What would happen if Trump and Hillary switched genders?

DID TRUMP CONNECT BECAUSE HE WAS A MAN?  I saw an article a few months ago about an experiment in gender recasting for performance that replicated the Trump-Clinton debates--- but flipped the genders of the candidates.  The creators believed that making Hillary a man would make her more likable and powerful, but that didn't quite happen.  I'll have the creators of this project Maria Guadalupe and Joe Salvatore on the show today to discuss what happened, and more importantly, what didn't happen.  They are on at 3.   Watch some rehearsal footage here, it's really fascinating.

THE GOVERNOR'S RACE IS GETTING MORE CROWDED As Mitt Romney's nephew Doug Robinson has now thrown his hat into the ring on the GOP side.  Is this too soon?  I know why they do it, it's all about fundraising, but we are over a year from the primary and it feels like we are in a perpetual campaign cycle.  I hate that. 

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE RUN OUT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND THE LABOR MARKET TIGHTENS? If you are Tyson foods, you raise the pay at your processing plants.  Tyson has a pretty long history of being busted for using illegal immigrant labor and are a perfect example of why we have jobs that "Americans won't do".  If the work is hard and pay is crappy, legal residents are going to find something else.  The steady flow of illegal immigrants has pretty much fallen off now, so TA-DA, they are going to raise wages.  But I'm sure there is no connection.  None at all.  Nope, nothing to see here.  

TRUMP IS READY TO GO TO THE SUPREMES OVER HIS SANCTUARY CITY ENFORCEMENT And he will win.  For one simple reason: his executive order simply demands that existing law be followed. The law in question was signed by Bill Clinton and would more than likely allow such measures by any POTUS.  But hey, let's just see how this goes.  

BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY HATES YOUR "EXTRA KIDS" Bill Nye is becoming more and more of a lunatic as his popularity as a fake scientist rises on the left.  Now he wants to know if we should penalize people in developed nations for having "extra kids".  No word on what the appropriate number is to begin with.  Just one?  How did that work out in China?  And what if your first kid is a loser but the others are super great?  And how do we stop those pesky unwanted "extra kids"?  One guess, and it starts with "A" and ends with "bortion".  Because that's how eugenicists roll. 

WHAT IF WE FIND OUT THEY'RE JUST MAKING FUN OF US WHEN WE'RE SWIMMING? A Swedish company is using AI to try to decipher dolphin language.  And all I can think of is that Seinfeld episode when Jerry's dad went with Elaine to get her nails done so she could see what the women were saying about her. 

HEY KIDS, WATCH ME PULL A RABBIT OUT OF THE HOLD.  UH, WHOOPSY.  United Airlines continues it's nightmarish run of bad PR by killing a rabbit accidentally.  They say the bunny, whose name was Simon (RIP Simon), actually survived the flight but died in the holding area, which I'm not sure is any better.  This is why you don't put animals in the baggage area of an airplane.  NEVER.  Unless there is no other way.  Because animals die on flights more than you think


CLEMSON IS GOING FULL ON THOUGHT POLICE AND IDEOLOGICAL PURITY ON IT'S STUDENTS At least those who want to run for student government.  A member of the administration appeared before the Student Senate to suggest an ideological purity test for any student running for office.  She didn't call it that, of course, but that's what she it talking about.  Read it here. 

ESPN IS LAYING PEOPLE OFF.  IS IT BECAUSE THEY ARE SERVING UP POLITICS INSTEAD OF SPORTS? And we're not talking about people you don't know, Ed Werder is on this list.  ESPN is facing hard times as people are getting tired of sports.  JUST KIDDING.  But why are they facing hard times?  How have your ESPN habits changed over the years?  

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