Mama Mia and North Korea!

SO WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH NORTH KOREA? There is a lot of saber rattling going on in Pyong Yang right now, and we appear to be rattling sabers right back.  Are we headed to war?  Cliff May from the Defense of Democracies joins me at 3 to discuss exactly what's going on and where it might be headed.  Here is Cliff's latest column on the issue. By the way, North Korea says they are going to nuke us.   

WANT TO FOLLOW YOUR TEENS ON SOCIAL MEDIA?  BETTER GET SNAPPING Because now that all of us old people are on Facebook and Twitter, teens are using Snapchat and Instagram instead.  I am going to make an embarrassing admission.  I can't figure out how to use these things.  Or more importantly, I can't figure out WHY people use these things.  I may have to enlist the help of some teenagers today to help me understand why and to teach me how to put cat faces on my Snapchat page.  

A LOCAL GIRL IS IN THE BIG TIME!  And she's going to be in Mama Mia, opening tonight at the Denver Performing Arts Center (you should go see it, it's a fun show!) and I'll talk to Northern Colorado grad Cashelle Butler today at 2pm.

DO WE REALLY NEED A "STONER MOM" TO NORMALIZE POT SMOKING AND PARENTHOOD? Being a mom or dad is stressful.  And parents have long turned to wine or beer or some other mood relaxer to deal with the stress of parenthood.  Now that we live in a state with legal pot, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to make smoking a joint or using legal pot a way to deal.  Is this a good thing?  As I get older, I realize more and more that kids only listen to a quarter of what we say but they watch EVERYTHING we do.  I don't care if you smoke pot when you're kids go to bed, I truly don't.  But I'm not sure I'm cool with glamorizing either pot use of wine drinking or cocktails in the form of a blog that eventually your kids will become aware of.  

SO NOW IT'S A-OKAY TO CALL FOR THE ASSASSINATION OF A PRESIDENT! At least when you are a screamin' left winger college professor.  The professor in question has used his Twitter account to call for Trump's hanging, comparing him to Hitler and to wonder if anyone had started a fund for the memorial for Trump's assassin yet.  But I'm sure it's all meant in good fun!

ABOUT THAT DOCTOR WHO WAS DRAGGED OFF THAT UNITED FLIGHT Now the whole world is going to now he was indicted for trading drugs for sex with a male patient.  Yikes.  It does seem odd to me that a doctor who uses his prescription pad to give drugs to a man for sex gets to keep his powers to write prescriptions.  Doesn't it?  


NOTRE DAME STUDENTS ARE UTTER AND COMPLETE WUSSES And they have created a Facebook campaign (what, not Spapchat?) to let the school know that having Vice President of the United States Mike Pence speak at commencement makes them feel "unsafe" for a variety of reasons.  Once they go through the Secret Service pat down, they should feel just fine.  

IF YOU'VE GOT HEART DISEASE, YOU NEED TO READ THIS STORY ABOUT A POSSIBLE CURE! This is ONE example where socialized medicine may bring us an advance we wouldn't have necessarily had.  What am I talking about?  It takes a really long time to get a heart transplant in the UK.  Researchers have long been searching for ways to keep people alive until they can get a transplant.  One such device is a left ventricular assist device, which helps the patient's heart keep pumping blood until they can get a transplant.  BUT WAIT, there's more!  They have found, in a very small sample, that the LVAD can actually allow the heart to heal!  Not in every patient, but in some, they were able to remove the LVAD and the person had a heart as good as a healthy person of the same age.  Read the whole thing here, it's super cool!  

ONE DEMOCRAT FINDS OUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LEAVE THE PLANTATION Since Hillary Clinton has advocated for a no fly zone and the destruction of Syrian air bases, that seems to be the Default Acceptable Position (DAP) for Dems.  One Congresswoman from Hawaii is finding out the hard way what happens when you go against the DAP.  She says there is no proof Assad launched those chemical weapons.  And she's being ripped by her own team.  

CLEMSON UNIVERSITY EMBRACES THEIR INNER THOUGHT POLICE And it's not just the students!  Now there is a course for staff and professors that tells them what to think, that they are racist and then tells them what to say after they offend someone.  It's insane.  Check it here.

JUSTICE GINSBURG HAS LINDSEY GRAHAM CONFUSED...BUT THEN... Justice Ginsburg listed Senator Lindsey Graham as one of the Women of the Senate.  Heh.

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