Eavesdropping Kitties, Obnoxious Moms and Uppity Reporters.

REMEMBER WHEN KELLYANNE CONWAY SAID YOUR MICROWAVE IS SPYING ON YOU? Is is so crazy to think that the CIA would put a microphone in your microwave when they tried putting them in cats in the 1960s?  If I tried to think of something insane to spy on our enemies I couldn't have come up with this. And yet, the CIA did.  By the way, the Kellyanne reference above was me being cheeky.  I don't think our microwaves are spying on us.  Yet.  

CAN WE TALK ABOUT OBNOXIOUS PARENTS FOR A SECOND?  My daughter Q plays volleyball.  She's on a team at a rec center that ranges in age from 6 to 8 years old.  As you can imagine, it's a lot like herding kittens and the actual play is of the level that we (the parents in the stands watching) ALL cheer if any girl from either team makes it BACK over the net from a serve.  We have all volunteer coaches and normally we are short a coach until some parent is harangued into volunteering to coach the season. Our coach this time is a mom who's daughter is also on the team (of course).  She's doing a good job for a volunteer coach with no coaching experience, and she gets parents (mostly me and Chuck and couple of others) to help during the practice before the game.  But she's out there DOING it.  This past weekend, I sat in front of a mom and her mom who complained ENDLESSLY about the job the volunteer coach is doing.  The mom said the coach favored her own daughter over the other kids.  They criticized everything the coach was doing. But did they get off their butts to help?  No.  Do they volunteer to coach?  No.  And I'm guessing based on how well her daughter plays she can't be bothered to play with her own child in the back yard.  I wanted to punch this woman in the face, but I resisted for fear I'd be booted out the rec center.  I'm asking because I need advice.  How do you handle this situation?  Because even I know punching someone in the face is the wrong way.  

DO YOU CARE ABOUT THE WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENTS DINNER?  Because I sure as hell don't.  Here is a long article which makes the case that this year's dinner was particularly bad, but why should the average American care about a fancy party to which they are not invited by people they don't even like?  

IS THE WEIGHT OF THE PRESIDENCY FINALLY BEING FELT BY DONALD TRUMP? It's said to be the loneliest job in the world, and it's a big one.  As he did a flurry of interviews about his First 100 Days in office, one thing came through loud and clear: the job is big and it's lonely.  And there is no room for error.  This from an interview with the Washington Times:

"You can make a mistake in deals, and you work it out," he explains at one point. "You make a mistake here, there is nothing to work out. You know it's trouble. It could be big trouble. And it is life-threatening trouble for lots of people, potentially."

Sounds like he understands just how big the job is now.

NO ONE LIKES BRETT STEPHENS NOW AND HE'S OKAY WITH THAT Because the former Wall Street Journal columnist has been getting the hate from Trump supporters for about two years now.  He now writes for the New York Times and set head's exploding with his first column on how maybe it's NOT settled science when it comes to Climate Change.  He's taken a heap of abuse over the weekend, but at least we can assume now that the Angry Left is meaner and more vitriolic than the Angry Trumpets.  At least according to this column.  Some angry Times readers are cancelling over ONE column the disagree with. 

SHOULD WE BE DONE WITH HOMEWORK?  I've gone back and forth over homework for years.  But at this moment in time, I'm anti-homework.  Giving kids hours and hours of extra work to do at home is stupid.  Studies show (and there are studies that show the opposite, btw) that homework does NOT increase student achievement.  So why do it?  One mom has had enough, and she told her daughter's school that her daughter was DONE with homework.  I am giving this mom a super high five!  

WHY DID HILLARY LOSE?  I'm not asking the question, but Democrats sure are.  The most pertinent reason is because Obama voters did not turn out for her at the same level they turned out for him.  But more importantly, some of those Obama voters went for Trump.  The takeaway for the Dems is their base is not enough.  They have to bring some of those disaffected Obama voters back to the party.  And they have no idea how to do it. From this story from MSN.com:

Belief that turnout was the main reason Clinton lost, however, remains a prominent theory among Democrats.

"There's an active conversation within the party about whether persuasion was the problem or turnout," said Lanae Erickson Hatalsky, vice president for social policy and politics at Third Way, a center-left Democratic think tank.

That debate is complicated because some Democrats think winning over voters is already a lost cause, Hatalsky said.

"There's still a real concern that persuasion is harder and costs more than mobilization, so let's just triple down on getting out the people who already agree with us," she said. "And I think there's a lot of worry that we don't actually know how to persuade anymore, and so maybe we should just go talk to the people we agree with."

Did you get that?  Persuasion is too hard and costs more.  My favorite part is this: "there's a lot of worry that we don't actually know how to persuade anymore."  Which is awesome because it's true and they have no idea what to do with that.  

YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO WAS MARCHING FOR "THE CLIMATE" ON SATURDAY? Communists, that's who.  They marched with their red flags.  


WHEN THE KILLER IS THE LAST GROUP ANYONE WOULD EXPECT!  This column is the ultimate mic drop on exactly WHO is killing free speech in this country.  Spoiler alert: it's not the fascist right.  

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