Baseball ate my show today, but.....GO ROCKIES!!

GO ROCKIES!  BUT KEEP IT SHORT, K?  If there is time after baseball, here are some things I'd like to talk about.

DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME IS A DEADLY DISASTER!! And there are studies to prove it!  Studies!!  Here's an article about one of those studies done here locally.  

YOGI NEVER KICKED HIS PIC-A-NICK BASKET HABIT But a very comprehensive study on bears being done in Colorado is showing that if a bear gets busted eating from a garbage can, it doesn't need to be the end of them.  It seems that bears WILL dig through our garbage when the nuts and berries they normally eat aren't available, but they go back to them as soon as possible.  This could significantly change the way Colorado Parks and Wildlife treats bears who are eating trash.  Right now the policy is to put down a bear caught twice, but that might not be the a good idea.  This study is fascinating and should be  must read for Coloradans who just may have a bear near them at any time.  

MICHAEL BENNET IS DOING THE RIGHT THING WHEN IT COMES TO GORSUCH He says he's NOT going to support a Democrat filibuster of Gorsuch.  But he didn't say whether or not he will vote for him.  

THIS MAN IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL And he goes around with stickers (not with paint, that would be vandalism) and fixes grammar mistakes on signs in Bristol, UK.  I think I love him.  Watch him in action here.

HEALTHCARE REPEAL MAY HAVE FAILED, BUT TRUMP IS STILL GETTING THINGS DONE And you know I've been frustrated that the GOP didn't have more bills written and ready to go, but this list of Obama era policies that have already been undone by Trump is impressive.  Very impressive.  Considering how many of these policies were smacked on us in the last month's of Obama's presidency, I wouldn't get too bent out of shape about getting rid of them.  If they were so important, Congress had 8 years to make them law.  But they didn't.  

SHOULD STATES TAKE UP WHERE THE FCC LEFT OFF?  I'm speaking about the internet privacy bill just passed by Congress which rolled back protections passed at the last minute by Obama's FCC.  It would have prevented Internet Service Providers from selling your browsing history and mine unless we opted in to such sales.  Now Minnesota is running it's own bill.  This is an interesting answer to the question of what should be done to protect citizens on the web and who should do it.  Why not have the states do it?  And would this dissuade big ISPs from doing business in Minnesota?  My gut says no.  

AND THIS IS A BIG PART OF WHY I DON'T LIKE BILL O'REILLY When the news broke in 2005 that Bill O'Reilly had paid a $9 million settlement to a young woman she said harassed him, I read her deposition. You can read it here.  It was very clear to me that this woman provided SO many details that were consistent with O'Reilly's personality and language that her claims seemed totally plausible to me.  Now they seem even more plausible, as there have been MULTIPLE settlements with MULTIPLE women.  I think he's a scumbag and not a good husband and not a nice man.  What say you?  

SCIENCE IS COOL.  AND MAY SOLVE THE EARTH'S WATER PROBLEM That water problem is that too much of our water is of the salt variety and desalination is expensive and not very efficient.  Until now, that is.  Scientists have figured out a way to make something that was previously very hard to make into something not hard to make.  Read the sciencey stuff here

SUSAN RICE WAS BEHIND THE UNMASKING OF TRUMP ASSOCIATES And when a guy reviewing the requests for unmasking went to the White House General Counsel for advice on what to do, he was told to stop his investigation.  Huh, I wonder why they would do that?  

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