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I READ THIS COLUMN LAST NIGHT WAS LIKE "YES!!!" And I am supremely frustrated with a party that now seems utterly incompetent when it comes to how to get a conservative agenda going.  I believe that the reason the Democrats are able to ramrod their people into line is because they actually BELIEVE the garbage they hoist upon America is actually good.  The Republicans always seem more worried about upsetting people because it might hurt their re election chances.  The last Republican who really seemed to BELIEVE the words coming out of his mouth about conservative policies was Newt Gingrich with the Contract With America.  And have we already forgotten what happened to the economy when they got government out of the way?  Read this column and know that Glenn Reynolds seems to have peered into my brain on this one

TOM COBURN IS A FORMER SENATOR AND A DOCTOR AND HE'S GOT SOME IDEAS ABOUT HOW TO FIX THE HEALTHCARE SITUATION And surprise, surprise, he's calling for transparency in the only industry left where monopolies are not only celebrated, they are protected by the laws they helped write.  One thing that did surprise me is how much of today's current healthcare pricing issues were caused by government intervention in the first place.  I'm lying.  I'm not surprised.  

"IF THE TRUMP FOUND OUT HOW WE KNEW WHAT WE KNEW" These words are pretty damning coming from a former Obama administration official who admitted on Morning Joe that not only was the Trump team being spied on, there was an EFFORT to get the info to "people on the Hill". I don't think this is going to end the way the Left think it's going to end.  Watch the exchange below, the part you need to see starts at about 4:45. 

BUT APPARENTLY THAT'S JUST HOW THINGS ARE DONE ON THE HILL And now Rep. Devin Nunes is refusing to tell other members of his committee how he found out about the intelligence gathering that unmasked members of the Trump transition team.  Huh?  I get not telling the media.  I get it.  But is it a good idea to keep info like this from other elected officials who should be looking into it?  AllahPundit at makes an argument, weakly, that because of leaks it's okay.  But it's not okay.  I'm becoming tired of the moral equivocation and excuse making on my side.  Tired, I tell you.  If the Democrats did this, we'd be howling like no one's business.  

FREEDOM OF THE PRESS IS SACRED!  UNLESS YOU TARGET PLANNED PARENTHOOD The great State of California has filed FELONY charges against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress for "illegally recording" people as part of their series on the cold and callous nature of the culling of body parts from aborted babies.  Here's hoping the First Amendment has some defenders that can help pay for their defense.  I guess it's only cool when someone like Mike Wallace does it

WHY IS IT HORRIBLE TO MAKE FUN OF MAXINE WATERS LOOKS BUT NOT CONSERVATIVE WOMEN? This one truly has me baffled.  Bill O'Reilly, of whom I am not a fan, made a stupid comment about Maxine Waters "James Brown wig" and all hell broke loose.  Apparently it's not okay to make fun of an elderly black lunatic's hair.  Okay, then why is it okay to spend days on the internet making fun of a picture in KellyAnne Conway's house?  

BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT OVER THE INTERNET PRIVACY RULE THE GOP DITCHED You should know that the rule had yet to go into effect. Which means that you should not worry about anything CHANGING because nothing has.  Was this a good rule?  Maybe.  But for anyone upset about privacy on the web, really?  You think you have ANY privacy?  Google owns all of us and all of our information.  And we give it to them every day.  This would have ONLY impacted our Internet Service Providers.  Not Facebook, not Google or any other search engine.  

RACHEL DOLEZAL IS BACK TO TEST THE TOLERANCE OF HER TEAM She's got a new book out, of course, and in a Facebook interview with the New York Times, she declared:

"Race, as understood in Western cultures, is a largely social construct, she said. Yet from the time she was a small child, she felt more aligned with black people.

She said people should be embraced for “who they are authentically, and ultimately quest for self identity and self determination is really part of the pursuit of happiness and freedom for us all.”

Got that?  It makes perfect sense if you believe gender is a social construct thrust upon us by our horrible parents when we are born. Except black people aren't buying what she's selling.  Check this article from the Seattle Times.  Watch the videos and read the comments by clicking here

IS ANYONE EVER GOING TO PAY TO NAME OUR STADIUM? It's still named after a now defunct company in Sports Authority.  It's sort of embarrassing that this is still going on. Or am I being too sensitive?  

I TOLD YOU RTD IS TOO EXPENSIVE And now a new study shows that our mass transit is one of the most overpriced expensive in the country.  Not sure what to do about that, because I don't want more taxpayers money to go to subsidizing other people's rides.  


YOUNG PEOPLE DYING IS MESSING WITH OUR LIFE EXPECTANCY And a new report by the Robert Woods Foundation shows that if you're young and black and dead, you were probably murdered, young and white and dead, you have a better chance of having killed yourself.  Drugs are a big part of dead young people and it's growing at an exponential rate.  

USING THE WORD "MANKIND" IS NOW MAKING A POLITICAL STATEMENT At least according to a college professor who docked a student for using that word to represent "humanity".  To the professors credit, she did give the student the chance to learn from the error of her ways after being re educated.  Gender neutral is the new black!  

THE FLAG SAVES A VETERAN And I mean that literally.  Here's a story about how the American flag helped one veteran get back on his feet.  

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