What is the American Dream Today?

IS IT STILL POSSIBLE TO LIVE THE AMERICAN DREAM? A NEW DOCUMENTARY ASKS THAT QUESTION And I'll talk the film's star Adam Shepard about his quest to be dropped into a strange city with $25 in his pocket and the goal to pocket $1,000 in 30 days.  It's an interesting question about what's important.  He's on at three, read about "American Dream" the movie here.  Watch the trailer by clicking here!

IS TRUMP DOING THE OLD, "YOU CAN ALWAYS GET NICER" THING TO THE WORLD? From firing Tomahawk missiles at Syria, to dropping a ginormous bomb on ISIS and now perhaps hacking a Korean missile test, it seems as if our new President is all over the place asserting American power.  Does he want war, or does he NOT want war.  I'm beginning to think that this is all part of a "pursue peace through power" strategy that served Reagan very well during his term.  President Obama never backed up his tough talk with any action, something that simply put the world on notice that we were pretty much out when it came to defense of anything.  Trump is taking a much different approach, and the word's Mike Pence used in South Korea are making me think he is simply putting the world on notice that there is a new sheriff in town.  

WHY DO YOU GO TO CHURCH? As church attendance across the country ticks down, it's important to recognize why the people who ARE going to church are going.  A new Gallup poll has some interesting reasons, but none of them particularly shock me.  One thing to remember is that multiple studies have shown that people who attend church are happier and healthier overall than the rest of you heathens who don't.  

A FAMILY THAT SMOKES TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER?  I'm making assumptions about that "stays together" part, but families are smoking together are becoming more common.  A poll shows that a majority of people who are smoking pot are parents.  And many of those people have smoked pot with their (mostly adult) children.  Pot is becoming normalized.  Is this a good thing?  Even Harry Potter does it

THAT GIRAFFE FINALLY HAD HER BABY And today productivity returns to normal levels at work. 

IF TURKEY TURNS INTO A MUSLIM DICTATORSHIP, WE ARE SCREWED.  And it could happen as President Erdogan is hoping a huge constitutional referendum will give him vastly expanded powers.  This would undermine our ally Turkey's secular democracy seriously.  We will know the results soon.  

COULD YOU LIVE WITHOUT USING THE INTERNET?  Short answer is "yes" but it is getting harder and harder to do so.  If you are without the internet, I want to hear from you.  Why am I asking?  Because Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner actually said that people don't have to use the internet.  Not that they don't have to use Google, or Facebook, but that people could just stop using the internet.  Okay.  


THE FORMER CHAIR OF THE FEC DOESN'T QUITE GET THE FIRST AMENDMENT As she is now calling for "regulation" of political speech in the internet.  Which is precisely the kind of government interference the Founding Fathers were thinking about when the drafted the Bill of Rights and made Freedom of Speech numero uno.  

WILL THE CBS EVENING NEWS BE THE FIRST CASUALTY OF THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION? Not because of anything Trump does, but because of Scott Pelley naked hatred of Trump.  Since December there has been a significant slide in the ratings for all evening news products, but Pelley's brand of snarky Trump smack seems to be failing the fastest.  

I AM INCREASINGLY DISGUSTED WITH KID'S SHOWS THESE DAYS And with a seven year old daughter, I am finding myself in the position of having to say NO more and more when it comes to letting her watch certain shows.  And Disney, I'm looking at you here.  Why do all Disney shows have parents with IQs that hover near room temperature?  Why do all the kids scream constantly?  WHY, DISNEY, WHY???  This guy has me thinking that My Little Pony may be the best choice.  Do you have any suggestion?  


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