What is the Colorado Legislature cooking up for us this year?

SENATE PRESIDENT KEVIN GRANTHAM TODAY AT 2PM To talk about transportation, the overall budget and free speech.  

THIS IS THE LEAST SURPRISING NEWS STORY OF MY ENTIRE LIFETIME As Barry Manilow confirms he is gay.  He says he didn't want to disappoint his fans, but trust me, Barry, as a life long fan of you, I've known.  We've all known. Good for him that he gets to live a completely free life now.  And sad that it took him this long to think it would be okay with the rest of us.  Here is the best Barry Manilow song ever.  And yes, I mean it when I say I am a lifelong fan, and not because of that stupid song Mandy.  I just love the guy.

IF THIS IS ANY INDICATION OF WHO THE TRUMP ECONOMY IS GOING TO BE... It will get a lot easier for people to get over their distaste of the man personally.  Jobs numbers came in HUGELY, well above projections, and many of those jobs were in the goods producing category, rather than retail or hospitality.  Good, solid jobs.  Huh.  Maybe Trump might be able to bring our economy out of the ditch of underemployment we've been stuck in.  

THIS IS AN ANNOYING WAY TO UNDERSTAND WHY DRUGS COST US SO DAMN MUCH And it has to do with how the prices are negotiated between the pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) at pharmacies and insurance companies.  It should be a pretty straightforward negotiation, but the PBMs actually make a LOT of money by negotiating one rate with drug companies and then jacking the price up on insurers.  This is why transparency in pricing is the only thing that can help drug prices.  

TRUMP TAKES BANNON OFF THE NSC IN A MOVE THAT MIGHT BE A SIGN OF HIS GENIUS Trump put his controversial adviser Steve Bannon on the National Security Council and people FREAKED. OUT.  Now, he's taking Bannon OFF the council while sending the message that this was all part of the plan, that he just wanted Bannon there long enough to undo some of the stuff Susan Rice did when she lead it.  I'm beginning to see a pattern here, and I'm beginning to think this is part of the Grand Negotiation being laid out by President Trump, only the Dems don't realize they are being negotiated with and are playing perfectly into his hands when they have a cow about EVERYTHING.  Now people who were upset about this can say to themselves, "well at least he's reasonable on THIS" which gives them permission to hate him a TINY bit less. And if this happens enough times while the economy roars, people will be able to say, "Well I hated him when he got in but he's proven to be more reasonable than I thought." It might be genius, I tell you.  Might. 

AMERICA, STOP BEING SO FICKLE AND IDIOTIC The only thing that has changed with Obamacare is that rates are up even more this year and some markets may be left with NO insurers as companies flee the marketplace.  And yet, it's just NOW got majority support?  This poll is nothing but a poll of people who don't want to appear to like Trump.  He's so toxic now that I don't think we will ever get an accurate poll on what people really think about the issues.  Because this makes NO sense at all. 

DA GEORGE BRAUCHLER IS RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR This race for Governor should be super fun!  We've got some good GOP candidates shaping up, although the only one officially IN is George Brauchler.  He announced his candidacy yesterday.  We will see who joins him next.  

DOMO ARIGATO, MR. AND MRS. ROBOTO A Chinese man married a robot he created.  What do you buy as a wedding gift, a silver plated can of WD-40?  

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AT THE SOUTHERN BORDER PLUMMETS UNDER TRUMP It's amazing how tough talk about making sure people follow the law to come to our country makes a difference.  Last month, the lowest number of people trying to break into the country in 17 years were apprehended.  

DON'T EXPECT A TON OF COVERAGE ON OBAMA'S SPYGATE FROM HERE ON OUT And this column in the American Spectator explains why pretty clearly.  Once something becomes potentially damaging to our former Saint President, it becomes a non story.   

EIGHT WAYS YOUR TAX BILL COULD JUMP THIS YEAR These are some things that could surprise you at tax time and some of them are news to me.  Others, like marriage, divorce or winning something are not, but you should know all of them JUST in case.  

WANT TO KNOW HOW TO AVOID WORKING FOR A BAD BOSS? You can start to see signs even in the interview.  Some of these are obvious (looking for miserable workers) but some of them less so (the boss making you wait) but I think they are all rooted in very solid advice.  I wonder who many of these Bill O'Reilly does*?  ***I've decided to let my true feelings about O'Reilly shine from now on.  Sorry if you don't agree. 

THIS YOUNG WOMAN DESERVES ALL THE ACCOLADES SHE IS GETTING And she's getting them because she got accepted at all eight Ivy League schools after a high school career of high academic achievement and community service.  Good for her!!

UN SECRETARY NIKKI HALEY IS PROVING TO BE A BADASS And if you don't believe me, watch this.

THIS IS THE BEST STORY ON WHY THE SUSAN RICE UNMASKING STORY MATTERS And Mollie Hemingway does a nice job of calling out the lazy media who don't want to cover the story at all.  CNN, I'm looking at you. 


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