I've only got three years to get some stuff done

I'VE LISTED THIS LIST FOR ABOUT A WEEK NOW And I'm going to talk about it TODAY because I think I genuinely want to know what should be on a list of things to do before you're 50.  So let's get cracking!  We can start with this one.

WANT TO FIND A DIRECT PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN IN COLORADO?  This website is a GREAT resource and you can use the mapper feature to find someone near you

BEING A RUDE, HORRIBLE PERSON IS NOW OKAY IF YOU'RE A DEMOCRAT Don't believe me?  Now Senator Chuck Schumer, an alleged leader of the party, is attacking people in restaurants because they voted for Trump when they are supposed to be reliable mindless Democrats instead.  I'm calling him out because I'm sick of this crap.  I truly believe it's time to start fighting back. I will explain.

IS UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME THE WORST IDEA EVER? Many economists say no, including some conservative economists.  But leave it to City Journal to put the issue with Universal Basic Income into an easy to understand article.  If you think the government should provide basic living costs for everyone so people can pursue their hopes and dreams, just offer that deal to your adult children.  You know what would happen.  Sure, some would flourish, but others would sit on their arses and do nothing.  And there is the rub. 

THIS WAS JUST A TEST RUN FOR THE ROBOTS TO RISE UP AND KILL US IT all starts with an escalator going crazy and shooting people off backwards at high speed

WHO STILL WORKS AT RADIO SHACK???  I mean this in all seriousness.  If you are still working for a company that has gone through bankruptcy TWICE in the past few years, WHY??  Don't you see the writing on the wall?  Are they waiting for the whole thing to go belly up so they can get unemployment?  Who waits to show up for work only to find out the store just isn't ever opening again?  Someone make me understand this.  

CAN WE ALL LAY OFF UNITED FOR HAVING RULES CONNECTED TO PASS RIDERS?  This whole United Airlines story kicking off girls who were wearing leggings and the ensuing outrage about two girls being told to follow the rules is everything wrong with the internet and victim seeking social justice warriors.  It all started when a gate agent told girls wearing leggings to change, and an "activist" decided to tweet out her uneducated opinion of what was happening.  United has every right to demand people they are allowing to fly for free dress or act a certain way.  Period.  

ISRAEL STANDS UP FOR WOMEN IN THE WORKPLACE, STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR IRAN Israel put forth a UN resolution about sexual harassment and Iran used the occasion to blast them

GOOD GUY WITH GUN STOPS BAD GUYS WHO BROKE INTO HIS HOUSE And thanks to his totally unnecessary AR-15 there is a zero percent chance these two young whippersnappers will victimize anyone else.  Their getaway driver has been arrested and charged with first degree murder

THANK GOODNESS OREGON IS LEADING THE FIGHT AGAINST COW FARTS Because someone had to do it.  Oregon is trying to legislate cow farts into the wind.  Or not into the wind.  Because if there is one thing Oregon hates, it's business that could help an area with a struggling economy. 

ITALIAN WOMEN COULD GET PAID TIME OFF WHEN AUNT FLO VISITS  This certainly presents a conundrum for feminists.  Women are EQUAL, right?  But they must deal with the affliction of menstruation every month, which is NOT EQUAL, so in Italy, there is a move afoot to give them 3 days off a month, paid, to deal with the beast.  I am embarrassed for my gender on this one.  

IF YOU THINK SEXISM ISN'T A THING, THIS HEADLINE IS FOR YOU As the leaders of Britain and Scotland met to discuss Brexit and what Scotland is thinking of doing, the headline was about the two women's legs.  Yes, their legs.  If you think you must respond to sexism with outrage, check Teresa May's reaction.  She doesn't care.  And said as much.  The headline is piggish but the response is miles above.  


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