What if our Climate Change is Mars' fault?

THE SOLAR SYSTEM IS NOT AS PERFECT AS YOU MIGHT THINK And we could be warming because of a close brush with none other than Mars.  It's the Theory of the Chaotic Solar System and it was recently proven by a team of scientist right here in Colorado.  I'll speak with Bradley Sageman of Northwestern University at 3pm about the discovery and what it means for us and our climate.  Very interesting, read more about it here.

I DID NOT SEE THIS ONE COMING It appears we may have caught (and by we, I mean Israel) the suspect who has been calling in bomb threats to JCCs not just here but around the world.  He's an American-Israeli 19 year old.  Some say he may have some mental issues and few friends.  Not a member of the IDF or ultra orthodox, and no motive mentioned so far.  Here's hoping this nonsense is over.  

I AM A CAMILLE PAGLIA FEMINIST I am one of those women who don't want to be associated with the man-hating, victim-centric brand of nonsense that passes for today's feminism.  However, the more I read Camille Paglia, the more I realize that I am, indeed, a feminist in the classical sense of what that word means.  She writes here about the New Patriarchy (my words, not hers) that is rampant on college campuses in the form of safe spaces and thought police.  Both of which I reject because I believe young women and men should be more than capable of dealing with issues that might upset them

TIME MAGAZINE AND POLITICIANS JUST NOW DECIDED TRUTH MATTERS IN POLITICS Did you hear about this story today in Time?  It's about how Trump plays fast and loose with the truth.  Which he does.  But as I was reading condemnations of his tactics from the likes of Josh Earnest and other politicians, something dawned on me.  I think they are mad because Trump lies like they can't.  Trump is proving to be the perfect politician of our modern era because unlike them, he really doesn't give a crap what people think about him.  And he's successful in SPITE of all the exaggerations.  I would submit to Time et al that THEY are responsible for Trump.  I will explain today on the show.  

YOUNG PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO BE PROPAGANDIZED BY THE NEWS MEDIA And they overwhelmingly don't trust them.  This is bad news for the news, but I am really happy that the next generation is already aware of the manipulation present in our current media circles.  Good for them! 

THIS STORY IS EVERYTHING WRONG WITH PARENTS TODAY The tablet ban on flights from certain Muslim majority countries implicated in intelligence gathered in Yemen is causing a real ruckus.  Who is creating the ruckus?  Lazy parents who are complaining about entertaining their children on long flights.  This makes me sad for those kids and angry at those parents.  GET. A. BOOK.  Or a deck of cards.  Or coloring books, or anything else that might require your kids to engage their brains instead of electronics. 

WHY IS THE NEWS REEL VOICE A THING? I use it daily (badly, I admit) to tell you what's on the blog, but here's why it was a thing way back then.




REPUBLICANS ARE GETTING READY TO VOTE ON A HEALTHCARE BILL THEY HAVEN'T READ. HEAD. DESK. This is the most upsetting article I've read in a while.  After rightly excoriating the Democrats for saying that we had to pass the bill to find out what's in it, the GOP appears ready, willing and able to do the EXACT SAME THING.  If I hear ONE conservative commentator defend this, I will forever taint them in a cloud o shame.  And if this thing passes without people reading it, the GOP deserves what it gets.  I'm guessing the American people won't deserve it, but they trusted these buffoons to do the right thing.  Suckers. 

WHAT THINGS SHOULD YOU DO BEFORE YOU HIT 50?  I love stuff like this list, even though I wouldn't necessarily make THIS list my goal list. It does inspire thought however, and I was wondering what things we could add to this list to make it more American.  

WHEN I FOUND OUT EINSTEIN DID THIS WHEN I WAS A KID, I WANTED TO DO IT TOO But my mother correctly pointed out that everyone would just think I was weird.  I'm thinking of using this model now, because let's face it, you all think I'm weird anyway.  

Mandy Connell


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