Bombs into Syria, and United makes the wrong kind of news again.

BEFORE YOU WANT WAR WITH SYRIA Let's talk this out.  For those of you who might not know, my view on war is colored by the fact that when we talk about sending boots on the ground to a foreign country those boots belong to my son.  So I take such talk very seriously.  Trump lobbed missiles into the airbase where we believe Assad launched the chemical attack.  Great.  But now what?  I think he acted in a manner we've come to accept from our Presidents, but anything more MUST have Congressional approval.  And before we rush to war, I have some questions I'd like answered.  

1.  What pressing national security issue does toppling Assad solve?

2.  What happens in Syria AFTER Assad is gone?

3.  Are we willing to enter a proxy war with Iran and Russia, because that's what this would be.

4.  What does victory look like, specifically, in this case?

5.  How does this help our position in the Middle East long term?  

I ask these questions not because I think Assad is a great guy, but because we commit more of our sons and daughters to fight and die, I'd like to know what the end game is, what it looks like and how we get there.  These are not unreasonable questions.

PERHAPS WE SHOULD CALL THEM SNOWFLAKE MISSILES FROM NOW ON? Because an editor at the most bleeding heart liberal publication on earth Mother Jones is concerned the name Tomahawk missiles must "enrage a lot of Native Americans".   Needless to say, Twitter was not kind in it's response.  

DID TRUMP RESTORE OUR CREDIBILITY WITH ONE MISSILE STRIKE?  Some say yes, including Michael Barone, who makes the case for the renewed power of the American red line here

FLYING THIS WEEKEND WAS NOT FUN FOR ONE MAN He was trying to get from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky on United.  United was oversold.  They offered some money for people to fly later.  They offered hotel rooms.  They didn't get any takers.  So United decided to randomly pick some people to remove from the flight and then had security DRAG a doctor off the plane.  Oh, and they busted his lip in the process.  


BUT NOT FLYING DELTA WAS A GREAT DEAL FOR ONE FAMILY Delta Airlines, on the other hand, did not have problems finding volunteers to be bumped off overbooked flights, because they made the deal VERY attractive.  So attractive that one family scored $11,000 THIS WEEKEND by NOT flying to Florida from New York.  You read that right.  Read the rest here

THESE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES WILL KILL YOU.  OKAY, NOT KILL YOU, BUT MAKE YOU SUPER SICK And as a person who doesn't like fruit (it's a texture thing for me) I'm feeling a little safer knowing that a starfruit isn't going to get me!  Read which fruits and veggies you should avoid or at least understand how to cook it so it doesn't make you super sick. 

THE WASHINGTON POST ISN'T BUYING WHAT SUSAN RICE IS SELLING And have given her claims about how successful the Obama Administrations deal with Syria to remove chemical weapons a whopping Four Pinocchios.  Which is the most Pinocchios one can get from the WaPo.  But I'm sure there is nothing to see.  Although isn't it interesting that when a Democrat Administration makes a deal with a dictator, it never seems to work?  Just think of how certain Madeleine Albright was that North Korea was going to give up their nuclear program in exchange for Humanitarian aid the Clinton Administration heaped on them, which they then used to develop weapons grade uranium while the workers starved.  Even the Washington Post was not impressed, editorializing back then:

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said she found "amazing" the pageant she watched in Pyongyang alongside North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. We found it amazing, too, but not for the same reason. We were amazed that the secretary of state would allow herself to be photographed, smiling, as 100,000 essentially enslaved laborers performed for her and one of the world's most repressive dictators. Secretary Albright clinked champagne glasses with Mr. Kim; she found him to be "very decisive and practical and serious." But about the nation's 150,000 political prisoners, she had no public comment. . . . Her silence on this repression diminished U.S. credibility, not only in North Korea but in less threatening countries where the administration chooses to speak, more openly, about human rights.

And now we have Syria using weapons that they SUPER PINKY SWORE to get rid of.  So who is super hopeful that Iran is living up to their end of the vaunted nuclear deal struck by the intrepid John Kerry?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Yeah, me neither.  

BRUCE JENNER IS TRULY NO MORE If you're interested, he underwent the Big Snip in January and is now, forever, Caitlyn Jenner and has the parts to prove it.  

REMEMBER WHEN OBAMACARE WAS GOING TO UP COMPETITION?  Trick question, it was never REALLY going to up competition but whatev.  If Anthem pulls out of Colorado's exchange, there will be no insurer for the Western Slope.  This is the opposite of good.  So what happens to people who have NO insurer available for them when they are required by law to have insurance?  

GOING TO COLLEGE AT CU IS 3 TO 5% MORE EXPENSIVE NEXT YEAR But what do you get for that?  Are you going to be 3 to 5% smarter after four years?  Nope.  Good news for CU-Boulder students though, they don't have to pay the increase because they were given a "guarantee" that their tuition will remain the same for four years.  So the rest of the campuses get to pick up the tab for increased spending.  

DO YOU TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF INSIDE?  If you do, you are probably stopping the spread of bacteria and other stuff that's on them.  Is there anyone else like me who keeps them on?  

IT MIGHT BE TIME TO STOCK UP ON GUNS AND AMMO But not because there is a chance the President will do anything to take away your rights.  It's actually the OPPOSITE reason that gun sales are slumping after 8 banner years of gun sales under the threat of gun control under Obama.  So maybe you can actually find the ammo you want now for a reasonable price!  

Mandy Connell


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