I've Always Thought this First 100 Days Obsession Was Stupid

DO WE ONLY ELECT A PRESIDENT FOR 100 DAYS? I have always thought the focus on a POTUS' first 100 days was ridiculous.  When you think about it, if any dramatic legislation happens, it does so because a President shoves it through, not because it happened after careful deliberation.  I've never thought of voting for someone based on what I thought they were going to do in the first 100 days, I really focus on what can happen over the FOUR YEAR TERM.  It especially seems ridiculous when you consider there are 1360 MORE days to any President's term.  But whatev, it gives it media something to obsess about.  

YOU SHOULD DINE OUT FOR A GREAT CAUSE! The cause is Project Angel Heart, which provides meals to people battling critical illnesses.  You can help by going out to dinner at a bunch of different restaurants on this comprehensive list on April 27th and I'll talk with the Director of Project Angel Heart and Chef Alex Seidel, whose excellent restaurants participate in this lovely evening, at 3.  Make your reservations today!

A NEW LAWSUIT WORRIES THAT RURAL VOTERS WILL HAVE A VOICE IN THE PROCESS This makes me laugh.  The guy who got his ass kicked in the last amendment go round is back, only this time with a lawsuit against the Raise the Bar amendment, which DID pass.  His argument?  This is where it gets rich.  He's worried that the signatures of rural voters would "dilute" the signatures of city dwellers.  To explain that logic, he's worried that rural voters will have a voice in the process.  I'm not even kidding.  

WANT TO STAVE OFF DEMENTIA?  GET OFF YOUR ARSE! A new study shows pretty convincing evidence that doing some sort of exercise like walking or running or yoga can help people over 50 stave off dementia.  The best part of this?  No negative side effects.  We are finding out more and more that regular exercise helps with a myriad of ills, and now we know it's not only good for the body, but good for the brain too.  So what's your excuse?  Need inspiration?  How about this guy running the Boston marathon? With one leg?  Carrying a flag?  Again I ask, what's your excuse?  

FORGET STUPID INDIAN MASCOTS, THE GOVERNMENT IS STILL THE BIGGEST ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN And if you, like me, don't understand why, you should watch this short video.  The American Indian is a perfect example of what happens when you have a nanny state government deciding how you should live.  It's time to give them the freedom they deserve.  

WHEN A FEAR OF BEING CALLED A RACIST PREVENTS HONEST CONVERSATIONS Ami Horowitz has a documentary out about the impact Muslim refugees are having on Sweden.  As there has been a lot of misinformation about what's really going on in Sweden, I've been watching and reading pretty much everything I can about it.  This 10 minute video is shocking on so many levels.  Not only because of the level of violence being wrought by the refugee community, but also because of the level of denial voiced by the Swedish people who are more afraid of being called racist than they are of being hurt.  That is the only explanation I can come up with.  Much of the violence is being perpetuated against women, but women are afraid to say it's a cultural issue, they'd rather just blame men.  THAT is jacked up.  Watch the video here.

POLITICO FINALLY ADMITS THAT THE NOTION OF NON BIASED JOURNALISM IS NONSENSE I know journalists who do their dead level best every day to present the news in a fair and unbiased fashion.  Which is nice.  But we ALL have biases that affect everything we do.  Journalists are no different.  In this comprehensive article about how the media really DOES live in a bubble (no duh) but it's not really their fault (uh-huh) the real revelation comes in this paragraph:

Resist—if you can—the conservative reflex to absorb this data and conclude that the media deliberately twists the news in favor of Democrats. Instead, take it the way a social scientist would take it: The people who report, edit, produce and publish news can’t help being affected—deeply affected—by the environment around them. Former New York Times public editor Daniel Okrent got at this when he analyzed the decidedly liberal bent of his newspaper’s staff in a 2004 column that rewards rereading today. The “heart, mind, and habits” of the Times, he wrote, cannot be divorced from the ethos of the cosmopolitan city where it is produced. On such subjects as abortion, gay rights, gun control and environmental regulation, the Times’ news reporting is a pretty good reflection of its region’s dominant predisposition. And yes, a Times-ian ethos flourishes in all of internet publishing’s major cities—Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco and Washington. The Times thinks of itself as a centrist national newspaper, but it’s more accurate to say its politics are perfectly centered on the slices of America that look and think the most like Manhattan.

See?  It's not THEIR fault they are DEEPLY affected!  DEEPLY!  It's because they can't help but be affected by all the liberal causes they are surrounded by daily!  This makes me feel so much better.  Not really, because it just gives journalists an excuse for their lack of objectivity.  

BECAUSE DOING ACTUAL WORK WOULD BE TOO TOO MUCH Nordstrom is now selling pre-dirtied jeans.  PRE DIRTIED JEANS.  Because actually getting in the mud and doing something to get them dirty is for the gardeners and hoi polloi.  And the kicker?  These are $425.  There are not words.  I bet the same people who are mad about Nordstrom selling the Ivanka Trump brand are buying these.  If you know someone who bought these, punch them in the face for me, k?  A fool and his money....

IS TRUMP MAKING A MISTAKE BY CAVING ON THE BORDER WALL FUNDING?  The border wall was a central component of Trump's campaign.  It's been promised for DECADES by politicians pandering for votes, but it somehow never materializes.  Funding to begin construction of the wall was going to be a part of the Continuing Resolution to keep the government up and running.  Now Dems are balking at actually building a wall, and they say they will shut down the government rather than vote for it.  It appears Trump is going to cave on this.  Which is a big deal.  But the even bigger deal is WHY the bill needs bipartisan support.  Republicans are unenthusiastic about the wall.  Why is this?  Did they not get the message in November?  Why can't they pay attention to the voters who put them in power?  Just a question. 

MEN ARE IN THE CROSSHAIRS AT UNIVERSITIES ACROSS THE COUNTRY And if you believe that all allegations of sexual assault are to be believed completely and without reservation, you might say good.  But if you believe in justice and equal treatment under the law, you should be horrified.  The latest case is from Notre Dame University, where a man was booted out of school three weeks before he graduated after his ex girlfriend accused him of stalking her.  What did he do?  He sent messages that he was committing suicide.  Which, according to his therapist, he was.  The school did a slip shod investigation, ignored all the evidence the man tried to produce in his defense and kicked him out of school.  It's not the first time, as more and more lawsuits are being filed by men being discriminated against.  

ONE MORE TIME, FRACKING DOESN'T CONTAMINATE GROUNDWATER This time it's a study from Duke University that found fracking doesn't contaminate groundwater.  Read about the study here

WANT TO DROP A FEW POUNDS?  THE COMMUNISM DIET IS THE BEES KNEES!  My only issue with this column about how Communism leads to weight loss (spoiler alert: when you run out of food, you lose weight) is that the author neglected to add the Socialist Diet Plan Venezuelans are enjoying right now

NOW NOT MAKING EYE CONTACT IS RACIST Yep.  So if you're shy, or unsure of yourself, just know it's because you're really racist.  But what if you don't make eye contact with people of your same race??? Head's at Oxford would explode with that question.  Read the idiocy here

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