Let's Solve The Healthcare Issue! (Because the GOP needs our help)

IF YOU WERE IN CHARGE, HOW WOULD YOU FIX HEALTH INSURANCE? And let's be clear, we are not trying to fix the healthcare system, which is one of the best in the world.  We are trying to fix how we PAY for the healthcare system. So what do you want?  What don't you want?  Are you ready to be responsible for your OWN healthcare needs except in the case of emergency?  Let's talk about it and help solve the problem! I will talk withe two MDs who are doing things differently and having great success doing it today.  Dr. Molly Rutherford joins me at 2:05 and Dr. Josh joins me at 3:05 to discuss how they have given up on the third party payer system to spend more time with their patients.  Steven Weissman is a former Hospital President and he says he can fix healthcare with 3 sentences.  Read his column on it here

CAN WE FINALLY BE DONE WITH THE "TRUMP IS HITLER" NONSENSE?  It's finally over, right?  Because if Trump were Hitler, that healthcare bill would have passed.  But it didn't.  So stop it.  Now.  Because it shows that our system of government works.  Republicans were not cowed by the relentless lobbying by the President.  They were not cowed by  threats that "this is it" and they were not forced to shove through the President's biggest campaign promise.  That being said, they better figure something out because the GOP could very well lose the House in the mid terms if they don't.  That's politics. 

I REALLY WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS, SO DANG IT, I KEEP PUTTING IT ON THE BLOG Because I am the sort who likes a list, I make lists and I have goal lists that are none of your business.  This is a British list of things to do before you turn 50. Some are VERY British (like eating fish and chips on a pier) so I thought we should make a distinctly American list. Check the list here

GOVERNOR HICKENLOOPER LOVES LOCAL CONTROL WHEN IT COSTS YOU MONEY, BUT NOT WHEN IT GETS YOU A BEER  The issue here is a bill that would allow local communities to determine what time their bars and nightclubs close.  It's a bill worthy of discussion as there is a relatively reasonable argument that a later closing time in a neighboring community could lead people to leave one bar to reach another before closing time, but shouldn't local politicians make that determination?  The Governor says he's going to veto it.  What's funny is the Governor pointed to the fact that he refused to prevent local communities from penalizing you with red light cameras as an example of him loving freedom.  Oooookay.  

WHY ARE WE GIVING RICH PEOPLE SUBSIDIES FOR THEIR CARS? I'm talking about Electric Vehicle subsidies, of course.  A study out of California revealed something so unsurprising I can't suppress a yawn: the people who buy electric cars live where rich people live.  From the article:

"Meanwhile, a state sponsored report found that roughly 94 percent of California’s EV tax credit rebates have gone to consumers who did not live in “economically disadvantaged” census tract areas. The data collected by the state showed that the overwhelming profile of prospective EV consumers leaned heavily toward those making more than $100,000 per year in annual household income (77 percent), but also male, white, and aged 45 and older. The state twice reduced the income cap--first to $250,000, then to $150,000 in annual income--over the past two years, and raised tax credits for those with lower incomes, to provide more balance."

That means we are giving tax payer money to people who don't need it so they will buy electric cars from Tesla for $80,000.  But I'm sure it will be just fine. 

WE DIDN'T MAKE THE TOP 10!  AND THAT IS CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION IN THIS CASE We're talking airports and the top 10 are the top 10 WORST so I'm quite happy that our airport didn't make it, even if it is in Wyoming.  

IT DOESN'T MATTER IF THEY DO MOVE, THEY STILL SUCK The Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas officially, as the owners have approved the move.  Quick question: will the hotels in Vegas be able to keep up with the stench that Raiders fans bring to the hotels when the come to visit?  Heh.  

WHEN A WOMAN WHO USED TO BE MAN COMPETES AGAINST WOMEN, GUESS WHAT HAPPENS?  Didn't we learn this from the East Germans back in the day?  Now we have transgendered women (who used to be men) who are competing in WOMEN'S sports and guess what?  They are winning.  This is where I the whole transgendered thing gets a little dicey.  



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