Rep. Jared Polis is working to help Colorado's pot industry

WHAT IF THE FEDS DECIDE TO ENFORCE FEDERAL POT LAWS IN COLORADO? This has been an ongoing concern, although now a larger concern as the new Attorney General is NOT a fan of pot and has made noises about doing something about the growing pot industry in the US.  As a leader of the legal pot movement, it would stand to reason that Colorado would be a good place for him to start.  Rep. Jared Polis is working with other members of Congress to provide some certainty to the industry and he joins me today at 2:30 to discuss it. Read more about it here

WHAT IS SERENDIPITY IN LEARNING AND WHY DOES IT MATTER?  A listener sent me this column about what I've always called incidental learning, but what the author refers to as serendipity.  What is it?  It's the learning that occurs when you are looking for something else.  He makes the case that technology is ruining our chance for a chance discovery, a chance meeting, or even a chance mistake that leads to something better.  I'll talk to William McKeen about it at 3. 

OBAMA WANTED HILLARY TO LOSE But if there is another explanation please help me out.  FBI Director James Comey wanted to go public about Russian involvement in the election in July of 2016.  But the Obama administration said no.  No word on why they said no.  

HOW HAVE I NOT REALIZED THAT BRAZIL IS THE NEW VENEZUELA?  And another example of how badly socialism fails, no matter who is in charge.  Watch this.


#ANNOYINGTHINGSCOWORKERSDO MADE ME LAUGH Because if you've had a job, you've had an annoying coworker who does annoying things.  I have a list and I hope you do to!  

IS ANYONE SURPRISED THAT THERE ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK MAKING HORRIBLE JOKES ABOUT HORRIBLE THINGS? I am not, but I am surprised that the news media is publicizing these dens of trolldom so other trolls can find them.  Want to joke about rape?  Or murder?  There's a facebook page for that.  And lest you be outraged that Facebook doesn't just shut them down, they do.  But they spring back up faster than weeds in the garden.  

'IT'S NOT CLEAR WHETHER THE OWNER WANTS THE GUN BACK" I am posting this story just so you can understand why the quote I gave you is absolutely hilarious.  

EVER BEEN SO MAD YOU JUST WANT TO BREAK SOMETHING? Now there is a business for that.  They are called Break Rooms and they allow you to do just that.  Break things.  Although I can appreciate wanting to vent your spleen in a more physical way, this seems like a short term solution to a more long term problem.  If you are so angry that this seems like a good idea, how long is the relief from smashing something to bits actually going to last?  I go to a Break Room.  It's called The Gym.  I think this is another example of adults wanting to act like children and an enterprising capitalist figuring out a way to make money from it. 

FACT CHECKING COMEDY NOW PASSES FOR NEWS And this is no joke.  CNN fact checked a Sean Spicer joke about Russian dressing.  The joke, from a press briefing: 

“If the President puts Russian salad dressing on his salad tonight, somehow that's a Russia connection.” 

CNN's crack staff jumped right on this and let us know that INDEED Russian dressing is NOT Russian at all!  

I'D RATHER EAT KALE Than crickets.  But crickets could be the next big snack thing.  But not for me.  Definitely not for me.  

WANT TO HANG OUT WITH A GROUP OF ONLY MEN OR WOMEN?  DON'T GO TO HARVARD. Because even if those groups are off campus, Harvard wants to penalize you by taking away scholarships, grants or fellowships.  But only if you join a non approved single sex group.  If you're in the right victim centered single sex group, you're just fine! 



A REALITY SHOW THAT GOT CANCELLED FORGOT TO TELL IT'S CONTESTANTS And they were living in a remote area and had no way of knowing that the show was cancelled after only a few airings.  But who in the world would sign up for a year long reality show in the wilderness?  

Mandy Connell


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