What has media bias done to Americans?

YES, MEDIA BIAS IS A THING And it has had a decided impact on the way Americans think.  Tim Groseclose is a Professor of American Politics at UCLA and has studied not only which way the mass media leans, but the impact it's had on the way we think.  Find his book here and read it!

A MAN WHO APPEARS TO BE OF MIDDLE EASTERN DESCENT ATTACKS PARLIAMENT AND KILLS PEOPLE And thank goodness the UK is treating this as a terror attack until they get evidence that it is not.  Brussels was one year ago.  I guess this is what we can look forward to from now on.  The man has a beard and appears to be of middle eastern descent, although he could very well be a native Brit.  We'll know soon.  Two people are confirmed dead so far. 

PAUL MANAFORT HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO And again, this is a case where the cover up could very well be worse than the crime.  The "crime" in question?  The AP is reporting that Manafort DID have considerable ties to the Russian government.  In 2005.  Why does this matter now? Because Manafort conveniently didn't disclose those ties, even if they are benign, while issuing his indignant denials of collusion with the Russians during the campaign.  Speaking of the campaign, Trump has some explaining to do about his relationship with Manafort.  I'm VERY interested in knowing exactly why Manafort was REALLY cut loose after only 3 months.  Aren't you? 

ABOUT THAT TRUMP WIRETAPPING THING Trump's communications WERE intercepted after the election. 

BEFORE YOU DIY IT AT YOUR HOUSE You may want to turn of HGTV and read this article instead.  I am at the point in my life where I have no illusions that I can tear down a wall, or build a new deck, or even install a vanity, but many try.  And they fail.  And it costs big to fix it. 

ARE THEY NOT HELPING ICE BECAUSE OF POLITICS OR LEGALITIES?  Law enforcement agencies are defending their refusal to help ICE agents detain illegal immigrants who have been charged with or convicted of a crime.  Read this story and then you figure out whether or not Mayor Hancock is right or law enforcement is right.  I think it's a little from column A and a little from column B.  Do YOU want local law enforcement to work with ICE?   

A DRIVING WHILE TEXTING FINE COULD GO WAY UP.  BUT IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER. Figuring out if someone was driving while texting is really, really hard.  But legislators are trying to dramatically increase the penalty for doing just that anyway.  If you drive and text, you are not a good driver.  Or a nice person. 

NOW WHITE ARTISTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PAINT BLACK VICTIMS This is a story about art and race and where the two intersect not-so-neatly sometimes.  A white artist painted a picture using the photos of Emmett Till, a black teenager lynched in 1955 in Mississippi.  She says she painted it in empathy with Emmett's mother.  Black artists, however, are now protesting the fact she doesn't have the "privilege" to use Emmett in her art.  Who can keep up with this stuff? 

A NEW TEST COULD PREDICT WHEN YOU MIGHT GET ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE And if you have a genetic predisposition to the disease, this could be incredibly helpful in early interventions.  The test may be available very soon.  Read about it here

NOT ENOUGH OF US SAW THE SOFTER SIDE OF SEARS AND THEY MAY BE GOING BELLY UP At least it looks that way according to their most recent corporate filings.  This makes me sad and nostalgic for the Sears of my childhood.  But they join many other giants on the dust heap of history if they do shut down.  

REMEMBER WHEN GEORGE SOROS WAS MEDDLING IN LOCAL DA RACES?  HERE'S WHY. It's a story out of Florida, where a Soros backed State's Attorney is refusing to seek the death penalty in a case that clearly meets the Florida standard to do so.  The delightful man is accused of murdering not only his pregnant ex-girlfriend, but also a cop who tried to apprehend him.  Ms. Aramis Ayala, who's campaign was heavily financed by Soros, is simply refusing to do her job.  Now the Governor has stepped in and replaced her with a pro death penalty prosecutor and it's on like donkey kong in Florida.  THIS IS WHY SOROS WAS MEDDLING IN LOCAL RACES.  He can't change the law through the legislator, so he's simply finding people willing to refuse to enforce it instead.  

I PROBABLY SHOULDN'T LET CHUCK SEE THIS HEADLINE Dating hot people is not worth the trouble according to the NY Post.  I actually agree with this.  But I won't tell Chuck. 


WHAT IF WE COULD FIX HEALTHCARE COSTS WITH A THREE LINE BILL? I'm going to share this today as the Republicans race towards Obamacare Lite in the hopes that the right people will see it and DO something that might actually work instead.  

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