Why is Colorado's Attorney General Suing Boulder County?

ATTORNEY GENERAL CYNTHIA COFFMAN ON TODAY AT 3 TODAY We're going to discuss the lawsuit against Boulder County for not complying with a Supreme Court decision on oil and gas drilling.  Why do we need this?  Because Boulder County is still trying to continue it's "moratorium" even though it was declared illegal.  

DID YOU KNOW I DID A BLOG YESTERDAY?  Even though I did no show, I still did it, and there was some good stuff on it, so I cut and pasted this:

DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME IS A DEADLY DISASTER!! And there are studies to prove it!  Studies!!  Here's an article about one of those studies done here locally.  

YOGI NEVER KICKED HIS PIC-A-NICK BASKET HABIT But a very comprehensive study on bears being done in Colorado is showing that if a bear gets busted eating from a garbage can, it doesn't need to be the end of them.  It seems that bears WILL dig through our garbage when the nuts and berries they normally eat aren't available, but they go back to them as soon as possible.  This could significantly change the way Colorado Parks and Wildlife treats bears who are eating trash.  Right now the policy is to put down a bear caught twice, but that might not be the a good idea.  This study is fascinating and should be  must read for Coloradans who just may have a bear near them at any time.  

MICHAEL BENNET IS DOING THE RIGHT THING WHEN IT COMES TO GORSUCH He says he's NOT going to support a Democrat filibuster of Gorsuch.  But he didn't say whether or not he will vote for him.  

THIS MAN IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL And he goes around with stickers (not with paint, that would be vandalism) and fixes grammar mistakes on signs in Bristol, UK.  I think I love him.  Watch him in action here.


AND THIS IS A BIG PART OF WHY I DON'T LIKE BILL O'REILLY When the news broke in 2005 that Bill O'Reilly had paid a $9 million settlement to a young woman she said harassed him, I read her deposition. You can read it here.  It was very clear to me that this woman provided SO many details that were consistent with O'Reilly's personality and language that her claims seemed totally plausible to me.  Now they seem even more plausible, as there have been MULTIPLE settlements with MULTIPLE women.  I think he's a scumbag and not a good husband and not a nice man.  What say you?  

SCIENCE IS COOL.  AND MAY SOLVE THE EARTH'S WATER PROBLEM That water problem is that too much of our water is of the salt variety and desalination is expensive and not very efficient.  Until now, that is.  Scientists have figured out a way to make something that was previously very hard to make into something not hard to make.  Read the sciencey stuff here

SUSAN RICE WAS BEHIND THE UNMASKING OF TRUMP ASSOCIATES And when a guy reviewing the requests for unmasking went to the White House General Counsel for advice on what to do, he was told to stop his investigation.  Huh, I wonder why they would do that?  

AND NOW SUSAN RICE SAYS THE UNMASKING OF TRUMP TEAM MEMBERS WAS A LEGITIMATE FUNCTION OF HER ROLE AS NSA DIRECTOR  And she told Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC that she did not leak anything, even though the pace of intelligence increased at the end of the election.  Watch the whole thing, in it's entirety here.   Read the 11 Highlights as defined by Breitbart here



IF YOU HAVE GIRLS, PLEASE READ THIS Suicide rates for teen girls have TRIPLED in the last 20 years.  TRIPLED.  Why?  I have a theory that as we fall away from religion, suicide seems like an easy way out.  When I was growing up, suicide wasn't just a sin, it was a MORTAL sin, one you couldn't get away with without eternal damnation.  We also spent more time teaching kids to fight back against bullies, whereas now we tell kids to tell someone when they are victimized.  But this is a conversation worth having with your teens, even if they are boys, because hormones definitely make you think something is a good idea when it most assuredly is NOT.  Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  

THIS CHART IS HOW EMPIRES FALL AND YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO IT It's the chart of our National Debt held by the public.  It doesn't even include ALL of our debt, some of which is held by other government agencies which we also fund.  Empires throughout history have fallen not because of outside forces, but because of their own hubris and overspending.  We are heading in that very direction.  It's been a good ride, 'Merica, but the party may be coming to a close.  My friend Larry Reed from Fee.org has been writing about Ancient Rome and he calls it, it's "economic suicide" for years.  Read his latest to get up to speed

CAN MEN AND WOMEN BE JUST FRIENDS?  THIS AUTHOR SAYS HELL NO. And he may have a pretty good point in making the case that the "friend zone" is killing our marriage and reproductive rates.  I've always been a guy's girl.  Meaning, I've always been comfortable hanging out with guys.  However, it has been brought to my attention more than once, that the reason guys like hanging out with me is because they more often than not harbored a desire to sleep with me.  Which is fine, because it ain't happening, but did this prevent some guys from finding true love?  Spoiler alert: no, but maybe it took longer than it should have.  Can men and women just be friends?  We shall discuss!  

DEMOCRATS URGE TEACHERS TO DISCARD SCIENTIFIC DEBATE But only when it comes to their sacred cow of Climate Change.  I'm guessing if the book was about the fluid nature of gender they would be all for it, but when the book talks about the disagreements among climate scientists on what is driving climate change, it must be "tossed in the dustbin".  At least according to Democrats.  

THE VA WANTS TO BE ABLE TO FIRE PEOPLE WHO WATCH PORN WHILE WITH CLIENTS MORE QUICKLY  The new VA Secretary was before Congress to ask for a simple thing that will help him do his job better.  The simple thing in question?  He wants to be able to fire people who do things like watch porn while with a patient.  Yes, this is an actual case. 

Mandy Connell


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