How The Hell Did This Happen? Reflections on the Election

I OFTEN WONDER THE SAME THING: HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN? But PJ O'Rourke has written a book about it.  I'm talking to him at 3 about what was truly one of the most bizarre elections in modern history.  Buy the book here. 

THE HEALTHCARE VOTE IS GOING TO BE VERY INTERESTING If happens tonight, I think it fails.  President Trump says it's this or nothing, and I must tell you, I am one who does not trust ultimatums.  I am going to support the Republicans who have the courage to vote no rather than shove a bad bill down the throats of people who haven't read it.  

WE ARE INCREASINGLY NOT READING LITERATURE, BUT DOES IT MATTER? Dave and I were talking about this the other day.  I used to be a voracious reader for pleasure.  I am raising my daughter to love books and reading, but the sad truth is, I almost never read strictly for pleasure anymore.  I read boring books about politics, economics, and people I don't necessarily want to know about but NEED to know about so you don't have to.  It's horrible really.  But then I read this piece by Joseph Epstein (which inspired the conversation between Dave and me) and I've renewed my commitment to culture.  Today I read this column asking whether or not it matters that more Americans are simply choosing not to read.  It gave me pause, but then I found myself making mental arguments about why it IS important and I will share those with you today.  

CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS.  UNLESS YOU'RE A MOMMY BLOGGER. Have you noticed when people post pictures of their kids in their living rooms and the rooms are a MESS? I noticed this years ago when I started watching America's Funniest Home videos.  Some of the videos take place in rooms that border on hoarder level.  I remain horrified by those.  But now, being messy is a sign you love your family or something, but I'm not buying it.  Neither is this woman, who makes the case for housework.

FORT COLLINS FIGHTS THE NIPPLE!  But only on dames, of course.  They are appealing a ruling that their ban on topless women is unconstitutional.  

THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATE FEMINISTS IN ONE EASY COLUMN An Australian columnist says it should be illegal to be a stay-at-home mom when your kids are of school age.  Forget choice, you MUST do what this woman thinks you should do, and DAMN IT, you'll do it in the name of the equality, your own personal dreams be damned.  If someone chooses to be a stay-at-home mom when their kids are in college, I don't really give a crap as long as they aren't asking me to support them.  

CANADA IS FIGHTING ISLAMOPHOBIA WITH CENSORSHIP?  How do you prevent people from saying mean things about Islam?  Ban it.  That seems to be the intent of a bill working it's way through Parliament.  Why not ban ALL mean things that someone might say?  Just cut to the chase already, k? 

THERE IS NO "I" IN "TEAM".  NOW TELL YOUR KID THAT. Uconn is a perpetual powerhouse in women's basketball, competing again this year for another championship.  Coach Gene Auriemma's recent comments on kid's today has gone viral and if you have an athlete in your house, it's worth watching.  

AND THIS IS WHY THE NOTION OF HATE SPEECH IS GARBAGE Because if there is speech deemed "hate speech" by one person, it may be just another day at the office for another. And Facebook, who announced they were going to crack down on hate speech, seems to have outsourced their deciding to a complete moron.  How do I know?  Because saying white women should be hunted and killed to prevent them from making white babies is NOT hate speech by Facebook standards.  

IS TOO LATE FOR ME TO GET INTO THIS STUDY?  What if there was a pill that prevented you from aging?  I'd do it. Assuming it didn't give me the cancer or anything.  NASA is getting ready to test a pill that prevents your DNA from aging.  

IN SPAIN, THE TEENAGE INMATE IS RUNNING THE ASYLUM And one 15 year old idiot sued his mom for taking away his phone when his grades stink.  I have a question: who paid for this kid's attorney?  The mom deserves a medal, not a subpoena.   

A PRESCHOOLER IS SUSPENDED FOR BRINGING A USELESS PIECE OF METAL TO SCHOOL What's the big deal?  The useless piece of metal was a shell casing from a .22 caliber gun.  What harm could have befallen his classmates?  Well one of them could have swallowed it.  Luckily the school followed the ridiculous procedure and suspended the four year old for 7 days.  Because not ONLY did he bring this to school, he has pretended, with his deadly finger, to have a gun on the playground.  Why is he so gun happy?  His grandpa is a cop.  And he teaches his grandson how to be safe with firearms.  THE HORROR!! 


WHAT THINGS SHOULD YOU DO BEFORE YOU HIT 50?  I love stuff like this list, even though I wouldn't necessarily make THIS list my goal list. It does inspire thought however, and I was wondering what things we could add to this list to make it more American.  

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