a fourteen hour flight.  He says having to contort himself into uncomfortable positions exacerbated some health issues he already had.  If he wins, the airlines are in BIG fat trouble.  See what I did there?  

IF YOU THOUGHT YOUR KID WAS A LAZY MOOCH He or she has nothing on this loser from Spain.  A 23 year old woman sued her parents because they would not longer support her.  Thank goodness she lost or this would have inspired more of the same.  

DOES A SCHOOL HAVE A RIGHT TO SUSPEND STUDENTS OVER INSTAGRAM POSTS THEY LIKED? That is the question that will be decided by the courts in California after four students sued over that very thing.  They liked a post which was deemed racist by the school and the school suspended four of them over it.  And they also trotted the four kids out in front of an assembly for a public shaming.  Sounds like a great place to go to school!  

***Technically the parents went with Amelia, but this is what the internet chose

Mandy Connell


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