We need to get Matt The Dead To Me Intern a REAL job!

TODAY IS REALLY TRULY AND HONESTLY MATT THE DEAD TO ME INTERN'S LAST DAY! And it's time to get this man a real job.  When you hear his resume, you will be shocked at how educated he is now.  Let's give him some good advice to head into the workforce.  

ORDERLY CAN MAKE YOUR MEDICAL COSTS EASIER TO UNDERSTAND! This is a new text program with one goal: help you manage your health care costs.  One of the co-founders Kevin Krauth is on today at 3 to explain how the whole thing came about.  Check the site out here

HIGH TECH CITIES COULD MAKE US ALL VERY LONELY And it's already happening, as we have studies that show many people are lonely a good bit of the time.  Loneliness is a killer.  A brain killer, a waistline killer, a love killer.  With the rise of smart phones, which further isolate us from the people around us, we see a rise of loneliness.  A big part of me thinks that we will see more and more products designed to prevent us from loneliness as robotics advance, but I think it's sad that we might resort to robot friends rather than trying to navigate the sticky relationships of real life.  

THE UN PROVES ONCE AGAIN HOW UTTERLY RIDICULOUS AND USELESS THEY ARE What did they do now?  They put Saudi Arabia, a country where women can't drive, work or marry without the permission of their male guardians, on the UN Commission on the Status of Women.  Spoiler alert: the status of women in Saudi Arabia is second class at best.  Way to go UN!  

DEMOCRATS WON'T DATE CONSERVATIVES IN DC And though some conservatives won't date Dems, they do so in smaller numbers.  And politics is increasingly becoming part of someone's dating profiles.  Whatever, die alone.  This jibes with what we know about Democrats being more likely to unfriend someone over politics.   Why is this?  Are they so afraid that being exposed to differing opinions might change theirs?  Or have they been so taken in by the "conservatives are evil" nonsense that they are afraid the evil might rub off?  

DID YOU KNOW THAT WE HAVE A CANNABIS CHURCH?  And I can't help but think this looks like an SNL skit.  Watch the video that accompanies the Indiegogo fund raising account. If you think you are going to hear about God, don't hold your breath, because God oddly doesn't make an appearance in the video.  

FLORIDA IS A GREAT EXAMPLE OF HOW SCHOOL CHOICE BRINGS ALL SCHOOLS UP Governor Jeb Bush revolutionized Florida's education system in the early 1990s.  Since then Florida has made significant gains across the board when it comes to student achievement compared to peers nationwide.   And it's not just for typical students, students with disabilities are having the same kind of success using a voucher system that allows students to go to private schools when their public schools aren't working for them.  This is the kind of success we should want for all of our children! 

WHO WANTS TO BE THE GUY TO TELL THE PRESIDENT THINGS HE DOESN'T WANT TO HEAR? This is a very interesting column by a guy who was THAT guy for George W. Bush.  It gives you a glimpse into what it's like to wield the levers of power.  Read it here

CU BOULDER STUDENTS HAVE NO IDEA WHAT FOSSIL FUEL DIVESTMENT WOULD LOOK LIKE And so they are staging a sit in to demand CU divest from fossil fuels.  I wonder if they rode to the sit on their polycarbon bikes?  

HOW THIN IS THE ICE THAT THE 420 FESTIVAL IS ON RIGHT NOW? Mayor Hancock is now reviewing how ALL events should be handled in the future.  THAT is ridiculous.  Just evaluate whether or not this victory lap of a train wreck needs to be over.  Potheads, you won.  Now please go home and take your trash with you.  

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