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TRUMP'S TAX PLAN IS NICE, BUT HOW MUCH WILL ACTUALLY BE ENACTED? And I say this not because I am opposed to the one sheet that the White House released yesterday, but because I'm not sure Congress is on board. The "plan", which was more like a bullet pointed list of suggestions, has been hailed as a "critical guidepost" by Congressional leaders.  Which is nice, but certainly not an expression of support for the plan as outlined.  You know what I am excited about?  That Congress seems to be serious about tax reform.  And if they think that this plan "isn't even close to tax reform" as one GOP aide said, that gives me hope that they are working on SIGNIFICANT tax reform rather than nibbling around the edges. This is the first in a long set of steps.  This is a good outline and analysis of the plan.  

AND FOR ANYONE IN CONGRESS CRYING ABOUT WHAT THIS PLAN WILL DO TO THE DEFICIT... You can shove your crocodile tears where the sun don't shine.  Did you ever notice how the deficit only becomes a problem when it comes to messing with the government's REVENUE?  These same jokers who will parade themselves all over the tv crying about the crushing debt that will be thrust upon America by cutting taxes never seem to have a problem with crushing debt when they are SPENDING our money.  I worry about the debt a LOT.  I talk about the debt a LOT.  But we are never going to do anything about the debt as long as we only worry about it when the American people might get to keep a little bit more of their own money.  I hate these hypocritical jerks.  

A NEW WRINKLE IN THE "WHAT IS SEXUAL ASSAULT" TRIBULATIONS AND THIS ONE IS CREEPY AS HELL There is a new horrible thing women get to worry about in the era of sexual freedom.  This one is called "stealthing" and it involves a guy removing a condom during sex without his partner's permission.  Then some of the scumbags run to the internet to brag about it.  In Florida there is a move to make this sexual assault, but that is tricky business because the sex itself is consensual, just not without a condom.  I don't even know what to do with this, but OH MY GOSH I'm glad I'm not single and dating right now.  

REMEMBER WHEN THERE WERE NO PAID PROTESTERS?  THE NEW ANSWER IS "SO WHAT" IF THEY ARE?  Isn't this interesting.  After denying that protesters around the country were paid (even though evidence exists that they were), new line is, "so what if they were paid?"  In this flippant and irritating column, two labor lawyers and activists contend that just because some of the protesters are paid, it doesn't mean they don't believe in the cause they are supporting.  The make HUGE assumptions with absolutely no evidence.  And I have anecdotal evidence that they are dead wrong.  Have you even seen a union protest outside a large building project?  There are one or two sorry looking sorts standing out there with a huge sign accusing the builder or fraud or whatever because it's not a union job.  I walked up those protesters and asked them to explain the issue to me and was told, "I don't know, they pay me to hold the sign".  And that's just one such story.  But I'm sure every OTHER paid protester is doing it for all the right reason.  

NOW A HAIR CARE COMPANY THE SERVES BLACK WOMEN IS NOT ALLOWED TO EXPAND THEIR PRODUCT LINE Because ADDING hair care products for white women is racist or something.  I am truly baffled by the negative reaction to a heritage black hair care brand making an ad with two white women in it.  Read the story here.  This is the worst kind of small minded thinking.  If you have a brand that is black owned, which was founded to serve black women, why would you want to trap them in one segment of the market?  Why wouldn't you want a black founded and owned company to reach the highest levels of success and serve EVERY consumer?  I really don't get this mentality.  You want black CEO's and black people to have money and success, don't keep them down with your small mindedness.  



THE ALT-RIGHT IS DOING OUR NECESSARY DIRTY WORK.  I am generally leery of anyone who identifies as the alt-right because I think anything that makes us MORE polarized is not particularly helpful at this juncture.  That being said, I am glad they are in your face when it comes to standing up the antifa idiots at Berkeley.  I hope no one gets seriously hurt, but someone needs to stand up the increasingly violent and fascist left on their own terms and it seems that the alt-right is up for the challenge.  The rest of us will have the luxury of watching from afar as these two groups go head to head today in Berkeley.  And I don't mean that to seem as if I'm a Yankee picnicking at Gettysburg sort of way.  

LET'S ANSWER THE "IMPOSSIBLY SUBJECTIVE QUESTION" ABOUT ESPN, SHALL WE?  In this lengthy piece about the rapid fall of ESPN from powerhouse to bloodbath, the author only finds a couple of paragraphs to talk about what I believe the largest self inflicted wound is.  

There's one other possible factor in ESPN's troubles worth mentioning: the general turn in sports reporting to a far more outspoken social liberalism. Setting aside the moral merits, it's certainly true that plenty of sports viewers don't share those liberal politics. That may have produced an extra shove for some customers: "When people begin realizing they can live without your business model, you can't give them more reasons to object to paying for it," as conservative columnist Steve Deace put it.

At the same time, parsing the degree of ESPN's liberalism, or how much it irked some portion of its viewership, is an impossibly subjective question to answer.

Except it's not an impossibly subjective question, it's only a subjective question.  One that I think we should tackle today.  And lest you think we are exaggerating the political bent of ESPN, please rest your eyes on an article from Four poets on the new feminism.  Which used to be five poets, but they got rid of the poem celebrating the cop killing Most Wanted aunt and godmother of Tupac Shakur.  

THAT GUILTY LOOK YOUR DOG GETS?  IT'S JUST HIM SAYING SORRY I think this is super cool.  When dogs get into mischief, or your garbage, or your favorite pair of shoes, they know they messed up.  That's when they tuck their tails and look sad at you.  Why do they do it?  They get it from their wolf brethren and it just means, I'm sorry, can we be friends again?  Yes, yes we can.  

WHO IS THE MOST ANTI-TRUMP NEWS ANCHOR?  That would be CBS News' Scott Pelley, who is enjoying rock star status among fellow left wing journalists for holding the President's feet to the fire.  Too bad he didn't feel the need to do that with any Democrat POTUS.  How is this working out for the ratings at CBS?  They are down year to year and CBS is firmly in third place.  Heh.

WANT TO GET OVER A BAD BREAKUP?  FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT. The placebo effect has proven to remarkably effective in helping people get over a bad breakup.  A study at CU-Boulder demonstrated how people reported less pain after being told a nasal spray was an emotional analgesic.  So the take away is, pretend you're over it and you'll get over it.  


HEY KIDS, YOU DON'T WANT THESE JOBS, AND ONE OF THEM IS SORT OF MINE Career Cast comes up with the Worst Jobs list every year, and every year my profession is well represented, sort of.  The worst job in the country when it comes to prospects and stress levels?  Newspaper reporter.  I can't gloat because broadcaster and disc jockey (of which I am not) are also on the list.  

PHEW, COLORADO'S POT BIZ CAN BREATHE A SIGH OF RELIEF.  FOR NOW.  According to Hick, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is NOT going to be knocking down doors in Colorado over legal pot anytime soon.  Good news, for now, as the next AG or even this AG could change his/her mind and do just that under federal law.  

YALE GRAD STUDENTS DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT A HUNGER STRIKE REALLY IS Because they are having a hunger strike to force the school to give them more than their $40,000 in free tuition and $30,000 a year stipend and free healthcare.  But THEIR hunger strike is extra cool because they are allowed to eat when they get hungry.  I know, right??? Why didn't I think of this?  I sure hope Yale listens before one of them actually hears a stomach growl.  

Mandy Connell


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