Homework is overrated but what do we do about it?

SHOULD A KID HAVE HOURS OF HOMEWORK A NIGHT? I used to think homework was a legit part of school.  But that was before I realized that some schools give two hours of homework a NIGHT for elementary school students.  That is insane.  And it doesn't boost student achievement.  So why are we doing it to our kids?  One mom had enough and put her daughter's school on notice that her kid was DONE with homework.  And I think she's right.  And I just read this article.  More playtime, less homework! 

I LISTENED TO NPR THIS MORNING SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO And I listened as a panel of breathless guests reacted in HORROR to President Trump's cozying up to foreign dictators.  I am not sure if Trump is making a terrible strategic error, we really have to wait to see what the outcomes of any conversations are, but NPR neglected to mention a few things.  First, Cuba.  I went and did a quick Google search for NPR and Cuba and found a TON of stories celebrating the culture, musicians, heck even a CRUISE to Cuba with an NPR host!  But no mention of whether or not any of these NPR folks visited the political dissidents STILL in prison after the normalization of relations with Cuba by Obama.   They also slobbered over Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez when he died.  Again, I'm not here making the case that Trump knows what he's doing here, but DAMN NPR, you are utterly and completely inconsistent hypocrites. 

SPEAKING OF NORTH KOREA AND CHINA... We have deployed a missile defense shield in South Korea and China is SUPER unhappy with it.  As a matter of fact, they have launched economic sanctions against South Korea.  I understand why they are unhappy though, because now China's own missiles would less effective against South Korea.  Should something like a missile launch at South Korea become a thing.  

WE HAVE TO DO BETTER THAN THIS FOR OUR KIDS.  ME INCLUDED. American kids go DAYS without eating a green leafy vegetable.  The main source of vegetables in FRENCH FRIES for goodness sakes.  This is why we have an obesity epidemic.  Not soda, the horrible dietary choices we make for our children when they are children that then become habits when they are adults.  And I am as guilty as the next.  Though I am proud to announce my kid had green vegetables the last two days.  Don't ask about the days before that, k?  

THIS IS THE BEST COLUMN ABOUT TRUMP'S PROPOSED TAX CUTS YET Because it CLEARLY outlines the problem, which is that DC politicians love to spend our money and we have to take it back to make them stop.  

WHOA.  WATCH THIS. This is really cool.  And scary as hell if you're not with us.  

YOU KNOW WHY I DON'T GIVE MUCH CREDENCE TO CELEBRITIES?  Just flip through these pictures of the Met Gala.  First, the new look for supermodels is "just about naked but with the naughty bits barely covered".  Then there are the ridiculous gowns and outfits worn as if they were curing cancer instead of looking like they were slapped together by a group of pre schoolers drunk on glitter.  And I am supposed to be impressed with their daring!  Is that Katy Perry in a full face veil?  How edgy!  Blech.  Just blech.  


SPEAKING OF UNITED AIRLINES, WHY IS THE CEO HEADED TO CONGRESS? This is a rhetorical question that I already know the answer to.  CEO Oscar Munoz, who is definitely going to lose his job at some point over all this, was summoned to Congress so he could be summarily beaten about the head and neck (verbally, of course) by members of Congress so they can score cheap points with the outrage warriors in their respective districts.  That is the ONLY thing that will come of this.  This is a perfect example of government getting in the way of things the marketplace should/will take care of.  The Outrage Warriors (OWs) will either not fly United anymore and they will go under, or United will come up with a way ($10,000 per bumped passenger) to win them back.  And if Congress demands airlines stop overselling seats, the price of a ticket will go up considerably.  Just look what happened with government told insurance companies how to do their business!  

HAVING POLICE ON CAMPUS TO PROTECT FREE SPEECH IS SCARY FOR MINORITIES At least according to a student at UC Berkeley.  She wrote a letter saying as much.  It leads me to wonder if perhaps the police should dress in a less offensive manner.  Perhaps put them in bunny suits?  Or Santa costumes?  Maybe dress them as women and tell everyone they were transfolk?  What would be less scary to these butterflies at Berkeley?  I'd love her to clearly define with a specific policy suggestion, what she meant by this:

“I do not think campus safety must rely on the police,” she added. “I think (UCPD) must be active in recognizing the trauma their presence alone brings to some students and work to limit visibility while remaining an open resource to those who choose to use it.”

Um, what?  They should hide behind trees unless someone needs them?  

BUT AT CU BOULDER, THEY DON'T JUST HATE ONE PART OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT! They are now actively engaging in curtailing TWO parts of the First Amendment.  The Daily Camera covers the Freedom of the Press issue.  

COULD THE US BRING BACK COMMUNISM?  I was completely appalled by the May Day marches yesterday because May Day is a totally communist celebration.  And there are young, useful idiots in the US who really think that communism can work.  And then there are op-eds in the New York Times which wax poetic about the heyday of American communism.  WTF is wrong with these morons?  And our own 9news published a long "history" of May Day in American without mentioning communism or communists ONCE.  SHAME on you 9news.  SHAME.  Just for you 9News, here is a history of May Day from the International Worker of the World, a communist created group btw.  And here is what May Day was like for a woman who grew up in a Communist country.  It sounds awesome.  Not really.  I'd rather have Loyalty Day instead

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