Why Not Celebrate Fossil Fuels on Earth Day?

I LOVE A GOOD ART CONTEST, DON'T YOU? And they have long been the reliable standby used by environmentalists to indoctrinate young minds on Earth Day.  Well now the cheeky monkeys at the Independence Institute are having their own art contest.  Only this one celebrates Fossil Fuels.  Jon Caldara joins me at 2 to discuss it.  Enter the contest and get the rules here!

IS O'REILLY ACTUALLY GOING TO GET CANNED? I'm not going to pretend to be disappointed about this, but I am surprised.  I figured it would be business as usual once he came back from vacation and advertisers got over the temporary conniption fit that has them all canceling.  But it seems that the sons of Rupert Murdoch are not interested in business as usual and are trying to convince Dad to show Bill the door.  This is a BIG deal.  A really BIG deal, because honestly, I feel like the media is one of the last places that bad behavior by powerful men is still tolerated with a wink and a nod.  This will have long lasting ramifications, trust me.  

AARON HERNANDEZ IS DEAD AND HIS LIFE IS EVERYTHING WRONG WITH SPORTS At least when it comes to dealing with a young man who is supremely talented on the field and constantly flirting with danger off.  Aaron Hernandez was a high school star, a college star, and on his way to being an NFL star, but couldn't cut himself off from his homies and ended up going to jail for murdering a former friend.  So why is this story all that is wrong with sports?  Because his coaches knew what he was doing off the field.  His high school coach was "not surprised" by what became of him.  When he was at the University of Florida he was suspected of shooting two men at a stop light, but oddly, the top tight end in the country was not charged.  And when he became a Patriot there were lots of run ins with the cops, that eventually escalated to a murder charge.  And yet, he was never cut, he was never benched (he was suspended for one game at UF for punching a bouncer in a bar so hard he broke the guys eardrum...and he was only 17 when that happened) for his off field behavior.  I don't expect my athletes to be perfect people, but I do expect them to be decent people.  It's about time we stopped putting people on pedestals for being good at sports and turning a blind eye to everything else.  Period. 

HEY GUESS WHAT?  THE MEDIA HATES TRUMP.  THIS IS MY SHOCKED FACE. But now we don't have to speculate, because someone has actually taken the time to analyze media statements during Trump's first 100 days.  And the news for the news is not good.  They hate him, and they don't hide it.  Read it here.

IF YOU OWN YOUR OWN HOME, SHOULD YOU BE KICKED OUT BY DO-GOODERS?  This is the question being asked by a woman who lives in a co-op that is considering kicking out owners who smoke cigarettes.  Not renters, OWNERS.  And owners who already live in the co-op.  This is the Tyranny of Do Gooders, which truly is the worst kind.  THEY know what's good for you, THEY know how you should live and by god, THEY are going to enforce this by any means necessary.  I completely get the argument that a landlord should be able to ban smoking, because after all, they have to pay to clean up the mess and stink left behind.  But an OWNER?  If this were directed at me I'd sue everybody.  

A WIFE BEATER IN CALIFORNIA GOT A LENIENT SENTENCE SO HE WOULDN'T BE DEPORTED. An Indian immigrant who also happens to be a Silicon Valley CEO got a ridiculously light sentence for beating his wife for 10 years because the DA doesn't like to charge immigrants with crimes that could get them deported.  From the Daily Beast:

The prosecutor in the case, Assistant District Attorney Steve Fein, described the plea deal to The Daily Beast as a fair outcome, noting that accessory after the fact is also a felony, though not a violent one that would place Gattani at risk of being deported back to his native India. Fein indicated that his boss, Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen, seeks to avoid such deportations. Fein noted that the plea calls for a six-month jail term, though only 30 days of actual incarceration, with the balance served in the weekend-work program, doing manual labor for eight-hour shifts but otherwise at liberty. Fein maintained that Rastogi offered no objection when he provided her with the details of the deal.

His wife, who has been abused by this man for 10 years, has been beaten by the system that allegedly was there to protect her.  Read the brutal details of this story here, and then go read her victim statement in which she explains how and why she seemed to allow this to happen.  Then please tell me why this man deserves more rights because the DA is engaging in politics instead of the law.  

I HATE PEOPLE WHO MESS UP NATURE.  ACTUALLY I HATE PEOPLE WHO DO GRAFFITI, PERIOD. If you want to buy a house and cover the whole damn thing with graffiti, knock yourself out.  But graffiti idiots never deface their OWN property.  They always jack up someone else's property.  And now some moron is defacing God's Creation by spray painting their stupid tag at Hanging Lake.  And now there is talk of closing the trail.  I want to punch these people in the face and I'm not kidding. 

HAVE YOU EVER LIKED A MOVIE EXCEPT FOR ONE CHARACTER YOU REALLY HATED?  That is how I felt about The Kingsman, which I really loved except for Samuel L. Jackson using a lateral lisp in his bad guy character.  I HATED him.  I cheered when he died.  And happily, I just found out they are making another Kingsman movie and this one CAN'T have Sam Jackson because he dead.  Here's the trailer teaser, then again in slo mo. 


COULD THIS FINALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT OUR ENTRY LEVEL HOUSING SHORTAGE? A lot of people buy a condo for their first home.  It's affordable and easy to maintain.  But since our genius politicians made it very unattractive for builders to build condos without being sued, the condo market has dried up.  Now there seems to be an acceptable compromise on the horizon that could get condo builders up and running again.  This is very, very good news! 

HOW DID TRUMP'S TAX RETURNS BECOME A LIBERAL BOGEY MAN?  This column in The Nation asks and answers that question, but it all boils down to this: liberals are clinging to the hope that there is some smoking gun that will end the Trump presidency without a vote.  

Mandy Connell


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