Silicon Valley has got nothing on Boulder

HOW DOES BOULDER'S TECH SCENE MEASURE UP? In the April issue of 5280 Magazine there is a fantastic feature on some of the remarkable tech companies hard at work in our backyard.  I'll talk with Senior Associate Editor Spencer Campbell about what new stuff we might all be using soon, if not already, that is percolating in Boulder's thriving tech scene.  

TIRED OF THE SAME OLD DATING APP?  Then you may want to try justsayallo, a new app that uses science to help you find the right match.   Start something by clicking here

REPUBLICANS NEED TO GET BETTER AT STUNT MESSAGING This is an area where Liberals are FAR better than Conservatives, and that is taking ANY and all opportunities to fund raise.  Case in point: Progress Now is using Senator Cory Gardner's vote to repeal rules preventing ISPs from selling browsing history to say they are going to buy HIS browsing history specifically, and boy, can you send us some cash so we can do this?  Nevermind that I'm not sure any ISP would gain by selling one person's specific and identified information so it can be used as a weapon.  Let's raise some money! 

CAN PEOPLE PLEASE SHUT UP ABOUT MIKE PENCE HONORING HIS WIFE?  So comments from 15 years ago when Mike Pence said he doesn't have dinner alone with any woman except his wife have created the most ridiculous backlash I've ever seen.  From declaring this "rape culture" to implying that he views women only as sexual objects, the left is losing their collective minds.  What I find the most remarkable is that no one can appreciate that Mike Pence lives in a work world where many men have found themselves in compromising positions because they didn't honor their wives in the same way.  I'm sure Hillary would have appreciated the same level of respect.  I don't judge other people's marriages.  Neither should they.  

THE SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE SAYS NO THANKS TO MIKE FLYNN At least to his desire for immunity in exchange for testimony.  He offered as much to the Justice Department and the FBI and it seems there are no takers as of yet.  Is this a shrewd move to protect himself from the witch hunt or does he have real information?  I'm guessing he will get immunity if there isn't enough evidence to accuse Trump of meddling, and he doesn't if they do.  Even if he does, it doesn't mean he has anything of value to share, just that he doesn't want to be Scooter Libby'ed.  

APRIL FOOLS DAY IS TOMORROW You've been warned.  I hate April Fools Day.  Hate. It. Why?  I have no idea but maybe it's because I've been involved in some pranks where people got REALLY upset.  I don't like making people really upset.  In case you're stymied and want to terrify people tomorrow, here are some ideas.  Here's one where I might kill someone if they did it to me. Oh those nutty Japanese!

TELL US HOW YOU REALLY FEEL, W This story is making the rounds and now all the lefties who ran around for years screaming "Bush Lied, People Died" now adore him.  What did he do?  He called it like he saw it when it came to Trump's inauguration.  Read the one line statement here.

I HAD NO IDEA BEES LOVED THE ROCKIES LIKE I DO!  They showed up in force yesterday, and the Rockies hit the deck.

BUT WHAT IF HE JUST EVOLVED ON THE ISSUE?  Liberals are never held accountable for their sins in the past.  I am specifically thinking of Hillary Clinton's defense of traditional marriage before she was for it.  Jim Webb was against women in combat.  He had the nerve in 1979 to write an essay about it. An essay, I might add, that rings true even today.  His crime in this essay?  He made the case that men fight better than women.  That they are more naturally prone to violence, more able to wreak mayhem and physically more suited to the job of combat, which is to create destruction and death.  He's right.   But the Social Justice Warriors in the Naval Academy Alumni Association want to make sure he's going to suffer for stating the obvious.  So he declined an award so they wouldn't disrupt the event.  For the first time in his entire life, Jim Webb surrendered. 

VILLANOVA TRULY BELIEVES IN FREE SPEECH! And they demonstrated that first by inviting Dr. Charles Murray to speak and then removing protesters who tried to shut down the event when they began acting up.  This is how you do, Universities. 

THE MILLENIALS ARE GROWING UP!  And as they do, they are starting to do those things we all did when we grew up.  They are boosting the real estate market and they are moving to the suburbs.  The sharing economy is fantastic for childless young adults, but when you've got to schlep along all the kids stuff, they are proving to be more like prior generations than many predicted previously.   

CRAVING CHOCOLATE?  JUST WAIT. Because a pause of as little as 25 seconds is enough to help you opt for a healthier snack.  

A RESTAURANTS NO KIDS POLICY HAS BUSINESS BOOMING I think this is a great idea, especially for a high dollar joint.  No kids under 5 allowed.  Period.  One North Carolina place instituted the ban when one set of parents were rude and annoying by not controlling their kid, and reservations are pouring in.  I don't mind kids, but I REALLY hate it when a date night with my husband is affected by other people's children.  Especially when I am paying someone to watch mine.  

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