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CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER IS ON TODAY AT 3PM And you better get your grammar and word questions ready!  Find out more about Charles by clicking here!  

SOCIALISM ALWAYS ENDS THE SAME WAY, WITH TYRANNY Let's check in on Venezuela, shall we?  The Socialist Paradise is chock full of food shortages, lines for everything, inflated currency and now state seizure of whatever assets may still be privately owned, including a GM plant.  Maduro's government decided to take the flailing plant and steal the cars that were left there.  But I'm sure socialism in the RIGHT hands works just fine.  

THE UNICORN FRAPPACINOS ARE DRIVING BARISTAS TO THE EDGE And one young Starbucks coffee maker took to his Twitter account to complain about how stressful making unicorn frappacinos is and how he wants every Starbucks customer to NOT order one.  I'm sure this is going to go over well with Starbucks.  But it is pretty funny. 

THE TRANSPORTATION TAX ISN'T GOING TO MAKE IT, OR SO IT SEEMS We all hate our overcrowded roads, but how do we pay to fix them?  It doesn't look like a sales tax increase is going to pass the Colorado Senate this year.  So what does that mean?  We don't have the money to fix our failing roads.  Why not?  Because we spend it on Medicaid and Education and other stuff.  

WHO DOES APPROVAL VOTING HELP? Approval voting works like this.  You choose three candidates, without delineating any order.  Then whoever gets the most votes wins.  A bill to move Colorado to Approval voting passed out of a House committee, but does it really have a chance?  And how does this benefit the politicians who are thinking of approving approval voting?  I love the fact that party affiliation is not allowed on the ballot.  That makes me happy.  

MILLENIALS ARE STRUGGLING TO MOVE TO ADULTHOOD And I blame their parents.  Not society, not the economy, which have played a role, but parents.  Kick them out.  Tell them to get roommates.  Tell them to get more than one roommate.  Help them a bit, but then stop.  It's time, millenials, for you to make your own way.  YOU CAN DO IT!!  Until then, expect to spend a lot of time staring at the walls of your childhood home.  


MORE FAKE NEW FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES And this time it's them being petty and small about the New England Patriots visit to the White House.  And to the credit of the Pats organization, they took to Twitter to set the record straight on what really happened.  Spoiler alert: there were as many people at this visit as there was at the Obama visit.  

THIS COP SHOP WINS THE INTERNET THIS 4/20 And it's not here in Denver, although they brought it too.  Look at this from a town in Minnesota. It was posted with the caption: 

Wyoming, MN PoliceVerified account @wyomingpd  8h8 hours ago

Undercover #420 operations are in place. Discreet traps have been set up throughout the city today. #Happy420 

WANT TO KNOW WHY YOU CAN'T CONVINCE PEOPLE WITH FACTS?  This blog is a perfect example of why I am obsessed with Scott Adams' blog.  In it he discusses how scientific cognitive dissonance is preventing scientists from understanding why they can't convince everyone of their rightness when it comes to climate change.  Read it. 

WHEN SMOKING REALLY LOOKS LIKE FREEDOM In a series of tweets, a reporter who admittedly HATES smoking does a nice job of explaining why smoking cigarettes in Iraq is the purest form of freedom.  

BEET JUICE MAY BE THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Get ready for the trendy fitness types in your life to put down their apple cider vinegar and pick up the beet juice, as a new study shows that it can help not only with exercise but with brain function as well

IS JUSTICE KENNEDY GETTING READY TO RETIRE?  There have been signs, like him moving up his clerk reunion that normally happens every five years to this year, and him not interviewing any clerks for the upcoming session, but now Sen. Chuck Grassley is saying he is expecting a vacancy this summer.  And Democrats are powerless to stop any appointment Trump makes.  I sure hope he nominates a woman so the Dems will have to go into fits figuring out how to attack a woman.  Heh.  

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