Does Stephen Colbert deserve to be fired?

JUST IMAGINE IF TIM ALLEN HAD GONE ON THE TONIGHT SHOW AND SAID WHAT COLBERT SAID. If you don't know, and you have delicate sensibilities, don't read any further.  Last night, as part of a hissy fit of a monologue, Stephen Colbert included in his monologue with the following sentence:

 “The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c*ck [bleeped out] holster," 

Now if you're not familiar with the term, good for you, but according to Urban Dictionary, it's exactly what you think it is.  

1) The mouth of any member of the female persuasion (women, homosexual males, etc.). (usually derrogatory) 

2) any member of the female persuasion (women, homosexual males, etc.).

So.  Now there are calls for Colbert's firing, but I think there is a zero percent chance anything remotely like that happens.  My guess is more people at CBS knew about this than they want to admit.  They bleeped PART of it, for goodness sake's.  Will anything happen to Colbert?  If anything, he's going to get "suspended" which means he will get some time off with pay.  You have to espouse conservative views to get fired from a media outlet.  Like here or here or here.  Heck you just have to BE conservative to get fired, a la Rush Limbaugh.  Let's see if there is an advertisers boycott of CBS over this.  CBS and it's people have been silent on this issue. 

DOUG ROBINSON WANTS TO BE GOVERNOR And he joins me today at 2pm to tell you who he is, first of all, and then tell you why he should be Governor.  Find out more about him by clicking here

MY FRIENDS FROM VETERANS PASSPORT 2 HOPE ARE IN TODAY They just hired their first employee, and he is a SUPER neat guy and veteran himself.  They will join me at 3pm, and you don't want to miss it.

REMEMBER WHEN STUDENTS ATTACKED A PROFESSOR AND CHARLES MURRAY? During a protest because a bunch of people (including other professors) who have never read Charles Murray's work decided it was hateful and awful and needed to be shut down.  They were violent, and hurt the professor who was moderating the event.  Here is a review:

On Monday, the Middlebury administration announced it had disciplined 30 students so far for their actions during the Murray event. Students had stood up and shouted to prevent Murray from speaking. When he was moved to a different location, along with professor Allison Stanger, who was set to ask him tough questions about his books, students banged on the windows and pulled fire alarms, which shut off the talk’s livestream.

When Stanger and Murray left the building, students surrounded them and further antagonized Murray, resulting in an injury to Stanger that required a neck brace. They also beat on their car’s windows, rocked the car, and threw a stop sign with a heavy concrete base in front of the car as Stanger and Murray attempted to leave the tumult.

Middlebury College announced they had disciplined 30 students over their actions at the event.  And now the Student Government just voted for the school to change the handbook and NOT discipline students.  You know their reasoning?  

The student bill argued that arresting students who engage in violent and disruptive behavior would result in “psychological trauma for marginalized students.”

That's right, students who wreak havoc and pull fire alarms and physically assault a professor should get away with it because they MIGHT be traumatized when they have to pay for it.  GOOD.  It SHOULD be traumatizing to be punished for something stupid.  Otherwise, it's not good punishment.  I hope Middlebury tells them to go pound sand.  

AMERICAN AIRLINES JUST LOST ME AS A CUSTOMER And not because they killed a giant bunny (which they didn't) but because they are reducing legroom in coach by TWO INCHES.  Are you kidding me?  This means that when I sit down, with my butt against the back of the seat, my knees are ALREADY touching the seat in front of me.  And when the seat back comes back, I'm done.  Not a good move, American.  

DEAR HILLARY, HERE'S WHY YOU LOST And it's not because James Comey screwed you, or because the Russians blah blah blah.  It's because of all these things in this column

THIS IS SPOT ON ABOUT THE FALL OF THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION And I only mean "fall" in the lofty sense that they have fallen from their pedestal.  I joined the Heritage Foundation years ago.  I've been to their Presidential Events, I've worked to grow their neighborhood clubs, and I have interviewed a LOT of Heritage wonks about a LOT of issues.  But hiring Senator Jim DeMint was a bad choice.  They went from a place where I could get well thought out information by really smart people to a place of politics.  It's why I don't use them as much anymore.  And it's sad.  This column nails it.  

I'M CURRENTLY OBSESSED WITH THE MOANA SOUNDTRACK And this song keeps running through my head.  It has a bit of a Bowie feel, does it not?  

THIS IS THE KIND OF TRIBUTE I CAN REALLY GET BEHIND And perhaps our own Coors Field will be privy to some of this.  A guy whose best friend was a plumber is flushing his ashes down the can at ballparks all over the country.  I. Love. This. 

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